The Weekend in Review (Warmachine, Malifaux, Heroclix, OH MY!)

Oh my god, I am actually POSTING! Scandalous! Hopefully I will have more stuff for you guys in the coming weeks, whether it be Warmachine, Malifaux, Heroclix, or gaming in general. Who knows. Warning, there is some R rated stuff in here (words really, just stuff like F*** and whatnot)


So Friday I got a newsletter from Cool Stuff Games talking about a few sales. One that caught my eye was a Brick of either DC Justice League or Marvel Avengers Heroclix, for $30, which is a steal! (For those not in the know, a brick is 10 boosters, usually runs around $80-$100). I bought one, and then went up to my local game store with it to break it open. I was hoping for a Hulk. I did not get it this eve.


Saturday I hung out with my friend Dan. We decided that we would try Malifaux, and I ended up getting him a fate deck and his chosen starter as his bday / xmas gift. He chose Marcus, and I choose Seamus. We went back to my place, assembled them (fuckin hard to assemble undead whores! Yes, that is all true. I had to assembled undead hookers). And then I cooked my wife some food and we went out for lunch. While we ate I called over to Phoenix Games to see how busy they were. Turns out a PTQ was going on, and they figured it would not slow down till the evening. At the time, I decided not to go.

Later on in the evening, around 7pm I got a call from the store, asking me if I wanted to come in and play a game or two of Warmachine against some new players. Me and Dan had not tried out Malifaux yet either, and they told me that the MTG stuff had slowed down. So we went. Dan ended up playing a new Cryx player and I helped them.

Dan played Kromac, Feral Warpwolf, and 2 Argus, while the Cryx gent used the battlebox. I tried to stay out of it and just answer rules stuff but we quickly found that the Cryx player had only played 1 game prior to this. So me and Dan explained the rules, and when Dan’s attempt at killing an overextended Denny (seriously, the new guy ran her RIGHT Up behind the slayer, and Dan ended up doing a 2 handed throw) failed, I showed how the new guy, named Frankie could win. Dan had left himself furyless and had feated so he had some damage on Kromac. I showed Frankie how to feat, explained what it did, then showed him how to shake effects, move away from the Argus, and arc Venom Spray. He rolled 3 6’s on Damage after hitting Kromac (BARELY!) which killed Kromac outright (Dice -4 on a Venom Spray is still dangerous!) Dan had a fun time, and so did Frankie. I explained then that Denny is a backline spellcaster, who uses Arc Nodes to blast opponents.

After that game, we played Malifaux (or tried) We were flubbing along till a guy who plays it down at a place in Kissimmee popped up and helped us out. Sadly for Dan, the cards were not with him. It didn’t help that Dan had not read the Rulebook and I was not explaining things well enough.

After I killed his Rattler with a Belle (cheating up to severe damage is fun) he tried to have his Cat (which had jumped on a roof!) fall down safely. He flipped a Red Joker for damage, which caused him to have to flip another card, and killed his own cat. That was..bad. I am not sure we played it right (can you cheat your own Red Joker? I know you cant cheat a black one…)

Dan seems interested still in Malifaux, but I think he will either buy some more beasts, or switch to a different crew. I want to pick up the Sonnia box now. Seamus is pretty well self contained, but I really want to try Criid. FIRE BALL!!!


I ended up going up to Phoenix Games for thier Sunday Clix tourney. My wife ended up calling (she wanted to spend the day with me and hadn’t told me, DOH!) so after the first round I had to leave. I beat my opponent, but gave him the win since I was leaving. Apparently they thought that was worthy of their “fellowship” prize, which was an LE Burgler Clix. Not bad, he will go in my collection. I then went home and spent the rest of the day playing World of Warcraft with my wifey! :D

Which reminds me, I still need to go thru my clix and organize em into Trades and Keeps!

Overall my weekend was good. I want to get some more Malifaux games in, but I think for the next few weeks I am gonna stay home and avoid spending money. I have a tendency to spend cash when I go out even when I don’t want to :P


Warmachine Wednesday! 35 Point Throwdown!

Last night was another fun night at Phoenix Games and I got to play my first 35 point game, against Kenny and his Cygnar. Now, I only did this cause I wanted to try out the Behemoth again. I had tried him in a few smaller games (mangled metal) and was kinda not happy with him, so I figured I would give him one more shot in a large point game.

I ran the following, which I know is not optimal. But hey its what I had.

