Scourge Bringer – The Results

So last Saturday was the Scourge Bringer event. Owen from Far Far Away had come down to Florida with his family for a week of fun and frivolity! His wife had also graciously allowed him to hang out with Me and Dan on the 13th (last Saturday) so Owen had planned out a whole campaign for the three of us. Basically we would play 3 games (and ended up only going to 2 stores) that were connected by a story. First let me throw some links up to the various Fiction bits that Owen wrote:

The Scourge Bringer “Coming Soon” Video
Scourge Bringer Rules (These are being updated)
Blood Frenzy – pButcher Fiction
Dominance – Kromac Fiction
Dark Revival – pThagrosh Fiction

All created by Owen. The man did a hell of a job to set this up as a fun event. He also built us 3 tokens for the Scourge Bringer itself (which I have now)

Furthermore, Owen had made me a gift. Now he had not told me what it was at all, only that it was handmade. Well it turns out he built me a set of Terrain for my home. A few hills, forest templates (with moveable trees) and a few rocks that can double as props for holding minis on the hills! All very nice stuff, and we used it in the first match of our event. I also got a couple of walls as well. He also bought my wife a pure silver ornament for a christmas tree. Comically we dont have a tree as our apartment is a bit too small for one :P Well at least we have our first family ornament (and its really intricate too!)

Now that we got the background out of the way, lets do my patented Clayton FailBattleReport! :P I call it that cause I never get too indepth just kinda a broad overview hehe

Armies Played:

Clay: pButcher
– Kodiak
– Juggernaut
– War Dog
MoW Kovnick

Dan: Kromac
– Warpwolf Stalker
– Feral Warpwolf

Owen: pThagrosh
– Carniveran
– Shredder
– Teraph

Game 1: Smash and Grab (played at Phoenix Games in West Orlando)

This game had 2 primary victory conditions. Get the token and haul it to the “South” table edge, or kill all opposing Warlocks/Warcasters. Dan’s speed proved to be the deciding factor in this match, as he was the first to the marker on turn 1 thanks to a push power attack on his Feral, followed by having it Warp speed and running. I didn’t do a whole lot here honestly, as my low speed and cautiousness caused me to fall WAY behind. I also got the table edge farthest from the south edge, so while Dan and Owen fought their way to the edge, I got mired away from them. DAMN MY KHADOR SPEED! Dan ended up winning, after Kromac survived a charge from the Carnie (and being unable to transfer due to his Beasts being outside his CTRL Range, thats something) and then leaping to the Table Edge. Leap is OP in this kinda match as it avoids Freestrikes :P

Game 2: King of the Hill (played at The Amorous Armadillo Game Shoppe in East Orlando)

This game had 3 victory conditions, and honestly I think one of them was a bit unbalanced, but oh well! Starting on the 3rd turn, you got a point if your Warlock/Warcaster was on the Hill in the center of the board. If you got the 3 points by the end of your turn you won. You could also win by taking the marker to the South edge of the board, or killing all opposing Warcasters/Warlocks.

Owen won this by scenario. The problem here that I saw is that you always got the point, regardless of anything. Meaning the first person to go on Turn 3 who had a warlock/warcaster on the hill would win if you didn’t get them off the hill. In this case, Dan and Owen both got on the hill at the same time, and my slowness and cautiousness again was my undoing. Owen ended up winning by putting his Carniveran that he ressurected with his Feat right in front of Butcher, which stopped me from getting up on the hill to prevent his 3rd point.

Game 3: Earthquake (Mosh Pit) (played at Phoenix Games in West Orlando)

We went back to Phoenix Games for this final match, as Sci Fi was crowded due to a tournament. The final match was basically a Mosh Pit. And in this one, the only real ways to win were to kill everyone else, or to get them out the mosh pit and be the only guy to have a model in there after the end of Turn 3. I actually was much more aggressive in this one, and was doing quite well. Towards the end Dan had the marker but was left with Kromac only. I ended up crushing most of Owen’s beasts and left him with Thagrosh and the Feralgiest…

In fact, the turn right before the end had the following on the board:

Dan – Kromac
Owen – pThagrosh, Feralgiest
Clay – pButcher, Wardog, Juggernaut (unharmed), Kodiak (unharmed)

Yes thats right, I had almost my WHOLE ARMY untouched and ready to go.

