Yes thats right, MOAR KHADOR! Sorry for the LOLSpeak, but I felt it was nessecary for the effect.

Last night I did my DND Encounters event that I do every monday night, and earned some more store credit (yays!) I hit $30 so I decided to use it and buy a box of Kayazy Assassins, and then I spent $10 and bought the Underboss. So now I have even MORE Infantry to use with my Khador!

On a sad note however, we discovered that the game store got reported for selling/giving booze to minors, which is untrue. You see, Phoenix Games had been running “Adult Night” on Monday Nights, were after 6pm you had to be 18+ to be in the store, and they gave 2 free drinks. If you were 21+ you could get 2 free booze drinks or regular, but under 21 could just get soda’s and things. They were very strict about this, requiring those who were 21 to provide ID which was copied into their system, and they checked it and gave out armbands based on age. So they kept STRICT watch on this stuff.

Because of this, I only have time to do 1 encounter a night now as they will close earlier.

Ah well.

So anyway! Back to Warmahordes talk!

Now I have the following things for my Khador Army:



Kayazy Assassins (Min Unit)
– Underboss UA for Assassins
Man-o-War Shocktroopers (4 models, so Min Unit unless I use the Kovnick as their Leader)

Man-o-War Kovnick (I use him as a 5th Shocktrooper generally)

So I have a pretty good bunch of stuff, all of it solid. I can almost field 35 points. In fact, to do that I would just need a Manhunter:

The Butcher of Khardov
* Destroyer
* Juggernaut
* War dog
Kayazy Assassins (Leader and 5 Grunts)
* Kayazy Assassin Underboss
Man-o-war Shocktroopers (Leader and 4 Grunts)
Widowmakers (Leader and 3 Grunts)

Using the Kovnick as a final MoW, or I could just use the Kovnick as a Kovnick and end up at the same point total.

My question is this: What should I start saving my Store Credit for now? What would you all suggest I get to expand my army further? Warjacks? Another Caster (I was looking at pIrusk)? More Infantry? Solos?


Another Weekend, more Stuff

Another weekend has passed us by, and I am yet again trapped in the clutches of the dreaded WORKBEAST 09. This thing has MAT 15 and PS 25 vs my Sanity! It is a character beast you see, from the WORK Faction. I think we have all faced it from time to time. Its pretty brutal.

But during the weekend you are protected from WORKBEAST 09, and I think thats why I love it so.

This Saturday would be what I call a bust. I spent most of it just sitting in Phoenix Games, watching a TCGPlayer Qualifier MTG Tourney going on, and watching Dan paint. It was fine really, but kinda hot and boring. I did however get myself 4 Man o War Shocktroopers and a Kovnick from a friend of mine (using the Kovnick as the leader of the Shocktroopers), along with a Manhunter. So I have 25 points of Khador now. My friend is getting out of the game, so he gave me a solid price on the MoW. He also let me borrow Behemoth to decide if I like him. I am not sure yet as I have not had a chance to run him. He is offering it to me though for $25… and I got him I could run the following 35 point force with what I got:

– Juggernaut
– Behemoth
– Destroyer
– War Dog
Min MoW Shocktroopers

Not the best 35 point list by far, but Full Throttle could alleviate some of the issues.

So as I said, I watche Dan paint his 15 point Circle list. Here are some pics of what he crafted!

Scary Circle!
The Stalker is a Tall Man
Quick, hide from the Flashing Thing!
Rawr. Yea...Rawr.

Tonight I am also going to be running DND Encounters: Dark Sun. I got about 6-7 people who are claiming they are gonna show, I know for sure 4 will be there (Dan, Kenny, Aaron, and Jenn). The other 3 are iffy. We shall see. Hopefully JR and Trotsky will show up for sure.

Aaron and Jenn are very into DND Rping so I hope they understand that Encounters is designed to be RP lite, as it is more of a showcase of the way 4th Ed Combat works and the way Darksun works. I wont stifle RPing though of course.

