Quitting Magic and Selling my Cards? Yup!

Now let me preface with this: I am not going to explain why, period. I am not going to explain what pushed me to this decision beyond the following. The game is no longer fun for me. That alone should be reason enough.

Anyway, I am going to be selling my meager collection, which amounts to about 1500 cards plus 5 decks. The decks each value at about 20-35 dollars depending (due to rares and mythics and whatnot) and are designed for casual multiplayer games

I am looking for about $60 for the whole lot, not including shipping.

Here are the Decklists for what I have built right now:

IMMORTAL BONDS (Mono Black Life Gain / Life Drain)

Sorcery (20)
4x Blood Tithe
4x Corrupt
4x Diabolic Tutor
2x Syphon Life
2x Syphon Mind
4x Syphon Soul

Land (22)
22x Swamp

Creature (9)
2x Bringer of the Black Dawn
4x Roiling Horror
3x Urborg Syphon-Mage

Enchantment (4)
2x Bloodchief Ascension
2x Sanguine Bond

Artifact (4)
4x Elixir of Immortality

Planeswalker (1)
1x Liliana Vess

FLOWERLOCK (Green/Blue Control Lockdown)

Enchantment (19)
4x Carpet of Flowers
3x Choke
2x Levitation
4x Lingering Mirage
4x Spreading Seas

Sorcery (6)
4x Ponder
2x Wurmcalling
2x See Beyond

Land (24)
4x Forest
12x Island
4x Simic Growth Chamber
4x Terramorphic Expanse

Creature (11)
3x Enclave Elite
4x Halimar Wavewatch
4x Stormtide Leviathan

THE GRINNING STORM (Red/Green Infinite Storm)

Creature (18)
4x Brighthearth Banneret
4x Cinder Pyromancer
4x Flamekin Harbinger
4x Grinning Ignus
2x Storm Entity

Enchantment (4)
4x Utopia Vow

Artifact (3)
3x Paradise Mantle

Land (24)
4x Kazandu Refuge
16x Mountain
4x Shivan Oasis

Sorcery (11)
3x Commune with Nature
4x Empty the Warrens
4x Grapeshot

PINGERBANG (Mono Red Board Wipe)

Creature (22)
3x Fire Ants
1x Inferno Titan
4x Prodigal Pyromancer
4x Ronin Cliffrider
4x Scalding Salamander
4x Subterranean Spirit
2x Wojek Embermage

Artifact (11)
4x Gorgon Flail
3x Magewright’s Stone
4x Quietus Spike

Land (24)
22x Mountain
2x Valakut, the Molten Pinnacle

Enchantment (3)
3x Shiv’s Embrace

THE WILD HUNT (Mono Green Beats Wolf Deck)

Creatures (22)
4 Arbor Elf
4 Joraga Treespeaker
4 Llanowar Elves
4 Wolf-Skull Shaman
4 Wolfbriar Elemental
2 Wren’s Run Packmaster

Spells (16)
3 Beastmaster Ascension (actually have 4 but only 3 in the deck)
3 Primal Rage
4 Commune with Nature
3 Howl of the Night Pack
3 Fable of Wolf and Owl

Lands (22)
22 Forest

You also get the cards to make a few other decks that I had bulit but removed, including an Infinite Allies deck.

If you want a list of the rares and mythics not included in the above decklists let me know. I can tell you off hand that I have 2 Ajani Goldmane, a Cabal Coffers, 2 Lightning Helix, Beacon of Unrest, and a few other goodies.

This is a lot sale as well.


Weekend Review: HeroClix, Warmachine, and MR PILGRIM

Oh man this weekend was a long, awesome, full of pie and rockin weekend. Lets start on Friday night. After work, I texted my friend Dan and we decided to go check out Scott Pilgrim vs the World.

Let me say this, straight up. That movie was fucking amazing. If you have any interest in video games, comics, and that sort of culture then you NEED to see this movie. Its a magical fun romp through a world that is like our own in some ways, and not in others. Suffice to say this movie needs more love. LOVE IT FOLKS.

Saturday morning comes around, and me and my friend Dan, along with my wife Jan (yea, I am surrounded by ‘an’s!) get up early and go on the hunt for the HTC Evo. Good god that phone is impossible to find! My wife, after 2 weeks of trying to get this phone gives up and we end up, after waiting 1 hour and 45 minutes outside of a Best BUy, and then going to ANOTHER Best Buy, getting the HTC Hero, which is basically a 3G version of the Evo. Still a fine phone.

