Fun on a Sunday

So when we last left our intrepid hero he was cursing up a storm about painting! To his surprise, a man named Tim appeared and offered to play against him. Our hero accepted this challenge, and today the DICE WERE ROLLED.

Tim was one of the people who commented on my very profane rant post from last week, and me and him after that began chatting via email. We agreed to meet for a game today, and we also convinced our friends Dan (for me) and Troy (for him) to show up and play. Let me tell you, me and Dan both had a blast and DID NOT PLAY A SINGLE GAME AGAINST ONE ANOTHER WHOOO! Dan actually played 3 games vs my 2. 2 against Troy, one against Tim.

I wanted to talk briefly about the game vs Troy first. It actually was my second game, and was a Battlebox Cryx vs Trolls game. What I did not know was Mangled Metal (Which is what a battlebox game is) has the win condition of kill the caster OR all their warjacks/warbeasts. Troy managed to kill all my jacks, and won. He was great fun to play against, knew the rules well and was very patient.

The game with Tim however was EPIC. We played a 25 point game, and I brought my pGaspy list. Mainly because Tim had never faced Gaspy.

For the record that list is:
– 2x Deathripper
– Slayer
Max Bloodgorgers
Gerlak Slaughterborn
Warwitch Siren
2 points left over

I don’t have a model to fill that last 2 points. Gorman eventually, maybe?

He brought the following:

– Charger
– Sentinal
– Centurion
Max Gunmages
– Gunmage UA
Gunmage Captain Adept (The gunmage solo)
Black 13th

The game was a knockdown dragout slugfest of awesome. And here is where it got HILARIOUS. Eventually the game came down to me with pGaspy only, vs Tims remaining forces of All 3 Jacks, 2 Gunmages, Stryker, and the Gunmage Solo.

I told him that I REFUSED to just give up! Cause I knew, deep down, that Toruk would lend me strength and allow me to win! So on my fourth to last turn I teleported pGaspy behind a house, forcing him to move up. Next turn I walked out, got Parasite on the Centurion who had only taken 3 damage from a Corrosion effect. Then I teleported to the other side of some rough terrain. On his turn he moved everything up again, and took a few shots and did a bit of damage (I was camping 2). Next turn I put all my chips in and I CHARGE THE CENTURION! I had used my feat a while back so it was 6 focus vs an Arm 18…and within 2 hits I got his shield down. 4 focus left. Within the next 2 hits I got him to literally 1 box left…on his spear arm >.>

It was DO OR DIE! Teleport away, or weather the storm. TORUK PROTECT ME I took the last hit (thank god for sustained attack). Hit, killed the Centurion.

On his turn he dumped EVERY Shot into me. And…only took me down to half. He left pStryker within charge distance of Gaspy. 7 focus on my turn, Charge, boost, hit, and begin the sustained attack. 3 focus later and I won.

Sweet mother of god I should not have won. Next week the league starts and I will be going in on Sunday’s to participate. Mostly against Troy and Tim to start. Its a slow grow and I am gonna use my Cryx. Lets see what happens next week!


Why bother painting indeed…u

EDIT: For those curious here is the post where I put the ENTIRE Finished army of Trolls (from 2 years ago)

I have not posted in a long while mainly because I have not felt the need to. No major updates on my end, no games played, nothing.

But today I got 2 comments on a VERY old post of mine, and I have to share them. Because this attitude is, well, here. And no, I am not gonna hide the bastards email address. Cause fuck him.

Comment 1:

New comment on your post “Trollkin Champions”
Author : A Concerned Viewer
E-mail :
Whois :
Seriously? You consider these finished models?

There’s no detail whatsoever with these. It’s like you base-coated them black and then put on a single gloss coat, using 3 colors at best.

No dry-brushing, no accenting the armor, no attention paid to little things like the bolts on your axes. Nope, silver. Everything silver. Oh that’s skin? Ok, Cygnar Blue!

C’mon man, spend a little more than 5 minutes painting a model. It should take you a day PER MODEL to consider this being ‘tabletop worthy’.

Comment 2:

New comment on your post “Trollkin Champions”
Author : A Concerned Viewer
E-mail :
Whois :
And yes, I know you were trying to speed-paint to meet a deadline… but if they all turn out like this, why bother?

You can see all comments on this post here:

So lets start by reading this. Now if you remember these are some of my VERY first painted models. I still, to this day, have painted NOTHING since those trolls.

And here comes this son of a bitch telling me I did it completely wrong and it should take me 1 whole day per model (seriously, for table top quality? What are you STONED?). My friend can do a model better then my by a long shot, gets compliments on it, and does it in an hour or two. Fuck your stupid ass high standards you dirty motherfucker.