Finally, I am thinking of getting of finally jumping into Malifaux as both me and Dan are curious. I own the Rulebook but I have not actually done anything with it. I am considering Sonia Crid’s crew with the Witch Hunters as it looks fun and Sonia is an interesting character. That and I have a thing for Redheads :3

Stay tuned for more wackiness to come in the future folks!

25 Points of Khador Goodness

Here is my issue with Khador: Too much good stuff! What do you mean, you might be asking me. Khador suxxors or some such nonsense (from those fools who are not a part of the mighty Motherland!)

Well I realized that with the release of the new character Warjack Kits (or announcement, however you wanna call it) I want to run Torch. And here is why:

3 Melee attacks (Yea thats right, that SP6 Flamethrower can be used in melee due to Virtuoso and Gunfighter)

Sustained attack on his saw (awesome)

Immune to Fire and Corrosion

As tough as any Khador Jack we already have.

And a few other things I am probably forgetting. But he is 10 point, which means of course that I have to change my 25 point plans. But I think I have come up with something that will work. So lets talk about it and why I choose the models I did.

– Juggernaut
– Torch
– Wardog
Min Battle Mechaniks
Min Kayazy Assassins
– Underboss

This is 25 points on the nose! So why am I taking these particular options? Lets break it down shall we?

pButcher – I love this caster, and I have decided to stick with him for now.
Juggernaut – Excellent cheap jack, despite that in nearly every game I have played his axe gets knocked out >.<
Torch – I think that under Butcher (Feat / Full Throttle) he will be a powerhouse
Wardog – After playing with this guy, I couldn’t imagine not having him
Widowmakers – Despite my Widowmakers never killing anything, the mere threat of them makes people annoyed
Min Mechaniks – I figure, I might as well keep my jacks running smooth, and maybe with these guys I can keep the Juggernauts axe going!
Min Kayazy Assassins with Underboss – One of the best Tarpits I can see for Khador, and no slouches in melee. These guys can get up to DEF 19 vs Melee via Iron Flesh. Sure, a deviated AOE can knock them out, but that is assuming it deviates onto them. Being Immune to Free Strikes and the Mini Feat from the Underboss is just cake as well.

So there you have it. I think this 25 point list will be the perfect thing to grow up with, and be tough as nails to boot!

The Weekend in Review (pButcher vs Kromac!)

So lets talk about this weekend, and all the awesome and crazy that happened! So, friday night I went and cashed my paycheck and, with the cash burning a hole in my pocket I hit the nearby store Magic Inferno to pick up some Warmachine. Yea thats right, the physical location of an internet store is near my house (like 5 minutes away) and I can get those internet prices there without shipping, its freakin awesome. But it does have a downside, which I will explain shortly.

So, I go up there, and ask if they have pButcher, the War Dog, and the Widowmakers. They didn’t have the Widowmakers, but did have the rest, so I was able to pick Butcher and the pup for $20, and then ran home to assemble them.

The next day (Saturday), Dan comes over and tells me he has decided to go up to a full 15 points, and what he wants is Kromac and a Stalker. So, knowing that Magic Inferno does not stock Hordes yet, we call up Rhubarb Games to see if they have them, as Rhubarb was having a liquidation sale. I also visited Joann Crafts to get some spray paint (I intend to paint my 15 points BEFORE I go to 25, but more on that later)

Yes, thats right. A game store, the one where I actually play was closing down.

On the front page you can see the news post, but it basically runs down the reasons for closing as follows:

1. Economy forcing people to curb their spending or find alternative cheaper prices.
2. Internet pricing, cannot compete with it.

These are valid reasons, and both are true. With the way the economy is right now, I personally cannot afford to buy things at full price if I can avoid it. Its a fact of life. Yes, I want to support where I play but at the same time I need to think about my bottom line and how to stretch my cash the most. Some people may disagree with me and thats fine, but I am a firm believer in getting the most out of your dollar (hence my Budget MTG Deck articles).

