Want your Nerdy Item Reviewed? Here are the Rules

This is also now a page at the top. But I figured I would post it as well.

So I have gotten a couple of random requests to review things again. I figure I can open reviews up for those who are serious about it. I will only review certain things, and with certain guidelines and rules regarding them. Here are my rules, and how you go about requesting a review.

Be aware reviews will be done in video form. I no longer do written reviews.

Things I will review (Specific Rules Below):

1) Books
2) Games
3) Music
4) Comics
5) Movies
6) Loot Crates (of the Nerdy Variety)

Now, here are some specifics about the above categories. In ALL CASES you must be willing to provide the item you want reviewed. I am not spending what little money I have to buy a copy. Sorry guys.


I will accept books in EPUB or MOBI format. I do not do anything of an overtly sexual nature. I primarily read sci fi and fantasy. I will read the book until I either finish OR it loses me. Sorry but if the book can’t hold my attention that is a problem in and of itself. The book “getting better later” is not a valid excuse for poor pacing.


For video games, I need a copy of the game via Steam Key, GoG Key, or Humble Bundle Key. I do PC Games only, as I do not have any consoles. I tend towards almost anything but sports titles and anything akin to Dark Souls. Sorry, I have no tolerance for “git gud” games. I am also not a huge fan of MOBA styled top down games. Beyond that, I promise to play the game for a minimum of 2 hours. If I want to keep going after that I will. However, I have a 2 hour rule and if the game cannot hold my attention for those 2 hours, well, thats the end of it.

For Physical Games, I need a copy of the game. I can provide an address for it to be sent to, if need be. Beyond that I am pretty open to trying anything.

For Tabletop RPG games I prefer physical copies of the rules. If you prefer, you can give me a EPUB or MOBI formatted copy. I do adventures or systems. These will take a while however as I have to find time to play using the rules after reading em / play the adventure.


No Rap, Regge, Hip Hop or Country. I am willing to try anything else. I will review it song by song. I tend to prefer albums. MP3 or Physical release is acceptable. If digital, give me some album art please.


Electronic format PDF / MOBI / EPUB or a physical version. Either or.


Electronic format is fine. I don’t do horror or anything politically driven. Not my thing.

Loot Crates:

I like gaming, nerdy shit, tabletop games, wrestling. If your loot crate has nothing to do with these things please do not approach me. The answer will simply be no.

If you want me to review something, you can either contact me on Twitter via DM (@cbsa82) or by email at cbsa82@gmail.com

Be aware I may not accept it. If you just send me something randomly, there is no promise I will review it. If you want to see if I am willing its best to just ask me first. And I am picky. You need to WOW me.

Timeframe wise I promise that if I accept is I WILL review it. Just might not be immediate. I work a 40 hour a week job and have a personal life.

Also be aware I am a harsh but fair critic. I will tell you what I like, what I don’t like, and why.

For examples of my review style I present the following. First, my written reviews are a good idea of how I judge things.

A List of Books I have previously reviewed
Game Reviews I did for Vox Ludicus

And all video reviews will be in a format similar to the below video, and posted to that channel:


Personal Update: 2016 Year in Review

The end of 2106 is nearing and its been…a wild year hasn’t it. Deaths, controversy, madness. In my own life I had to buy a new car, reviewed and then stopped reviewing games (although I might start this up again). I started doing youtube, deleted my channel, and then restarted it as Terminally Nerdy to match my blog. My job went through a huge merger and has had a ton of shakeup there. No Mans Sky released and fell flat. The Walking Dead started back up. Ect ad naseum.

I figured with the year coming to a close I could sit down, and reflect on some of my choices I have made. I know, its not really the end of 2016 but its close enough for me, and this is on my mind. And when things are on my mind, I like to get them out. It gets crowded in here ok?

1) WoW Legion: So Legion released, my wife and I dove in, and played for a while. But despite changes that made the game more fun, it just couldn’t hold our attention for long. Both of us find that growing as characters, leveling up and exploring a world vastly more fun then any amount of end game content, and because of that WoW only managed to hold the two of us for two months. Granted, legion is an AMAZING expansion, the artifact system is fun as hell, and the sheer amount of crap you can do solo is amazing. And Suramar is an amazing city zone that feels like a real life city.