Maybe its because I had to spend 4 hours yesterday at a mechanic and spend $130, plus miss a day of work. Maybe its the stupid ass argument I had with my wife this morning. Maybe its the fact that my upper right wisdom tooth is becoming impacted and causing massive amounts of pain, but I HAVE HAD ENOUGH OF THIS.

I put a lot of effort into those trolls and I was proud of them. And its shit like this that makes me not want to bother painting.

Honestly, I know I suck at painting but give me CONSTRUCTIVE critism instead of saying “if they all turn out like this, why bother?”. Why bother? BECAUSE I CANT BETTER IF I DONT TRY YOU STUPID FUCKER.

Go stick a goddamn cactus fill of rusty nails your ass you stupid fuck. I don’t care how many people get pissed off at my little tirade here, I don’t care how immature this sounds.

This sort of comment is indicitive of a problem that needs to be address. If he had come here and said something like “Not bad for a first try, but you should learn how to do highlighting and drybrushing as that will really improve the quality of your minis” I would have been fine.

Thats constructive.

This…this is just demeaning. And I had, when I had those trolls, faced similar hecking and mocking of my efforts at the LGS I went to. Its never good enough unless its up to THEIR standards. And if they are not painted? Same issue. Its either “PAINT TO MY STANDARD OR DONT PLAY” it seems.

And ya know what?


I am done posting about wargaming, I am done with the “community”. Just. Done. Oh I will still play. But pretty much ONLY with people I know.


Thats right. I am going to REFUSE to paint or have my minis painted now. Fuck painting em. GREY AND METAL FOR ME BABY. You asked “Why Bother?” in your comment?

Why bother indeed. Good question. I won’t bother. Happy?

Holy Hell, Updates Away!

I know I know its been a while. Like, 3 weeks or so since I last updated? I have not had a single chance to play Warmahordes in all that time sadly.

Truth be told, the warmachine groups around here have dried up, or rather, where I moved!

Thats right, I moved at the end of February. And thats the MAIN reason I have not posted. That and…Mass Effect 3. I LOVE MASS EFFECT 3. I am on my second playthrough point of fact (I lost my old ME2 save though, had to download one from, thanks guys!)

Let me talk about ME3’s biggest controversy. The ending. I did not mind it. It was not what I would have hoped BUT I did actually understand it. I would however like to see it expanded. The ranting and raving from people who feel entitled to a different ending is grating on my nerves. I get it, you are unhappy. I really do.

But using a charity to try to force Bioware to change things? Doing complaints against Bioware with the BBB / FTC for FALSE ADVERTISING?! Seriously. If you have not read the news stories do a search on google. ITS INSANE. The things these people are doing make me ashamed to be a gamer.

Bloody hell, stupid whiners.

In Warmahordes news: Gonna try to reinstall Vassal and start trying to get some games in.

Also decided I am gonna pick up some primer, paints, and Venethrax. Given the mix of dudes I have, Venethrax seems to be the best option for me. That and he plays like BUTCHER!

To put it in terms from Scott of Chain Attack, “Upkeep Dragon Slayer, Camp Focus, RUN STRAIGHT AT EM!” It sounds like my kind of fun haha. ARM 24? YES PLEASE.

15 Point Venethrax List:

– Slayer
– Reaper
Gerlak Slaughterborn
Min Bloodgorgers

Lots of models at a low point game. And it lets Venethrax either camp or give a bit of Focus to the 2 heavies. I really want Mortenebra, but I don’t have the jacks to support her.

And I gotta call Blizzard it seems. For some reason my WoW Account cannot sign up for the Annual Pass, but the email support won’t give me a reason. This pisses me off. My wife was fine, signed up, but me? Nope can’t do it.

Fun times >.>

Gamer ADD – Looking for Game

As anyone who follows this blog knows by now is that I have Gamer ADD. I like to play games, a variety of em in fact. I prefer more options for when I am in the mood to game.

So lately I have been looking for a small scale Skirmish game. I don’t really consider Warmachine/Hordes as a “Skirmish” game anymore, as most people play at a level that has 15-40 miniatures per side. Its really more of a small army wargame to me. Kinda between a true Skirmish (5-10 minis) game and a large scale (50+ minis) game.

The problem I have is that any game I find has to appeal to both my sensibilities, and my gaming pal Dan as he is the only opponent I really have for anything outside of Warhammer (the Warmachine community right now is really small, and no store really focuses on anything but Warhammer around here at the moment. That will change once the Armadillo is back open I think.)