We drop Jan off at home, and then me and Dan decide to go on the hunt for an Acostic Guitar for him. He has a nice electric (a Peevey, good stuff) but he wants to learn on an Acostic, as its a bit easier to work with. After going to a few places and getting our souls removed by the Florida heat (seriously, 100+ degree weather, its soul crushing) we decide to go to our respective homes and take a nice shower and rest for a bit.

Afterwards, we head over to Rhubarb Games to get a game of Warma-Hordes in. The place sadly was empty, save for the owner Chris, and 3 other people playing a 35 point game, Khador vs Circle. Comically enough we would end up playing next to them, and I was on the same side of the table as the other Khador player, and Dan was on the side of the Circle player. Hilarious.

So it was our usual 15 point lists (you can find em in my previous posts guys), and I won again, but this time I dont really count it because I realized I read something wrong.

Specifically I read the way the Countercharge on the Wardog worked, and because of that Dan did something else instead of going in for the kill on Butch. He ended up blocking my shot at Kromac with both his beasts, after casting Rift (which deviated and left a small lane for charging). When he did that, I first tried to slam his Feral over Kromac with my Destoryer but missed, so I feated, and charged the Feral with Butcher, which still had reach on the Stalker. I killed both beasts with 2 Focus to spare after the charge (man I love that!) and then I ran my dog into melee with Kromac to prevent a charge. I knew Kromac could jump over the dog and engage Butcher, but I figured I had a solid chance to survive if Dan’s dice failed him.

And dear god did they ever fail him! Kromac, with his feat unused, burned thru 14 fury and did a grand total of 4 damage to Butcher, and thats AFTER he killed the dog. Butcher, camping 2 FOC was at ARM 20, but even then it was just…wow. One roll after another of miss, miss, hit no damage, hit 1 damage, miss miss, ect. It was insane. He should have killed me right there.

So when my turn came, Butcher ate Kromac in 2 swings.

Now, while Dan was thinking on one of his turns, I went to check out all the discounted Merch that Rhubarb had. They had one shelf that was 50% off stuff, which included a bunch of MonPoc stuff, and a few other things, including a starter for the World of Warcraft mini game. I ended up nabbing that for $12, and we went home to try it out.

Now, let me say this: The regular MSRP for the WoW Minis Starter is $25. You get the following for that price.

4 Miniatures (2 Horde, 2 Alliance), prepainted plastic
6 “U-Base” bases
1 Map
3 each Horde Dice and Alliance Dice
Action Cards (2 each for each character)

Seems like a pretty solid deal at the regular MSRP right? You would think I would have gotten a pretty sweet deal? WRONG!

Let me start by saying that the minis themselves are not bad. They are pretty good for prepainted plastics. However, when you start trying to play them game with em it breaks down, and its because of how they setup the game. Instead of working like HeroClix, where the bases are the clix and its already setup, you have to attach the Minis to the “U-Bases”, but they don’t really attach so much as sit on em. Furthermore, the clicking action of said “U-Bases” doesn’t work easily, and its very easy to rip the mini off the base when trying to click it.

Also, the D10’s that came with the game look like someone chewed them up. I kid you not. Its disgusting.

So quality wise, it was crap. Gameplay wise however the game is pretty easy to get the hang of. Dan ended up easily beating me with the power of the Horde. Mechanically the game works off a “beat a target number of 4 on a D10” which is REALLY easy to do. You basically roll XD10 based on the skill you are using, and everything a 4 or higher is a success. On an attack this means a point of damage. Then the defender rolls a D10 for each point of defense skill and each 4 or higher is a block. Its not a bad system but favors the attacker heavily (especially when the attacker rolls 6D10 and the defender can only roll 1D10 on the defense). We never bothered with playing the “advanced” game which involved the action cards because, frankly, we could not stand the way the minis and the clicking worked.

We bid farewell, and then on Sunday I spent my day cleaning my pets cage like I always do, and I ended up going and picking up a HeroClix Classics Iron Man Armor Wars Starter kit, which had 6 Figs, Rules, a Map, 2D6, and character cards. Right away I could tell that the HeroClix game would work better mechanically as the damn clicking was easier to use! The dice were also better quality and actually looked pretty nice, and the rules seemed easy to follow. I will have to try out HeroClix one of these days.

To end my Sunday, me, the wifey, and Dan all went to see “The Other Guys” and I rather enjoyed it. It kinda dragged on towards the end but it was a decent B movie in my opinion.

Wow this post got long. I do have one more thing to talk about though. I found a new game store to play at! With Rhubarb closing those of us who played there have to find a new home. It seems to me however that a few of the “oldbies” don’t want to talk about this eventually until AFTER the store closes, which I think is stupid. You need to plan ahead for this sort of thing. The funny thing is though, I found the store in question when I was looking for a place to try out HeroClix.