2) My Car: So back in May, I had to trade in my old PT Cruiser (Pretty Lady) and get a new car. It was on its last legs and would literally take more money then it was worth to repair it. Got a 2016 Kia Soul and could not be happier. Its a solid dependable car, and my wife and I have had no problems with it. Granted, we dont drive nearly as often as most people do, but hey, I am just happy to have a new car. It also costs me nearly double what I used to pay but we manage that as well.

His name is BONESOUL by the way. Just for the record. All caps is required.


3) My Twitter Growth: HOLY CRAP Just look at this picture!


I never ever thought I would reach over 1k followers.  Granted, very few of them follow me on Youtube or anything or even here, but still, thats a ton of reach and possible interaction.  Its quite scary to be honest.  And every day I lose one or two and gain a few, and its been steadily going up and up.  I have met quite a few cool twitter folk too, like NPC By Day, Wally D2, Ric M the GM, Chandler I, Deven Rue, Chaotic Anarchy, DunnGeon Jim, DM Shadow, Yuemi Star (I think thats her name!), Parks Guy and Parks Gal, Dusty of Podunk, Kevin Mason, and plenty plenty more.  More then I could EVER name here.  Its been unreal and I really enjoy it.

4) My whole Youtube thing: This has been prolly the biggest thing for me, personally. Its not life changing or anything, but this is one of the rare times I have stuck with a project for so long, have not lost interest, and have seen actual returns. Yes, I did book reviews last year in 2015, on this blog no less. And they were insanely popular all things considered. I did game reviews on another site, and they were pretty popular. Those projects lead up to the rebirth in part of my youtube channel. My story was simple, I had an old channel, and it was full of nonsense with no direction, tons of dead subs, and so on. So I deleted it. I was ready to just not bother, but then folks who I had made friends with on reddit refused to let me quit. They bothered and badgered me and would not let me go, and thus Terminally Nerdy was born, with a greater focus. As I previously stated, growth has been pretty good. As of today, I am at 140 subs, which is a small number, but good enough for me. I am back to where I was before I deleted point of fact, and I have done it in less then 4 months.

Given my lack of advertising I find this to be really amazing. Perhaps if I promoted my videos more often I would generate more views and subs, but who knows. One day, perhaps I will get over my aversion to doing that.

The friends I have made however doing Youtube are worth a ton more. These guys are some of the coolest people I have met. Lil Big Gamers, Walking Virus Gaming, Doc Shattered, BraxBox, Shelbutt, Ivan, Adman, the Golden Bolt, Mikkomar and others are just fun to talk to. Each of them are also insanely creative and work their asses off for their channels as well. Truthfully, I feel they are better then me. And deserve a look.

Overall, my year has gone fairly well. Sure, it could have gone better. Everything can always get better. And it sure as shit could have gone worse. But for once, I am actually pretty pleased how 2016 turned out for me.

Here is to 2017! I hope to write a bit more on the blog here as well. Maybe start posting my once every 2 week videos with some text about how the video came about. I need to focus on you guys a bit more. You have been around for a LONG time.

Thanks for sticking with me folks. Lets stay Nerdy, and get AMPED BUDDY WHOOOOOOOOOO!

Oh and as a note: Mass Effect Andromeda is getting closer and closer.  GET HYPED.

Its time to talk Youtube Numbers again! – Channel Update

I like to write these posts, it lets me get my thoughts down on paper about how my youtube endevours are doing, where things are going, and where I think they will go!

So, I started uploading on 8/24/16 with my new channel. As of today, I am at 136 subscribers to my channel, which is pretty neat!

Now lets talk monthly growth. The big factor to youtube is actually not your sub count, but rather a combination of sub count, retention, views, and watch time. Its “the algorithm” as they say. So I may have very few subs, but according to my other numbers what I have is insanely loyal. Lets take it month by month.