– Behemoth
– Destroyer
– Juggernaut
– War Dog
Min Man o War Shocktroopers

Kenny was once again running eCaine. I vaugly remember the following:

– Hunter
– Squire
Journeyman Warcaster
– Hunter
Gun Mages
– Hunter
Black 13th

There may have been a GMCA I don’t remember. There were ALOT of guns. I didn’t take notes or pictures however, I do have a few highlights!

I go first, and had put my Widowmakers on the right hand side facing his Gun Mages. He puts Eiryss right in front of the AD’ed…. So as my first activation for the turn I walk the Widowmakers up. Now he said Eiryss had DEF 18 which would mean I would need an 11 to hit. So I take my 3 shots (the 4th Widowmaker was not in range) and the 3rd shot hits her. I ask her Armor, and I am told its 12. Hey look, dice minus 2! I shoot, and deal 9, minus 2 is 7. Killing her on the first turn with my first activation.

Things sorta snowballed downhill from there.

The game lasted till my 3rd turn. At that point I had both my Destroyer and Behemoth in Bombard range of Caine. So I gave Behemoth 2 to his Subcortex, and 1 to my Destroyer. I used the other 3 to cast Full Throttle and move. I had my Juggernaut charge a Hunter and really cripple it. I had my Widowmakers move through a forest and pop the 2 remaining Black 13th (the first having died to a deviated bombard shot from the Behemoth) and then I take my 3 Bombard shots. Caine had been hit earlier by a deviated one so some damage was on him already.

Destroyer goes first, hits, and does I think 11 damage. eCaine is now sitting at 1 HP!

Behemoth goes. First shot misses and deviates off into LALA Land. Second shot howeveR? Direct hit. eCaine is pasted again.

By Bombards.

From RAT 4 models.


Kenny was staring at the board, laughing his head off. He took an all shooty list and got OUT GUNNED By a Butcher list. That says something to my luck with Dicerolls.

Now lets talk about Big B and my feelings about him. I have run him in a few games, one big the others small and here is what I think.

I don’t like him. WHAT you may be saying? Why?! He is AP and 4 attacks and and and… ect ect. You know what? He is 13 flipping points. Yes he won that game for me. But if I didn’t have him I could have run the entire Winterguard Deathstar (Full WG, UA, 3 Rocketeers, Joe) for the exact same cost. That is MUCH more devestating in any sense of the word! I mean, thats 15 spray attacks! 3 AOEs! DEF 19! Much worse to deal with (although the B13 could hurt them a bit)

Furthermore, Behemoth is a target. He hits the table, everyone wants to kill him, so unless I spend points on Mechaniks, I am gonna lose him eventually. The only reason I got to use him was because the bit of damage that Kenny did barely scratched the big guy. But if you concentrate fire on him you can cripple him fairly quickly. ARM 21 dont mean much against AP and things.

Also his point cost is insane! I could have fit a ton more dudes instead of him and been just as good, if not better.

So I am going to return Behemoth to the man who let me borrow him to try him. I really just don’t need or want the big guy at the moment.

Instead of buying him I am going to buy into Malifaux. Thats right, Malifaux. Me, Dan, Kenny, and Matt are all interested in the game, its small scale, its story/scenario driven gameplay, and the minis.

I am going for this crew:

My friend Dan is thinking of this one:

Kenny, he wants more guns! Mainly apparently because he can use the minis as B13 replacements.

And finally Matt is thinking of this girly:

Hilariously that means that me and Kenny, without knowing, picked the groups who hunt Dan and Matts! Kenny vs Matt, Dan vs Me. Its gonna have to happen.

Finally, in the Tier Fight Event over at Lost Hemisphere I am standing at the top, which makes me laugh.

Another Weekend, more Stuff

Another weekend has passed us by, and I am yet again trapped in the clutches of the dreaded WORKBEAST 09. This thing has MAT 15 and PS 25 vs my Sanity! It is a character beast you see, from the WORK Faction. I think we have all faced it from time to time. Its pretty brutal.

But during the weekend you are protected from WORKBEAST 09, and I think thats why I love it so.

This Saturday would be what I call a bust. I spent most of it just sitting in Phoenix Games, watching a TCGPlayer Qualifier MTG Tourney going on, and watching Dan paint. It was fine really, but kinda hot and boring. I did however get myself 4 Man o War Shocktroopers and a Kovnick from a friend of mine (using the Kovnick as the leader of the Shocktroopers), along with a Manhunter. So I have 25 points of Khador now. My friend is getting out of the game, so he gave me a solid price on the MoW. He also let me borrow Behemoth to decide if I like him. I am not sure yet as I have not had a chance to run him. He is offering it to me though for $25… and I got him I could run the following 35 point force with what I got:

– Juggernaut
– Behemoth
– Destroyer
– War Dog
Min MoW Shocktroopers

Not the best 35 point list by far, but Full Throttle could alleviate some of the issues.