Its called Phoenix Games, and they have just started holding Warmachine stuff at their store, on Wednesday nights. This is particularly awesome as Wednesday night is the best night during the week for me to game. The bad part? It clashes with my Magic the Gathering nights… Which means I have to choose each week what game I am going to play.

Sadly, I think MTG might lose out these coming weeks to Warmachine, as I have been doing the MTG Night every week for the last 11 weeks or so, and I could use a change. I also don’t think any of the players will miss me much as they seem to dread playing against me (most of em anyway, the older players don’t mind). I guess they don’t like Infinite combos eh?

So that was my weekend. Crazy eh?

Building on a Budget – The Grinning Storm

Hey guys, its time for another budget deck! This one takes the mechanic Storm and makes people cry by using it. Now, its pretty easy to build an infinite storm deck now a days using expensive cards like Cloud Curio and the Kobolds (Seriously, with those you could storm out on turn 2) but I prefer my decks to be cheap.

And cheap this is, both in play and in cost!

Now a bit of background. When I build a true “combo” deck I consider it to be 2 parts: The Engine, and the Cogs. The Engine is what drives the combo, usually the combo itself. The Cogs are what I use WITH the Combo to either speed it up or kill with it. I mean, just having an infinite mana combo is great, but what the hell do you do with the mana?

So, lets go over the decklist. This is actually version 1 of the deck (I have a second version that is in testing but I have not tried yet)

4 Brighthearth Banneret
4 Cinder Pyromancer
4 Flamekin Harbinger
4 Grinning Ignus
4 Storm Entity

4 Empty the Warrens
4 Grapeshot
2 Goblin Bombardment
1 Fanning the Flames
3 Paradise Mantle
2 Lightning Bolt

24 Mountain

Now, since this is an actual COMBO deck, lets break it up into the two parts: The Engine, and the Cogs.

The Engine:

The Engine for this deck is used to build a huge Storm count. Three cards make it up: Cinder Pyromancer, Grinning Ignus, and Paradise Mantle. The basic way the engine works is as follows:

1. Have a Pyromancer and Mantle in Play already.
2. Equip the Mantle to the Pyromancer.
3. Tap the Pyromancer for a Red mana, tap 2 lands for 2 more, and play Grinning Ignus. Untap the Pyromancer because you played a Red Spell.
4. Tap the Pyromancer for a Red Mana, and then Return the Ignus, generating (2R), and recast the Ignus again untapping the Pyromancer.
5. Repeat as long as you want.

Storm works based on the number of spells cast prior to the casting of the Storm spell itself. So if you cast the Ignus 1,000,000 times, then when you cast something with Storm you instantly get 1,000,000 copies that must each be responded to. Storm is kinda broken in the sense that its as you play the spell, not as the spell resolves, so countering the Original just stops that one copy.

So now we have the engine but what can we do with it? Thats where the Cogs come in as I call them. Each Cog works by itself with the Engine or together.

The Cogs:

1. Storm Entity – This Cog is straightfoward. Its a haste creature for 2 that gets a +1/+1 counter for each spell cast prior to it. So you storm off for a million, cast him, and then ram him down someones throat. The only issue is he can be easily chump blocked. But hey, its a huge threat.

2. Brightheart Banneret – This is used to make everything in the deck cheaper. If you notice, all creatures are Elementals (which I did unconciously!) and thus he makes it all faster. Furthermore, he, combined with the engine, gives you Infinit mana!
– 2A. Fanning the Flames – This is considered a sub combo, as it only reaches prime power when combined with the Infinite mana. Lets explain. If you have a Banneret out in play, the Ignus costs 1R to play, but gives 2R when bounced. Thus, you generate infinite colorless mana. When I realized this, I decided to include the single Fanning the Flames so I could use that if needed to blast someone into submission.

3. Flamekin Harbinger – Remember, everything in this deck thats a creature is an Elemental. This fetches those. Tada! You missing a Pyromancer? Here is your answer.

4. Grapeshot – The primary win condition. Storm as big as you want, cast this single spell, and kill everyone. Plain and simple.

5. Empty the Warrens – Secondary Win Condition. This bad boy lets you get as many Goblins as you want. I call this a secondary because they are still 1/1’s and a Pyroclasm will end them.
– 5A. Goblin Bombardment – This is a sub combo with the Empty. If you have this on the Board then your Empty the Warrens becomes 3R for 2 damage. You create as many goblins as you need, and then sac em all to ping people to death.