And then Owen’s dice caught fire. He charged me with pThag’s and needing 12’s to hit (def 19 on pButch thanks to Iron Flesh and the Dog) he proceeded to WRECK me. He missed 1 attack, and was able on his next turn to cut himself for Fury to wreck Kromac (who had only 1 HP left)

So in the end, Owen won the event by having all 3 bits of the Scourge Bringer AND was the last man standing. The entire day though was an absolute blast and to be honest I thought Owen might have been a bit formal, but instead he fit RIGHT in with me and Dan and our strange sense of humor.

I will however have my Vengence. If me, Dan, and Owen have to set up some sort of Vassal Campaign or something I will!

The Scourge Bringer WILL BE MINE.


Tomorrow…Scourge Bringer

The epic battle between Dan, myself, and Owen happens tomorrow.

Who will survive?

Who will claim the prize?


Wait…this ain’t Highlander! But in truth we shall see if Circle, Khador, or Legion comes out ahead in this epic campaign of murder, bloodshed, and tiny axe tokens.

I am honestly excited, not just to play Warmachine and Hordes for a full day, but also to be showing around a good friend of mine from across the pond. The plan for tomorrow is as follows:

Step 1: Grab Owen from his Rental Condo.
Step 2: Head to Phoenix Games in Orlando, play Game 1 of Scourge Bringer
Step 3: Go for lunch at Hamburger Mary’s. Nom tasty noms.
Step 3a: Possibly go get dessert at Mochi’s Frozen Yogurt!
Step 4: Play Game 2 at the Amorous Armadillo Game Shop
Step 5: Head back to Phoenix Games, and Play Game 3.
Step 6: Maybe grab dinner, and then take Owen back to his Condo.

Its good to have a plan. Hopefully I come out on top. The armies that will be clashing are 15 pointers, and look like this.

Owen (pThagrosh)
– Carniveran
– Teraph
– Shredder

Dan (Kromac)
– Warpwolf Stalker
– Feral Warpwolf

Myself (pButcher)
– Kodiak
– Juggernaut
– War Dog
MoW Kovnick

Who shall reign surpreme? We shall see…

WNW and “Scourge Bringer”

So last night was another night of Warmachine Wednesday at Phoenix Games. I had some fun, but honestly I didn’t really enjoy myself a whole lot.

The first game I played was using the 35 point pIrusk list that had been suggested to me. I am not going to go into great detail about the match itself, but I did learn a few things.

1. I still cannot beat Legion.
2. Angelius are devils.
3. pIrusk needs alot of Infantry (Better then what I have too)

The big problem with this match was that my opponent was an uber competative guy, and was playing hardcore and rules lawyering. I actually got into a 5 minutes argument with the guy about Flight. You see, he is returning the game after a long hiatus and is not super familiar with Mk2 and the changes. He kept telling me that Flight makes him immune to freestrikes and I kept trying to tell him it no longer does. I had him read the card in fact and pointed out that it does not say that its immune to freestrikes but it CAN Ignore intervening models. He assumed that since it ignored the models they couldn’t hit it.

We got into a few other minor arguments as well but that one really stuck out in my mind. After the game was over he again went to the other legion player and tried to argue with HIM about the Flying thing. That legion player pointed out that it doesnt say it on the card and that Legion lost that in Mk2. He did not seemed thrilled about that change.

The second game was better, and I tried out the pVlad list at 35 that was in my last post. This one took forever and we had to call it at Midnight as I had to leave to get up for work in the morning. We called it a draw as we both had lost a total of 6 points. That game just went CRAZY Slow. I should have been running, and we played one of Baulders spells wrong (I didn’t realize that his forest spell was an upkeep and thus could only create 1 forest at any given time, so he ended up creating a constant wall to block my LOS to his stuff)

The pVlad list did MUCH better. S&P is a crazy awesome spell. I also <3 the Kodiak. I am wondering though if taking out the Destroyer and Wardog and putting in the Spriggan would have been better. I kinda liked being able to shoot with the Destroyer and not HAVe to feed it focus. But I digress

Now what I am really excited about is this coming November 13th we have…SCOURGE BRINGER! A 3 part 3 person campaign developed by Owen of Far Far Away involving Me (pButcher), Dan (Kromac), and Owen (pThagrosh). We are going to playing 3 15 point games, each at a different store in my area. Hopefully we get lots of pictures and things and everything goes well.