September 2016

So this month was when I was just getting started again. I only had 4 videos total go up, and I dont believe I had started livestreaming yet. This is represented in my overall numbers:


As you can see I have quite a bit of watch time but my over per view watch time average is very low, at 2 minutes. This is because I tried an advertising thing on Fivvr, and got nearly 1k views on a video, but each view was like 1-2 minutes in length. You can see the spike clearly in the left column. Thats why those numbers are so skewed. I have not bothered to try such an experiment since. I also got a total of 74 likes across the 5ish videos I had uploaded by the end of the month, so thats excellent. Overall, a solid start.

October 2016

This was the first month where I started to get rolling strong I think. Here is the overall for that month:


Now this month you can see that my Watch Time overall and my average per view has gone up drastically. And if you notice, it happened towards the end of the month. What else did I start doing in October? I started STREAMING. In fact, the longest videos are the streams, and they have the largest amount of watch time. This actually helped my channel as a whole. Youtube only cares how many minutes of my stuff people are watching, and they watched TONS of stuff towards the end of October. Mind you, these numbers are a combination of LIVE and On Demand vieweing. If I switch to just On Demand (meaning no live events) I get Watch Time Total 1959 Minutes, Average of 5:26 per view, 360 views. Still damn impressive overall, and a direct increase from the previous month.

Novermber 2016

I might as well call my youtube a gym cause of all the SICK GAINS I am getting. Check this out:


This is the first month where I really try to livestream at least once if not twice a week. And you can clearly see this. My overall watch time is high, my average watch per view is high again, and so one. Now you will notice that I am gaining less subs each month as time goes on, which honestly is fine, I kinda expected it given I don’t really promote myself or my channel very often. Same with the amount of likes I get. Basically, people really like to stick around and watch my stuff. And if we go to On Demand only (ie not live) I am looking at 1787 minutes of video overall, average per view of 6:39, with 268 views. So my overall views went down, but the average time each person watched went up. Interesting indeed!

What do these numbers tell me? That I am clearly doing something right, even if I myself feel I suck. What fans I do have genuinely like what I am doing and clearly want more of something, but what? I am moving to twice monthly (or every 2 weeks) for my VLogs, and my streams will still be at least once a week if I can swing it, barring any personal stuff. So we shall see how December shapes up for the month. Already December is sitting at the following however:


Not too bad of a start, and doesnt include the last 2 days when I gained 3 subs putting me at my current count, so there is that. Lets see where the month leads, shall we?

Oh and for fun, here are all my videos, sorted by most watched, with the overall total watch time, average per view, and total average percent viewed. Its kinda eye opening. I should do more long streams! :P


And for those curious, you can find my Youtube Channel here – http://www.youtube.com/terminallynerdy


How the elections actually work in the US

So Trump won. Thats the end of that. Lots of people are angry. And in truth, no matter what, shit was going to go down after this one way or another. I am not going to get into my choices or anything because thats private (but it werent trump nor hillary I can tell ya that much as I find both deplorable choices).

Further, people are freaking out now because it appears that Hillary won the popular vote, but Trump still won. Well thats cause your vote, as a person, for the president literally means nothing. The electoral college chooses the winner and while they generally go with their state, they CAN choose to ignore it. This is also why a 3rd party candidate will NEVER win. The Electoral college is made up of Dems and Reps and they will never choose some random Libertarian or whatever.

But here is the thing, what people forget: The president actually matters very little. He/She is a figurehead, there to make $400k-ish a year for LIFE (yes LIFE!) and glad hand.

The president has the following powers as his office:

“The Constitution explicitly assigns to the president the power to sign or veto legislation, command the armed forces, ask for the written opinion of his or her Cabinet, convene or adjourn Congress, grant reprieves and pardons, and receive ambassadors. The president may make treaties which need to be ratified by two thirds of the Senate. The president may also appoint Article III judges and some officers with advice and consent of the Senate (consent being by simple majority) and if there is a Senate recess, he may make temporary appointments.”