So there you have it. Now lets get into costs. The total cost of this deck on CoolStuffInc comes out to…. $18.03! The reason? Most of the creatures are Buy 1 get 3 free, thus letting you only pay for 1 but getting 4. Its a perfect setup. Without that, we would prolly be in the $30 range. The most expensive cards? Lightning Bolt and Paradise Mantle.

So there you have it. A deck that can win on turn 4 (I have done it several times) that is cheap on the wallet and fun to play.

Stay Frugal my friends!

Building on a Budget – The Wild Hunt (Combo Deck)

So, another article about budget building and having fun with Multiplayer. This time I am going to talk about a deck that I actually have built, and played. I called it simply, The Wild Hunt.

Now, what is the Wild Hunt you might be asking? Well, its a Wolf Deck, built around the theme of Elves and their Wolfish allies. Originally this deck was Mono Green and it worked quite well (to the point where people apparently hate it when I play this) but now I am splashing blue, for a very specific reason.

How does this help a wolf deck you ask?

Well the basic premise of the deck is as follows: You use a bunch of elves to either produce mana (ramp up) or create wolves. Thats all. Then you use a few other cards to get the kill.

Here is the decklist:

4 Elvish Harbinger
4 Joraga Treespeaker
4 Llanowar Elves
3 Wolf-Skull Shaman
3 Wolfbriar Elemental
2 Wren’s Run Packmaster
2 Turntimber Ranger

4 Artificial Evolution
4 Howl of the Night Pack
3 Fable of Wolf and Owl
3 Beastmaster Ascension
2 Primal Rage

18 Forest
4 Simic Growth Chamber

So how does the deck work you ask? Well without the “combo” you can still get lots of wolves. But there are 2 main combos in the deck.

First up is the following:

What you do is play the Artificial Evolution and change the trigger of “Ally” on the Ranger to the word “Wolf”. Then, simply make a single wolf (the Packmaster is good for this). The instant you do that the Ranger fires off creating as many wolves as you want, for as long as you want. Infinite Wolves basically. Once you have all those wolves (with Deathtouch!) you can then cram them into an opponents face.

Second combo is a little different:

How does this one work? Well, you take the Evolution and you target the Treespeaker after the Treespeaker has been leveled to 5. You then change “Elves” to “Wolves” thus giving all your wolves the ability to tap for GG. Then, using the wolves AND elves (you did play 2 Treespeakers right?) to generate massive amounts of green mana, you drop a Wolfbriar Elemental and end up with double your wolves at the LEAST.

Now you are prolly saying “How are you gonna get these components?”. Well thats where the Elvish Harbinger comes in. Firstly and most importantly it lets you hunt for any elf you want (Hi Packmaster!) and secondly it taps for ANY color mana (HEY BLUE HOW ARE YOU!). You will most likely draw into one of the Evolutions, and if you never do, you will STILL make a ton of Wolves (trust me, Howl of the Night Pack is awesome for this).

So there you go, another budget Multiplayer deck that I personally run, and am very happy with! Let me know if you have any fancy decks, and in a week I intend to post another wacky deck for you all to mull over.

Infinite Bombardment – A Crazy Casual Deck

Once again I am making a crazy casual MTG Deck. Have I built this one yet? Nope. But I will admit that this creation comes from the combo that I found in this post right here. The basics of the combo are as follows:

With this you basically make infinite 1/1 tokens. But what can you really DO with that? Sure you can swarm an opponent, but they may have an answer for it. In the case of the Wacky Wednesday Epic post, he decided to use the tokens as the primary power source of Epic Struggle. However, I had another use in mind.

One of my favorite things to do is to use creatures and spells in odd ways. A good example of this is my “Strangest Goblin Deck Ever” which used Wort the Raidmother to copy some spells and then hit people with Goblin War Strike.

In this case however, I wanted to use the creatures as fodder, for a favorite spell of mine:

Fun stuff eh? Once I have that in play the 1/1 creatures suddenly become damage that cannot be stopped!

Here is the decklist!

4x Quirion Elves
4x Fyndhorn Elves
4x Llanowar Elves
4x Goblin Bushwhacker
4x Elvish Visionary

4x Squirrel Nest
4x Earthcraft
4x Harmonize
4x Goblin Bombardment
4x Overrun

4x Terramorphic Expanse
11x Forest
5x Mountain

So whats the point? Well all the mana elves just mean I can cast whatever I draw. The Quirion Elves are a mana fixer, while the rest are just mana. The Bushwhackers are there as a finisher (generate infinite tokens, cast a bushwhacker with the kicker, laugh insanely!)