One game that caught my eye was Warcanto but it appears that Dwarf Tales has gone under as both website for that game are gone, and their twitter is dead. Rather sad, I liked the sound of it.

Of course I tried to design my own system and while it works, its very easy to break (Opposition). Further, no one seemed interested in it when I brought it out so I couldn’t get any help testing the darn thing haha.

Found one called Twilight but Dan noticed that its all Lizard People and is not interested. Can’t say I blame him either. All lizards? Booooring.

There is of course Brushfire, which is a game made by folks here in Florida. Focuses on Historical combat, but with Animals instead of human beings. I got a demo game in and it was…odd. All I can remember is that there was a character and unit that could JUMP 20+ inches in a turn, farther then most guns could fire. Basically lancers from the Final Fantasy games.

Another one is Hell Dorado, but that thing is in french apparently with an english translation and is based around fighting IN hell? Weird.

Then there are the Warhammer ones, Mordhiem and Necromunda. Dan apparently seems (surprisingly) interested in the fantasy one, Mordhiem. But not by much.

Finally there is Pulp City which is a super hero based system.

No idea what to do where to go or what to choose. Bah!

And the Winner of the Crucible is…

My old gaming buddy, Jon Galvin! I used to face his Menoth with my trolls back in Mk1. Sadly he now lives in Georgia.

He took Gators to for the whole event. In the last event it was 3 35 point lists, each with a different caster, with character restrictions in force, and you HAD to use each list once.

And he took it home.

He apparently has chosen a Nareesh (Skorne) 35 point army for his reward. I am very happy to see him pull this off honestly.

Next year, its gonna be me! Mwhahaha….better get to practicing.

Photodump: The Crucible

So Saturday me and Dan went to support the new tournament / convention that just started up down here, called The Crucible. While we were not participants in the event (sadly) we did get our own game in towards the evening, and got to watch alot of dice get tossed and people crushed. The winner of the event (which I have no idea yet who won) gets to pick an entire professionally painted 35 point army of their choosing. Basically they get to pick caster, jacks, units, solos, everything they want just the way they want it, and get to pick a scheme.

So whomever came out on top today is gonna be a happy person!

The event itself was well run, and very organized. There was little confusion that I could see when rounds changed, and they even had 2 different tournaments running at the same time, and was able to keep them organized. Another cool thing was that even the people who lost their matches got a raffle ticket, and those were called periodically throughout the day to win prizes, such as Plastic Jack Kits, decorative bases, and even Portable Warfare Army Transports. I happen to use the APC for my Cryx, works great.

I had Dan taking pictures with his phone’s camera, as my camera was unable to be found. They are not the best, and he didn’t get alot that came out, but here is what he did get.

For me and Dan we played 15 points Cryx vs Circle. I took the following:

– Reaper
– Slayer
– 2x Deathripper

Dan took the following:

Kromac the Ravenous
– Gnarlhorn Satyr
– Gorax
– Argus
– Shifting Stones with Stone Keeper UA

Dan actually managed to eventually destroy all my jacks, and he was left at that point with just a Gorax and Kromac. But he made a fatal mistake. He didn’t pay attention to the fact that the Gorax had only 7 boxes left, and he also ignored the fact that on his last turn he had put Kromac with his back arc facing Gaspy.

So I got my 7 focus, and charged Kromac in the back arc, boosted my charge attacks hit roll, hit, and then began to saw him. I was left with 4 focus by the time I murdered Kromac. And you know what? I think I am starting to get the hang of Cryx!

Still wish I had 2 Nightwretches instead of Deathrippers though. The guns would have been more useful I think.

Tomorrow, The Crucible!

Sadly I won’t be a part of the tournaments themselves, but I am going to be going, taking pictures, and getting an interview with the 2 man team who are behind this. So on Sunday I hope to have a huge post with pictures and that audio interview posted here.

I might even have a video instead of the audio.

Which would you all prefer: Video or just Audio, with a photo gallery?

I am really quite stoked to be going. The first of its kinda down here in the South East. All the cool stuff happens up north here in the states (grumble grumble). Am I bitter? Noooo never that >.>

Blood fancy northerners! I will get you my pretties! AND YOUR LITTLE JACKS TOO!

In other news: Owen of Far Far Away has surprised me. If you remember a while back he came all the way here on Vacation, and spent a day playing Warmachine using a set of Campaign rules created by him, called the Scourge Bringer.

Lo and Behold I have discovered he has KEPT GOING with that storyline! I am rather chuffed that I was part of the start of that.

Tomorrow the adventure begins! Hope you all stay tuned!