Thats not a whole lot. What it really means is he is the guy who decides if a law is valid or not (the veto), he is TECHNICALLY in charge of the armed forces, and he can mess with Congress by adjourning it. He/She can also appointed Supreme Court Judges ASSUMING there is a seat open (which is rare as these are appointed for life).  Basically the President cannot do shit without Senate or Congress approval.  Yes, he does have the Presidential Order option, but that is nearly never used as it can cause Congress to rise up and Impeach the Pres, removing him/her from office for Abuse of Power.

Now here is the important thing: Congress (aka the House of Representatives and the Senate) is where the real power lies. These are the men and women who make laws. Who decide what gets voted on, and how its voted on. These are the people who really make the decisions that shape our country.

Even if Trump veto’s a law he doesn’t like, Congress can actually overturn it via 2/3 majority vote!  So again, Congress has the power.

And the worst part? Its nigh impossible to determine who is worth a damn in Congress.

For the Senate, there are exactly 2 seats per state, so usually there are 4 options (2 dems, 2 reps) for you to vote on. You can usually determine which candidates for these seats match your views and what you want.  Sometimes there are 3rd party options, and these CAN WIN because the Popular Vote chooses these folks.

The House? Well thats a whole nothing mess. You see the House seats are based on state size, divided equally amount the states based on population. A Small state will have fewer seats available then a larger. There are 435 house seats available total, for example, and 27 of those are Florida, 53 are California, ect. Wyoming has 1, and South Dakota has 1. See the issue?

And just imagine that for each seat there are 2 options (One Dem, one Rep) plus any 3rd party options!

And these folks ARE VOTED IN SOLELY BY THE POPULAR VOTE! This means, for my state alone, there are something like 54 available people I would have to sit down and research to try to determine which ones I feel are best suited for the job, not even thinking about the 3rd party options. This is maddening, and I simply do not have time for it, as most people wouldn’t. Imagine Cali? Over 100 options easily.

And these are the folks who decide what happens by law, them and the 100 Senate Members.

And if you notice: The Media NEVER talks about it. They focus on our scapegoat, our Pres. Never the power behind the throne. Its to make you focus on what less important.

This is how The US System works. Right here.

And right now the Republicans have the majority in Congress, meaning they have the most power.

In the overall scheme of things, Trump matters very little. He has no power, he cant MAKE Congress do what he wants. He is just the public face of the country. Unless the folks in Congress agree with him, his policies will never happen. Its not and never has been a 1 person show.

REMEMBER THAT. Cause the Politicians sure as hell don’t want you to.

Oh, and unlike a Pres, Congress has no term limits. These mother fuckers can go forever and ever, and frequently do because folks see that long ass list of names and go “Well they are already there fuck it keep em there!”

This is shit taught in High School, usually for half a school year.  Most folks forget this is how it works.  I don’t blame em for it either.  But there it is.

Musings on Youtube and Twitter

I think this will be the first time I have written a blog in a long while, and its about analytics, my Youtube channel, my Twitter, and thoughts about such things.

So its been about 6ish weeks since I relaunched my youtube channel. In that time I have gotten a total of:

432 Total Views, of which 140 are from Subs
2:23 Average Watch Time (Sub + Non Sub) / 18% Retention
4:17 Average Watch Time (Sub Only) / 42% Retention
86 Total Subscribers

This is across 7 videos. So I am doing pretty good all things considered.

Whats interesting to me is that if we take the total views of 140 from my subs, and spread that out, it means that each video has roughly 20 views from subs each. Now, I have been told (and I forget where) that 10% of your videos views should be subs, which means you should expect 10% of your subs to be active subs. For me, that would be about 8.6 / 9 views per vid. So I am WELL above that curve. Happy Days! Also, I am gaining subs at a rate of roughly 1 every day or two. Which is kinda nutty when I think about it.

Granted, several of these are folks who are all “Sub 4 Sub” which is pointless, and I will have no part of. I want people who will WATCH my content not just random numbers.