The Harmonize and visionary’s make sure I have enough cards in my hand, and the Overrun is there for again, a secondary finisher if the Bombardment doesn’t hit the table.

Also the deck is made mostly of cheap cards, which again is awesome. So here is to another casual deck, inspired by anothers!

You can playtest the deck here – http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/infinite-bombardment/

Upcoming Friday Night Magic: I am Going?

So this Thursday my wife is going out of town to visit her brother for a week, which means for a change that I can go to Friday Night Magic.  Now, I am usually not the competative type, but for some reason the thought of going to this FNM has interested me.

So I sat down and read a few budget building articles, and came up with the following deck.  I call it “Gnarly Aura’s”.

4 Aura Gnarlid
4 Kor Spiritdancer
4 Mesa Enchantress

4 Hyena Umbra
4 Oblivion Ring
3 Pacifism
2 Bear Umbra
4 Boar Umbra
3 Canopy Cover
4 Crystallization
2 Sigil of the Empty Throne

5 Forest
4 Graypelt Refuge
9 Plains
4 Terramorphic Expanse

The whole point of the deck is to use Enchantments and Aura’s to control things, and make the Aura Gnarlid or the Kor Spiritdancer bigger and bigger.  Will this be a super competative deck?  I dunno.  There was a guy last week who went to FNM (I went and did a draft) and he told me that he ran a Aura Gnarlid deck built out of commons and uncommons and made Top 8.  I however have never played competative magic so this will be a new thing for me.

Am I crazy for doing this?  Who knows!  I am gonna trade in a Sarkhan the Mad I picked up though to make up for most of the cost of this deck so that way I can keep it budget style.

Wish me luck folks, and if you have any suggestions for the Sideboard I will take em.  I considered putting in some Islands, Ponder, and Spreading Seas so I could screw with things like Jund that have shaky mana bases.

If you want to run the deck through some tests and have Chrome or Safari, you can visit this site: http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/gnarly-auras-1/

My Deck: Let me Show You It

Scary title eh? Yea I thought so too. Anyway, the point of this post is to start showing the world my Magic the Gathering thoughts, and to start things off I am going to post one of the decks I have recently designed and have actually played. For those who are curious: I play Casual MTG, and generally ignore formats (Although I follow banned/restricted stuff). Having gotten back into the game from a 8 year hiatus, and having to rebuild my collection, I am doing pretty good. I have talked about a few decks previously, but to be honest they have not been up to snuff. This one, however, has done me well and could in a duel be just as dangerous.

Its called “Da Bearz!” and its a Bear Tribal deck. Thats right. Bears.


This was based on (and the first version I have built) my friend Christian’s Da Bearz deck.

So without further ado, here is the list (and you can find the deck on TappedOut HERE

Land (22)
22x Forest

Enchantment (7)
4x Beastmaster Ascension
3x Primal Rage

Sorcery (7)
2x Grizzly Fate
3x Overrun
2x Savage Conception

Instant (4)
4x Naturalize

Creature (20)
4x Ashcoat Bear
4x Grizzly Bears
4x Runeclaw Bear
4x Striped Bears
4x Werebear

The creatures themselves are not the big part of the deck. Matter of fact, they are all very plain. You have your standard Grizzly Bears and Runeclaw Bears. The Striped Bears net you a card, so its a 1 for 1. The Ashcoat’s have flash so can be played whenever you feel like it, and the Werebear’s accelerate things and also when you have Threshold become 4/4.

Its the rest of the deck that is so much fun. Firstly, the highest casting cost card in the deck is 7, and thats for the Flashback for Grizzly Fate. Everything else is dirt cheap. Once you have 6-7 lands in play you don’t need anymore. Well, in most decks that means your lands are useless, dead top decks right? Well, with Savage conception you can turn those lands into 3/3 Beast Tokens! Ahh Retrace, how I love you.

As we all know, Bears themselves are for the most part 2/2’s. How do we fix that? A judicious application of Beastmaster Ascension and Primal Rage (for Trample!) and when needed, a dash of Overrun. Stir until tasty.

Now the first version of this deck did VERY well, and blew a couple of other people out of the water. Nothing like swinging with 7 2/2 bears that suddenly become 7/7 with Trample. Sexy right there. Toss Overrun in the mix and hell you got a bunch of 10/10’s!

Issues that the deck has? Fliers for one. I have no way to deal with em. I was tempted to take out 2 Naturalize and add in 2 Gravity Well or Spidersilk Armor. I may end up doing that in the future, I guess it depends on whether or not I can keep the heat on my opponents.

So there you have it. Tribal Deck built with Bears. Oh and the best part? Cost me about $12 to build. That was IT.