So as I said, I watche Dan paint his 15 point Circle list. Here are some pics of what he crafted!

Scary Circle!
The Stalker is a Tall Man
Quick, hide from the Flashing Thing!
Rawr. Yea...Rawr.

Tonight I am also going to be running DND Encounters: Dark Sun. I got about 6-7 people who are claiming they are gonna show, I know for sure 4 will be there (Dan, Kenny, Aaron, and Jenn). The other 3 are iffy. We shall see. Hopefully JR and Trotsky will show up for sure.

Aaron and Jenn are very into DND Rping so I hope they understand that Encounters is designed to be RP lite, as it is more of a showcase of the way 4th Ed Combat works and the way Darksun works. I wont stifle RPing though of course.

Finally, I am thinking of getting of finally jumping into Malifaux as both me and Dan are curious. I own the Rulebook but I have not actually done anything with it. I am considering Sonia Crid’s crew with the Witch Hunters as it looks fun and Sonia is an interesting character. That and I have a thing for Redheads :3

Stay tuned for more wackiness to come in the future folks!

Look at the Grass! Its so…REAL!

Recently (Today actually), I noticed a post on Lost Hemisphere about the new Malifaux expansion. While that caught my eye, what REALLY got me interested was the new terrain called TerrainClips, which is apparently a modular terrain systme being made by a company called WorldWorks.

From what I can tell, this is going to be a cardstock terrain system where you use Clips to create different types of terrain. So far I have seen the following options, all with a $50 price tag:

Beware the Alleyways!

This one is designed to be a gothic streetscape. Could be good for Warhammer Fantasy’s cities, as well as maybe a few of the Iron Kingdoms cities. It is of course designed with Malifaux in mind, as Malifaux from what I understand needs a large base of Terrain to work. It looks pretty slick, and I am wondering how many configurations it can pull off. Per Tabletop Gaming News, it comes with the following pieces, and when put together creates a 2.75′ X 2′ gaming area. Thats not a full 4′ x 4′ needed for Warmachine, and its kinda small for Warhammer, so if you wanted to use either of those games you would need to get a second set or one of the others.

Contents of Malifaux Streets:
18 – Double-Sided 6’X6′ Street Tiles

•10 – Straight Aways
•2 – Bridge Tiles
•2 – Pools
•2 – Alley Transitions
•2 – Blank Tiles
•6 – Turns
•2 – X-Intersections
•4 – T-Intersections
•2 – Dead Ends
•4 – Open Square

36 – Double-Sided 3’X3′ Street Tiles

•26 – Sidewalk
•12 – Straights
•18 – Alley
•4 – Alley Transitions
•8 – Turns
•4 – Corners
•24 – Double-Sided 6’X2′ Wall Sections
•24 – Double-Sided 3’X2′ Wall Sections
•3 – Single Width Stair Cases
•1 – Double Width Stair Case
•3 – Miniature Friendly Functional Ladders
•20 – Hand Rail Sections

Have a drink!Just looking at this image, I am not sure exactly how its supposed to go with anything. Is it an interior setup? Is it exterior? How do you use it? Once again, very gothic and dark, so Fantasy, Warmachine, and Malifaux (its intended use). This one creates a much smaller playing area, at 2′ x 1.5′. So I guess you could take the streets and clip them to the Buildings and end up at roughly 4.75′ x 3.5′ which is about what a normal Warmachine games needs. Not bad, just kinda…pricey to me.

Contents of the Buildings of Malifaux:
8 – Double-Sided 6’X6′ Floor Tiles

•8 – Aged Wood
•8 – Carved Stone

16 – Double-Sided 3’X3′ Floor Tiles

•16 – Aged Wood
•16 – Carved Stone

24 – Double-Sided 6’X2′ Wall Sections

24 – Double-Sided 3’X2′ Wall Sections

70 – Double-Sided Roofing Components

•26 – Exterior Trusses
•26 – Interior Trusses
•44 – Blue Tile Roofing
•44 – Red Clay Roofing
•3 – Single Width Stair Cases
•1 – Double Width Stair Case
•3 – Miniature-Friendly Functional Ladders
•34 – Hand Rail Sections
•36 – Modular Balcony Sections

Pretty good amount of stuff. I could see how you could combine multiple sets. Now for the final set, the Sewers of Malifaux.