So anyway, Dan finds that they have the Stalker, and he can nab it for 20% off. We get them to hold it, and head over to another game store (and the biggest game/comic store we have in the area) called Sci Fi City to see if they have Kromac. They ended up having a Mk1 carded Kromac Blister, but Dan had got the Circle faction deck so he was fine with that. I also found the Widowmakers at Sci Fi (Rhubarb did not have them, so I had to pay full price)

We headed over to Rhubarb, picked up the Stalker, and began to assemble. The store was dead, which was something I had never seen before on a Saturday, and it made me sad.

Note: The Widowmakers are one piece models and that made me VERY happy. Just some trimming of the little base slot bar and bam, done.

So I finished my Widowmakers and Dan was still fighting with the Stalker, hadn’t even touched Kromac. So I sat down with the store owner of Rhubarb, a really cool guy named Chris, and another guy named Chris (also cool, but now we have 2 Chris’s!) and played Munchkin Supers.

I lost, and then me and Dan had our first 15 point non battlebox game against one another.

I brought the following:

– Juggernaut
– Destroyer
– War Dog

And Dan brought the following:
Kromac the Ravenous
– Feral Warpwolf
– Warpwolf Stalker

Kinda one sided dontcha think? In reality, those 2 heavies and Kromac alone are enough to handle my army. The Stalker, if warping Berserk, could easily take out my entire unit of Widowmakers, and possibly under Warpath bounce around and nail my dog.

Alas, Dan was still learning and made a large number of errors. He really overestimated the threat of my Widowmakers, who spent the game running around trying to plink things. I think they managed 4 damage on the Feral and that was it. In fact, on Butchers feat turn they missed EVERY SHOT against the Stalker. They need a 7 to hit, I roll a flipping 6 on every shot. ARG!

In the end, pButcher with Iron Flesh and the Dog proved to hard to nail, and the damage I had put on Kromac thru the Destroyer earlier on my feat turn (additional damage die woot!) stalled him from using his feat to full effect. He ended up jumping into melee with the Butcher but could not hit a DEF 19 (needing an 11 to hit with the MAT of 8 ) and on boosted rolls just could not do it. He managed to hit the Butcher once, and did 3 damage. The next turn, Kromac had 1 hit point left due to his feat, and Butcher creamed him.

I think the biggest mistake Dan made was keeping Kromac in beast form for a good chunk of the game. It lessened the impact his spells could make as he could not use them. I also think Dan learned a few things in this game as well!

So now I am planning both on painting my current 15 point army, and also expanding it straight to 25. I decided that instead of a Red I would go with a snowy blue color, and I got the suggest from Owen of Far Far Away to spray paint the base color on them rather then priming black and then painting, as we all know how I feel about actually painting (here is a hint, I don’t like it). So I am sprayed with a light sky blue, and am going to get some metal paint and also some bronze and flesh tones so I can paint my 15 point list.

Once that is done, I am gonna go up to 25, but I need some help.

I got a couple of options when it comes to heading up to 25, 2 of which take advantage of Butchers tier list and the 3rd option does not.

Option 1:

– Juggernaut
– Destroyer
– War Dog
Min Man-o-War Shocktroopers
Min Man-o-War Shocktroopers

Yes, this is actually 25 points, because the Butcher’s tier list makes those min Man-O-War units cost 5 points each instead of 6. The advantage of this list? I get 2 units of some heavy armor (Shield Wall!) heavy hitters, who I can make worse through the use of Fury. Disadvantage? I am dead slow, but on the first turn the Shocktroopers are SPD 6 due to the Tier Bonus, but after that…slow.

Option 2:

– Juggernaut
– Destroyer
– War Dog
Max Man-o-War Shocktroppers

Once again, thanks to the tier list bonus the Shocktroopers become cost 8 instead of 9, which allows me to fit in the cruise missle known as the Manhunter. Put Fury on the Manhunter and he becomes a PS 14 Weaponmaster, and I catch him on my Feat turn he can roll 5d6 on his charge attack. Thats hot sauce right there. The con here? I dont get the speed bonus to the Shocktroopers, and the Manhunter is a glass cannon.