I am going to be running the following “themey” pButcher List

– Juggernaut
– Kodiak
– War Dog
Man-o-War Kovnick

Not the best no, but I got 3 Weapon Masters, access to pButchers silly feat, and Fury. I will WRECK things if I get in range. And with all the high ARM it should be hard to take me out (maybe).

Thankfully Owen is not bringing the stupid flying snake that is the Angelius :P

WNW – Abomination!

Last night was another night of Warmachine. I am really enjoying the fact that I can actually play every week and that the store runs their night on a schedule that fits mine. Its awesome.

I got 1 game in last night at 25 points. It lasted a good 2 hours, and was against Matt and his Legion, this time led by Absylonia.

I ran the following:

– Juggernaut
– Destroyer
– Wardog
Min Kayazy Assassins
– Underboss

I was up against a beast heavy Absylonia list.

– Carniveran
– Shredder
– Shredder
– Shredder
– Shredder
– Nephilim Soldier
Totem Hunter

I say that and went blah. Here we go again. Honestly the game turn into a slugfest, with mistakes made on both sides. For example, we didn’t notice that the Totem Hunter had stealth, and I completely missed the fact that my Kayazy lost the +2 DEF in melee after the Underboss died. I also completely forgot to move my Manhunter turn 1 *DOH!*

The game ended after I had killed everything on his side BUT Abby, and had a Destroyer, Juggernaut, 1 Kayazy, 1 Widowmaker, and Butcher left. He had taken out my Axe arm on my Juggernaut who was in melee with Abby.

He was at full fury thanks to reeving, so he used a fury to grant Abby wings after upkeeping Carnivore for free, and chanced the Freestrike from the Juggernaut to charge Butcher.

It takes all but his last Fury, but he kills pButcher. It was EPIC.

Dan played another game as well, against Richard and his Cryx. Dan actually was using Druids along with his usual list, and thus was playing at 25 points (22 actually). I didn’t really get a good look at Richard’s list other then it was very similar to what I played against. Dan won, after rifting the crap outta Nightmare and boosting the damage rolls on Deneghra, and killing his own Feral to get more fury.

Last night made me realize how much fun you can have with infantry, and whetted my appetite to try something a little less front line and more control.

I want to try pIrusk.

Specifically, I had thought up a nasty looking 25 point list that uses pIrusk. What do you all think?

– Juggernaut
– Wardog
Max Kayazy Assassins
– Underboss
Max Winterguard Infantry
– 3 Winterguard Rocketeers
– Winterguard Standard and Officer
Kovnick Jozef Grigorovich

Tons of infantry plus targets for both Iron Flesh and Battle Lust. And my feat will not be wasted, and with one Jack I don’t have to be choosey about who gets Superiority, and can load it with Focus. And lets not forget Inhospitable Ground! 14 inch wide Difficult Terrain for anyone but my dudes?

Phoenix Games Rocks! (And 2 Battle Reports!)

If you read nothing else in this long post, then all you really need to know is this: Phoenix Games in Orlando rocks. Plain and simple. Now you are probably wondering what brought me to this realization, this…decision. Well, its pretty simple really. Lets start with some history.

You see, as I have previously mentioned, Rhubarb Games is closing on the 28th, which is about a week away now. The people who play there are still not making any decisions about what to do and where to go after the store closes. They want to enjoy what time Rhubarb has left, and while I feel that is fine, I am also of the opinion that you need to plan ahead.

Now I found Phoenix Games by chance, when I was looking for a place to play HeroClix and try it out. When I found the site I discovered that they were holding Warmachine and Hordes night on Wednesday night, which is my usual games night (usually for Magic the Gathering), so last night I decided to head up there and see what it was like, after I called and spoke with their TO Matt.