Creepy is the word I would use to describe this. It definitely looks like a sewer to me, but at the same time I am not sure how you would combine this one with the other sets. I think this would be more of a stand alone set, unless you built the streets or something on TOP of this one (which apparently can be done, so there ya go). It would really fit maybe a theme game, Cryx invading through the stinky sewers to get at delicious living flesh. Total playing area for this set? 2.5′ x 2′. Once again, you would need 2 sets to get a full playing area.

Contents of the Sewers of Malifaux set:

16 – Double-Sided 6’X6′ Sewer Tiles

•16 – Straight Aways
•1 – Bridge Tile
•4 – Transitions
•2 – Collecting Pools
•1 – Blank Tile
•6 – Turns
•1 – X-Intersection
•1 – T-Intersection

32 – Double-Sided 3’X3′ Sewer Tiles

•24 – Straight
•8 – Drains
•4 – T’s
•16 – Blank
•8 – Turns
•4 – X’s
•24 – Double-Sided 3″X2″ Wall Sections
•24 – Double-Sided 6″X2″ Wall Sections
•3 – Single Width Stair Cases
•1 – Double Width Stair Case
•3 – Miniature-Friendly Functional Ladders
•34 – Hand Rail Sections
•36 – Modular Balcony Sections

Now all these new terrain options are great and dandy, but this got me thinking. What OTHER Options could be out there? I wanted to find out, seeing has how I may have to start playing at home for a while…

First stop was the site of the guys who created the TerrainClips, WorldWorks Games, and much to my surprise, they create PDF Terrain. What do you mean, PDF Terrain, I asked myself. So I dug in. Turns out, they sell you terrain PDFs that you print out yourself, usually on Cardstock, and then assemble into places for you to play. The good thing is once you buy the PDF you can print as many copies of the terrain as you want! This is pretty handy if you ask me.

The Trees are alive, with the Sound of Arrows!

I mean check this out. A Cardstock forest, complete with waterfalls and things. They have all sorts of options, from fantasy, sci fi, modern, and more. Towns, forests, deserts, ect. Plenty of differet options for terrain and at cheap prices, and reusable, you buy one set and never have to buy it again. That is value if you ask me. Most of the sets seem to be about $20 in price so its not a hard sell.

So Card stock stuff is fine and all, but what if you want more! How bout some modular actual terrain like those in a game store! I found a place that sells stuff at a resonable rate, and they look good and once again, are modular in a sense. TerranScapes is a company that seeks to make affordable modular terrain for those of us who wish for it. I would post a picture, but you can find plenty on the site, and its very much like a standard tabletop you would find. What interests me the most however are the tableclothes. If you don’t want to buy the modular boards, you can just buy a green or black tablecloth made of felt from these guys, and then buy some of the hills, trees, and houses and build your own board. While not as fancy as a modular board setup (And you could get REALLY creative with those boards, already got ideas myself) it gets the job done.

There you are folks! A Variety of terrain options, new to old, that satisfy every gamers budget and likes. I hope this has helped you all find new things to look into.

Happy gaming!

EDIT – I found yet another Terrain making company, this one based out of Germany although a few stores stock the stuff here in the US.  They are Ziterdes

More Content, Less Filling!

So here we are, doing more and more nonsense content. Or something like that. God only knows. I am trying to get a Demo of Malifaux at the LGS near my home, and so far no one has bitten yet. course, its only been a day or two, but hey, that forum over there is pretty active.

I notice alot of people are finding my blog via searches for things like Mulg, Circle, ect. Warmachine stuff. I am tempted to start writing about it. I may not play it anymore but I can at least talk about the new models and things. I dunno. Its something I can consider. Although since I am not an “expert” or player anymore I doubt I should. What do you all think?

In other news: I am playing the Penny Arcade adventure games and Warhammer Online now. The Penny Arcade games are full of such humor that I can’t help but play them. Its been a long time since I played last, its nice to know I am still darn good at the combat. And in Warhammer, I am doing their Endless Trial thingy. Basically I can play for free but I am limited to Tier 1 (levels 1-11) and only Chaos and Empire pairing. I dunno if I can make non Chaos or non Empire characters though. I think I may sub for a month though to see how I feel about the game.

In regards to Malifaux Stuff:

I have read through most of the rules, and I really like the look of it. Even at an assumed 40 SoulStone (or Point Game) you are looking at maybe 11 models on the table. Thats not alot. I mean, my Trollblood Army at 50 points was something like 26+ models.

I am interested mostly in the Lilith and Pandora starter boxes. Each looks like they play VERY differently, and the Neverborn in general just seem awesome. I mean, take this guy for instance!

HOW FREAKING COOL IS THAT? Giant Nightmare Teddy Bear!