Option 3:

– Juggernaut
– Destroyer
– War Dog
Max Winterguard
– Winterguard UA
Kovnick Joe

This option completely forgoes the tier list, and instead goes for bodies on the table. The Winterguard, with the UA, and Iron Flesh hit an impressive DEF 17, and Joe makes em Tough. Feat turn, with Fury and Joe yelling Strength at them, they hit PS 14+4d6 on the charge. They are a solid solid option, but I forgoe the tier list as Joe is not allowed under the Butchers tier.

So which option do you all think I should go with? They all cost roughly the same money wise, so thats really not a factor. Of course, the Winterguard will cause me to have to paint ALOT of dudes…. yikes.

pSorscha vs pKaya and pButcher vs Kromac!

So this saturday I got to play 3 games against my friend Dan and his Circle Battlebox, using my new and shiny Khador Battlebox, and I had a blast! I went 2 – 0, with the 2 wins being straight battlebox vs battlebox, and the one loss having taken place when we proxied our casters out for different ones. So lets go over some highlights of the 3 games.

Game 1:

So in this game, I setup with my Destroyer to the right, my Juggernaut to my life, and Sorscha in the center of the group. We had 4 houses setup on the field kinda in a square around the center, so it looked like a town square. He ran his Warpwolf, which had Occulation on it so it had Stealth, right up the center. He kept Kaya back and had one Argus with the Warpwolf and the other Argus to the side near my Destroyer.

His Warpwolf proved its strength by taking out my Juggernaut in 2 turns. I burned my feat trying to kill his Warpwolf but it did not work, so I ended up having to play avoid the Wolf. The game ended when I was able to walk 6 inches, cast Wind Rush, and get another 6 inchs around the back of a building to catch Kaya at the edge of my 2 inch reach. First hit was a critical so she was stationary, and the rest auto hit causing her death.

Game 2:

We took out 2 houses and left 2 in the center of the board. He advanced straight up, keeping his Warpwolf to the right and 1 Argus to the left, which ended up at the end of turn one out of his Control Area. It had to make a frenzy check, failed, and could only see Kaya so walked towards her. I setup dead center and just ran everything.

On turn 2 I realized I may have a straight shot to his caster with Sorscha, so I walked up, feated, caught her in my control area, along with the left Argus, and then Wind Rushed up to her, catching her again at the edge of my reach. This time I rolled poorly and after burning all my Focus she had 1 HP left.

Thats right. 1 freakin HP. On his turn he leached, spirit doored away, and then feated using all his fury to heal up to 10. My Destroyer however walked around, got a shot off, boosted hit and damage, and smeared Kaya on turn 3.

Game 3:

This game, we decided to switch things up. I proxied in pButcher, and he went with Kromac. And I discovered what its like to be on the business end of an axe to face hehe. He actually kept Kromac in Human form for a good chunk of the game, and I tried to explain to him why Wild Aggression is such an awesome spell (seriously, its freakin awesome). He ended up using his “No Spells in my Ctrl Area” spell on me, forcing me to keep Butcher back if I wanted to use Fury or Full Throttle, which annoyed me.

Yet again, in this game his Warpwolf and 1 Argus tore my Juggernaut apart in a frenzy of blows. However, I was determined to use Butcher on the front line, so I cast Fury on Butcher, feated, and charged the Warpwolf. 5d6 + 21 on the charge is AWESOME. I slammed into the Warpwolf and did 20 damage on the first blow, and 15 on the second, ending the Wolf. And then I did something stupid with the 3 Focus I had left…

I cast Full Throttle so the Destoryer could charge.

DOH! I realized after the game, I should have cast Iron Flesh on myself, giving me 1 focus left so I would have been DEF 17 / ARM 19 on the next turn. Instead, I left the DEF debuffing Fury on myself and tried to get the Destroyer into melee.