It took me about 20 minutes to reach the store, which is about 10 minutes less then it normally takes me to get to Rhubarb. Already I have found a plus, shorter travel time! For me at least hehe. So I walk in and find a nice, clean, large, and well-lit store. In the front were tables for card gaming, and in fact a large number of Magic the Gathering Draft events were going on. As I walked to the back where the wargaming tables were I noticed a group of people playing the Warhammer Living Card Game, and another group doing HeroClix. I sat my stuff down, and glanced around a bit more, noticing the large projector setup which had been playing “The Goonies” (awesome by the way!) and I also noticed the HUGE wall of GW Stuff, along with an entire shelf of foam, and a wide selection of cases. They also had a nice stock of Board Games too. They even had a Searforge Battlebox! Thats old school right there!

A gentleman walked up to me after about 2 minutes, and introduced himself as Matt and asked if I was the guy who had called previously. We chatted for a bit, and then we threw down with a 15 point game. While we were setting up he pointed out the other primary Warmahordes player, named Kenny, who was a guy playing HeroClix. Imagine my surprise when I recognized him as someone I had seen at Rhubarb a few times, who played Cygnar!

I will do the battle reports after I finish talking about the actual store. Suffice to say both Matt and Kenny were a blast to play, and I ended up staying till 11:30 pm (I got there at 7:45pm) just chatting with the guys, throwing ideas out to help build their playerbase as well as giving em the info to the Press Ganger I know, Chris Cuevas (And Chris, if you read this, CALL THESE FOLKS MAN). They really want to expand on their Wargaming in general, both Warmahordes and 40k / Fantasy. Matt told me that he hasn’t found who the PG was in Orlando, hence my giving him Chris’s info (at least what I had, which was the Forum Name! :P) and was trying to do alot of setting things up for the store. Kinda feel sorry for the guy, he is trying to run all the miniatures stuff and a few of the card game leagues 0_0

All in all the atmosphere, friendlyness, and general just feeling in the store was completely positive. Matt and Kenny both work there, but it was also their Night off so they were just guys hanging out and having fun.

So lets talk about the actual games. First up, I faced Matt and his Legion, 15 point game. He ran the following:

– Carniveran
– Nephiliam Soldier
– Shredder

and I used my usual pButcher list (For reference)

– Destoryer
– Juggernaut
– War Dog

We played on a very terrain light board, which was fine, as we both just wanted to throw down and go for the throat. My Widowmakers did a single point of damage to the Soldier early on via Sniper, and my Destoryer actually did 11 to Thagrosh when he had no transfer targets. Which was pretty funny. This of course caused him to pop another Shredder into play (flippin ability!)

In the end, he got his Carnie into melee with the Destoryer, and took it down. I ended up charging the Carnie with Butcher, and killing it (but due to poor rolls on my feat turn, it took ALL my focus), and then the Juggernaut, who was stuck in melee with both Shredders (who did 4 points to it) trampled over them into Thagrosh, and missed with a snake eyes roll on trying to hit the guy.

Thagrosh took the free strike, charged Butcher, and destroyed him.

Matt was awesome to play against. We ended up turning our game into a demo game for some people who seemed very interested in the system, and they started looking at the product line and stuff at the store. So maybe me and him started something.

Next up, I faced Kenny and his Cygnar!

He ran the following uber shooty list:

– Hunter
– Hunter
– Squire
Gunmage Captain Adept
Black 13th

I used the same list as before, as its all I got eheheh. Now, I have faced Cygnar once, it was in a 4 way game, and it was against pCaine and I ended up shooting pCaine with Grim Angus and winning. This was a much different battle.

I spent the first turn moving up, and he took a couple of shots with his hunters at my jacks, and having forgotten to allocate, he did nearly nothing to them even with AP. The Black 13th got a Mage Storm off, killing 2 of my Widowmakers. In reality he was trying to just get the cloud in play to block LOS, but it did something better eheheh. Next turn found my 2 remaining Widowmakers killing his GMCA. My Juggernaut kept advancing, and here is where the game got funny. He threw EVERYTHING into killing my Juggernaut. And I mean everything. Multiple Brutal Shots, Caine at one point dumped ALL his Focus into it, and it took him 3 turns to bring my Juggernaut down. It was HILARIOUS. And the whole time this was going on my Destoryer kept taking pot shots at eCaine, and missing (Needing a 13 to hit I had to boost those rolls.) During this time my 2 Widowmakers take a shot and one of them hits eCaine (10 to hit!) and does enough damage to bring eCaine to 9 boxes. eCaine had enough and took my Widowmakers down himself (took a few tries thanks to Camo!)