2 Games, 1 Choice: Pulp City vs Malifaux

Thinking and thinking.  Thats what I have been doing lately.  Beyond playing Mass Effect 2 for the 3rd time running and school work, I have been thinking about miniature gaming.  Since quitting Warmachine, I have had the urge to play those games, as I have detailed greatly in my “Love/Hate” post.  My birthday was Thursday, and for it my wife let me grab a copy of the Malifaux Rulebook, which was really awesome to be honest.  Then I looked up Pulp City, and now I have a quandry!

Which game?!

Both are small scale (Pulp City actually has a much smaller mini requirement then Malifaux) and they both have themes that interest me.  The Malifaux system of using a deck of cards sounds interesting, but Pulp City is straight up super hero / super villains, which is just awesome.  So I am stuck researching  both.  Thankfully the Pulp City rules are available for download, but I need to find a way to get the stat cards so I can proxy and try out the games without purchasing anything.

So anyone out there have experience with either of these games?  What can you tell me about them?

My love/hate relationship with Miniwargaming

I both love and hate that hobby. Its hard to really describe. I guess you could say it all started with Warhammer 40k. Back when I was in Highschool, me and a group of friends founded a club, called the SGC (Strategic Games Club) which was sponsered and actually was a full club. We played a variety of games, from board games, to Magic the Gathering, Legend of the Five Rings, and a few played Warhammer.

I convinced my mother to get my the Starter set for 40k back then, and it was the one with Space Marines and Dark Elder. For some reason I ended up going with the Dark Elder (I think in high school I was much more interested in “space elves” then I am now, go figure eh?) and I played a few times after school. I never painted them, and I never had money to expand so I just sorta played with what I had (I think it was like 400 points worth, MAYBE).

Look Ma! A Space Drow!

A few years later, I decided to try again, and ended up getting myself the Army Book for Vampire Counts. I never actually bought any units other then a single regiment of Skeletons, and I didn’t even put them together. My reason? No one to play with. Once again, I ended up wasting money with nothing to show for it. Thus I began to hate the hobby and those who played it, but at the same time I was still fascinated by it.

Fast foward a bit more, and I buy the Warhammer Fantasy starter kit, with the Dwarves and Goblins. I had decided at that time to play Goblins, and ran into another issue after building the minis and starting to paint them: I hated horde armies (too many dudes to paint), and was not a big fan of painting! Yet another aspect of the hobby I was unhappy with. Again, I was still fascinated by the actual GAME, but after roughly 8 years I had yet to actually PLAY it more then twice.

Move ahead a few more years (to last year actually) and I find myself again with the itch to play Miniatures games. I had tried DND Mini’s in the interm, and found it a bit boring and too much like a CCG (I like Magic but at least with that I can buy cards as needed and just build a deck). And then I heard about Warmachine and Hordes.

I dove in, buying a Cygnar battlebox, playing a few games, falling in love with the small scale, rules, and speed of gameplay. The group I played with was pretty cool at the time too. I bought some more models off a guy and found that in larger battles I disliked Cygnar. I sold em, and moved on to Trollbloods and found an army that despite losing with constantly I really enjoyed.

Then came the incidents at the store, the pressure to move up in point level when I didn’t want to, the mocking and heckling when I refused. The game was fun, but the community I had access to had turned horrid. And thus I sold my Trollbloods.

Do I regret selling them? Not at all.

However, I STILL want to play Miniatures games. I keep looking into them, trying to find one that is just right for me.

Malifaux? Could be, but the only place around my area that has players is that same store that ran me out of Warmahordes.

Warhammer 40k? I like the fluff, but the amount of models needed and the rules for painted to play in Tournaments makes me leery. Also the straight up cost to get a good sized army (2000+ points)

Brushfire? Its brand new, but again the only store that seems to have interested people around me is, yet again, the one that chased me out.

Warhammer Fantasy? Not in a million years. The only armies in that game I like are the 2 Horde armies (Skaven and Orcs/Goblins) and I cannot stand the thought of painting and buliding THAT many dudes.

Warmachine / Hordes? I love the system, and I really enjoy Mk2 and I love everything about this game! But the community that I have access to is horrid, full of super competative people who only seem to want to play high point games, which I don’t like.

Maybe I should try playing these games on Vassal only? I know that at least Warhammer and Warmachine have Vassal Modules. Perhaps I should try one of the many Collectable Mini games, like HeroClix? I have been playing HeroScape lately to kinda “sate” my want for tacticle mini combat, but the urge is there…foaming and growling just below the surface…and I have no idea what to do.