This proved to be my error as he simply had Kromac go Beast Form on his maintenence, decided not to move, used his jump to get to Butcher, and then burned through 5 fury killing me. And if the first 7 fury would not have been enough, he had his feat to use.

In the end, Dan decided he loved Kromac. He felt it was a much more IN YOUR FACE caster, with a few fun tricks. I found that despite losing (STUPID MISTAKE) I like Butcher. Butcher is freakin awesome.

Based on these games, me and him are both talking about bumping it up to actual 15 point lists.

I had this in mind:

– Juggernaut
– Kodiak (I like this guy, and 2 PS 19 attacks while under Fury are AWESOME)
– War Dog (Def 20 vs Melee Butcher with Iron Flesh. How awesome is that?)

I am not sure what I could suggest to Dan for a 15 point Kromac list that includes a Feral Warpwolf and possibly 1 Argus. Anyone got some ideas you can throw him?

Improved RW Cobbler Deck – Holy Fire

I am calling it holy fire after what I did tonight. I drove down to a nearby Games shop that just recently appeared near my house. And I mean, like, 5 minutes away. Which is cool. So I went up there, spent $20 and bought 6 boosters. Now I wanted 3 M10 and 3 Worldwake, but I got 3 Zendikar instead. And Got a foil UW Dual Land (the one that comes into play tapped unless you have a Plains or Island in play), and a Lotus Cobra and a few other things.

So, seeing as how I really did not need them, I said goodbye and got more packs. And got a few more fun things! So in the end of my trading I ended up spending $20 and getting 13 Packs. 7 M10, 3 Worldwake, and 3 Zendikar.

Thanks to those, I was able to rebuild and make my RW Deck a bit better. Here is what I have now. I call it Holy Fire.

12 Plain
2 Sejiri Steepe
9 Mountain
1 Terramorphic Expanse

24 Lands

1 Darksteel Colossus
1 Skitter of Lizards
2 Goblin Bushwacker
1 Bladetusk Board
1 Mordant Dragon
3 Soul Warden
3 Serra Angel
3 Silvercoat Lion
1 Kor Firewalker
1 White Knight

17 Creatures

1 Honor the Pure
1 Ajani Goldmane
3 Armored Ascension
1 Journey to Nowhere
1 Solemn Offering
1 Act of Treason
1 Burning Inquiry
1 Punishing Fire
1 Burst Lightning
2 Lightning Bolt
2 Searing Blaze
1 Gorgan Flail
1 Dragon’s Claw
1 Hammer of Ruin
1 Expedition Map

19 Spells/Artifacts

The Darksteel Colossus is there just because I want to see what it can do. That and giving it Armored Ascension would be HILARIOUS.

My 1st Complete Deck – RW Cobbler!

I am calling it Cobbler because, well, I cobbled it together from what I have to work with. Oddly enough however I think it will work pretty well, I have a solid base of creatures, some decent removal and a few other goodies. I just wanted to post my list up here. Its mostly White, with a splash of Red.

6 Mountain
15 Plains
2 Teetering Peaks
1 Terramorphic Expanse

1 Hammer of Ruin
1 Dragon’s Claw

1 Viashino Spearhunter
1 Dragon Whelp
1 Geyser Glider
1 Fiery Hellhound
1 Mordant Dragon
1 Lightwielder Paladin
2 Serra Angel
1 Kor Cartographer
2 Palace Guard
2 Silvercoat Lion
1 Kor Firewalker
2 Veteran Armorsmith
1 Kor Skyfisher
1 Elite Vanguard
2 Soul Warden

1 Chain Reaction
1 Trumpet Blast
1 Act of Treason
2 Searing Blaze
1 Lightning Bolt
2 Armored Ascension
1 Join the Ranks
1 Divine Verdict
1 Guardian Zendikon
1 Narrow Escape
1 Honor the Pure
2 Pacifism
2 Righteousness

Nothing fancy, just some speed, some buffing, some removal. A little bit of everything based on what I had.