Turn 4 comes around, and I take my pot shot at eCaine with the Destoryer.

I boost to hit…need a 13.

My dice come up…. 6 6 5.

We stared. And then we both started laughing. eCaines armor? 13…DICE +1 Damage!

I roll damage, boosting it… Dice come up 6 4 5.

eCaine is splattered… BY MY DESTORYER!

In this game, Butcher did nothing but dole out focus. Hell I never even FEATED.

In both games, my opponents were awesome, and friendly. I cannot wait to go back up there and face them again, and maybe some other people. If I am lucky, some of the guys from Rhubarb will read this, and decide to check this place out as a replacement gaming location.

Till next time folks!

Mk2 Trollbloods: Impressions

So yesterday I got a chance to go down to my FLGS and play a few games, 3 to be exact. I ran 2 lists, pretty much the same except for the Warlocks (and one had gobbers) and I have thought about how I feel about this since last night. I figured I would first do a quick overview of the 3 lists I faced (roughly) and how I fared. For those who want the short of it: I lost all 3 games.

First match was against Legion: Vayl, 2 Carniverans, Shredder, 2 units of Striders (The archers) and 2 of the solos that can do Snapshot. Second match was against Menoth: Reznik, Avatar, Reckoner (the mace/gun dude), Revenger, 5 Bastions, Covenant, Choir, Vassal. Third was against Khador: eButcher, Beast, Marauder, Mechanics, Great Bears, Fenris, Alten, 2 Manhunters, Yuri. In all 3 I lost, and in most cases pretty badly, but I did have fun. All games were 35 points.

So lets go over each unit I used and how I felt about the changes. First up the 2 Warlocks.

pMadrak: Ok so the new pMadrak has his spell Surefoot, Carnage, and Stone Fall. He is still 5 Fury. His RAT went up but he lost Richocet. His axe critical is nice as it prevents transfers and healing for a turn. Overall he seems pretty solid save for 1 thing. He is not a beast friendly caster. Why do I say this? Well he is Fury 5 and wants to keep that. Sure Foot is now an upkeep so you can cast it turn 1 and then just upkeep it, but that leaves him with 4 Fury. His spell Carnage, which you WILL want to use, is 3 Fury. Furthermore, with the Trolls lower THR scores, running your beasts even the slightest bit hot can screw you up. He wants Infantry, lots of it. Kriel Warriors and Champs are his friend. Also the KSB is a useful piece for the his army but he will have issues filling it. Overall a decent caster. But I do not have the Troops to really support him. His feat is unchanged as well.

Calandra: She kept Befuddle and Star Crossed, gained Bullet Dodger which is a nice upkeep, and also switched out her damage spell. Her stat line is still the same, and her feat is completely different. Her feat basically makes it impossible to roll a 1 or 2 on attack rolls. Its much more offensive oriented. Her Befuddle gained 2 inches of range but is no longer an upkeep. Still awesome, and Star Crossed is unchanged. But here is my issue with Calandra. With the low DEF of most of our models (12 is the average) and the MAT buffs alot of other factions have access to, Star Crossed doesn’t help as much as it used to. Back in Mk1 when I could get my Champs up to DEF 14 ARM 19 (B2B and the KSB) Star Crossed gave people fits. Instead now I can get em to DEF 12 ARM 20, and that is much easier to hit even on 3 dice. To be exact, Star Crossed never once stopped someone from hitting me. Ever. During either game I used it in. However the extra range on Befuddle actually DID allow me to use it to move a Carnie out of the way so I can throw a spear at Vayl. Didn’t do much but at least I hit her! Overall, Calandra is a mixed forces caster at best. You want a few beasts as she still has Soothing Song to help lower their fury, and you want Troops (Ranged are KILLER) for her Feat Turn. 2 Units of Champs getting a charge off on her feat can cause much havok. Bushwackers and a Blitzer are also crazy dangerous on her feat. Solid caster I feel, but I gotta learn how to use her better.

Next up we got the Beasts I used.

Axer: Oh Axer how do I love thee, let me count the ways. +1 MAT, Thresher stayed, and he gained Reach. His Animus is now +2 Move and Pathfinder. He is DEF 12 ARM 18 base. Its like having a Mini Heavy and at 6 points there is no reason NOT to use this guy.

Impaler: He lost a point of DEF. In all other aspects he is the same, save that his animus can only effect Trollblood models now. 5 Points for him means that in a ranged list you should take one.

Mauler: The biggest changes for this guy are the +1 MAT and the change to his Chain Attack. His new Chain Attack allows you to hit various power attacks, my favorite being the 2 Handed Throw. Of course you could also Headbutt to knock your target down and then buy more attacks. I got the chain attack off twice, but in both cases it was against Jacks, and they just stood back up. Didn’t help a huge amount but since Throws use MAT now, you could theoretically hit a target more reliably and cause some damage. 9 Points seems a bit much though to me.

Finally the Troops and Solos:

Kriel Stone Bearers: They are for the most part unchanged. They still do the +2 ARM, its still 4in + 1 for each fury point on em, and they still have it as a Special Action. Unchanged. But their UA is a bit better.

Stone Scribe Elder: Now here is where the changes came in. He no longer replaces the aura but rather adds to it. He can grant everyone immunity to Continuous effects and expire the ones existing, he can let you target Stealth and Incoporeal models in the Aura (this is just silly if you ask me) or he can give +1 STR. Any of those and the +2 ARM. For 1 point you should always nab him if you are nabbing the KSB.

Champions: They can now be bought in either 3 or 5. They are all 8 wounds, and now instead of +2 DEF in B2B its +2 ARM. This actually kinda bothers me now that I have seen it in action. Most things I have faced can cause some serious damage even WITH 20 ARM, and furthermore, they are still very easy to hit. Also, they are now Weapon Masters and no longer have concert. On average you could expect to do more damage on a charge, but thats if you are lucky. I have crap luck (example: 4 Champs get a charge on a Carnie during my Feat (Calandra) and do a grand total of 7 damage between all 4) so yea. They lost some POW on their weapons, so are PS11 now. I want to see em more in action.

Fell Caller: Being able to Fell Call and attack is amazing. Also he is RAT 6 now meaning his 8in Spray can hit more reliably. I would have to say killing a Great Bear with it (Pow 12) was awesome. He is unchanged otherwise, save he lost some range on 2 of his calls, and his stand up call is his CMD area and effects beasts. His other 2 do not. Oh, and he no longer grants +2 RAT. He only grants MAT.

Chronicler: This guy has changed for the better. He can now read his stories in any order, and they are CMD Ranged. He is also effected by his story as well. One grants concelment (14 DEF vs Ranged/Magic Champs? Cool!), one makes an enemy get knocked down if they kill a model in the unit, and the last gives +2 damage to the unit if there is a beast engaging their target. Champs with that story charging a model engaged at reach with an Axer = Pain.

All in all we changed for the better overall I think. But it was not a huge boost to be honest. Mulg still is kinda iffy, and the EBDT costs as much as Mulg does! 11 points each…eww. We have no fury management, but we can use Whelps to stop a frenzy. That doesn’t really help to be honest.

I do want a Thumper Cannon if it doesn’t change though. Base RNG 14 POW 14 RAT 7 (if the crew is in B2B), Impaler Animus means its RNG 18 and its currently Auto Slam, with a POW 14 collateral damage roll.

Oh and for the record: The List I Ran:

Champions (5)
KSB (Full Unit)
Fell Caller

Or the same list as above, just switch Calandra for pMadrak, and add Gobbers (who are not so great anymore, as they dont grant -2 to attack rolls, just concelment)

Fighting the Legion

So we have that Legion player at my FLGS. He seems to have decided he wants to play me again in our stores league, and has decided he will hand me my first crushing defeat this season. So I am sitting here trying to figure out what to do against such a foe.

Gdaybloke of Lost Hemisphere has been giving me all sorts of tips to use with Grim (such as remembering to use the Tether Gun for one!) and also pointing out I shouldn’t play a Grim list like a brick.

But I was hoping some of you all out there gentle readers might have some more general tips in regards to dealing with Legion. Like what kind of nasty tricks should I be watching for?

Also, I am wondering if I should wait till I have a heavy before playing again. I really could use a heavy beatstick.

EDIT – Its a different legion player, but the issue still stands on what to do against legion :P