Now, my worry here is that most of these subscribers came because of my recent Tabletop RPG 101 Series. Granted, I intend to have more videos about Tabletop gaming as its a big thing in my life and I love it dearly, but honestly, not every video going forward is going to be about that. I mean, my next few vids are going to be (in order)

– The Rest of the Tabletop RPG Series, including a new special Part 6!
– A Comic Book Review (Liberty Deception)
– A Tale from the Tabletop (based on this Poll I ran on Twitter)
– Maybe a Top 5 of some sort.
– A game review or two (Shovel Knight tops this right now)
– 2 Book Reviews (by the same author in fact)

My focus is on nerdy stuff not just tabletop stuff you know. I got movies I wanna cover, games I wanna talk about, Top 5’s and things. I mean just look at the Topic List! I just updated it today by the way so its got all 7 videos I have done so far linked ;)

Whats fascinating is how big a role Twitter seems to be playing into my growth. I have never been one to really “get” twitter, and honestly I still don’t. 140 characters is very small, and its hard sometimes to get my point across, especially when you get more and more followers and follow more people. I am currently, as of today, at 670 followers. Thats NUTS. Granted, I am pretty sure the breakdown of them is:

– 300ish Bots / Advertisers / Business Accounts
– The rest are Real People

Thats amazing. The great majority are fellow Tabletop gamers like me. This worries me because, again, my videos and my tweets and myself are not all tabletop rpgs 100% of the time. I talk about wrestling, video games, music, movies, ect. Books. Nerdy stuff! Thankfully I have made a few friends it seems so far on twitter, and everyone has been super welcoming! I am actually enjoying it, and I like chatting to folks about cool Tabletop Plot ideas, and running games, and so on. Hell I even helped one lass via DM with creating an interesting backstory for her character which was fun :D

One thing I have noticed from a few folks, however, who are also youtubers is this obsession with getting all their twitter followers to sub to them on Youtube. Lets be real, if I had that I would be doing stupid good, but at the same time I am not going to ask my followers to do something I wouldn’t do. And frankly, I am not going to sub willy nilly to people who I have zero interest in listening to. Same with following em on twitter! I am just not going to do it.

I get it, people wanna be successful (for their definition of success) on Youtube. Some people want the fame, the recognition, the fans. Others want the money. But I am weird in that I don’t really care about any of that. I just like sharing what I love. And being me of course.

The attitude of folks online, like these other youtubers, makes me sad. They are so focused on advertising that they forget to be real people. I cannot count the number of small youtubers who followed me on twitter and when I go check out their tweets, its nothing but advertising of their own works, and maybe some “XXX liked this video” tweets that come from Youtube. And thats it. No engagement with the people who follow em, nothing. Its a giant circle jerk.

Yes, I advertise my channel on Twitter. I usually tweet at most once a day about one of my videos. Thats it. And I actually use Twuffer to set those up ahead of time. The rest of the times just me, chatting with folks, retweeting fun things, cool art, and such. I am a human, and god damnit I am gonna act human! Bout the only thing I still have on full automation is my Auto DM, which doesnt even mention youtube! It actually says, and I quote:

“Hey there and thanks for following me here on Twitter! Hope ya don’t mind the AutoDM. I am an old fart and honestly can barely keep up with this twitter thing but I am trying. Lets start chatting! Tell me something about yourself! Favorite game / gaming system / book / boardgame / video game? Any fun stories to share?”

Wanna know something funny? I have gotten the following responses recently:

“Sure I’ll check you out !! Could you also check me out here? *LINK* let me know when you’ve subbed so I can do the same!:) hope to see you round in my comment section!?  Also, heres a new video of mine if you wanna check it out! leave a like or whatever ?:)”

“Could you maybe check out my channel?”

And similar. It makes me laugh honestly. These were in response to my Auto DM above, where I don’t mention my channel, or anything. I swear people don’t read.

All in all so far I would have to say I am doing ok. I could always do better. But at this point its a forgone conclusion that I will hit the 100 sub mark and get a custom URL, which will be fun. Not in any rush though. Lets see what happens by the end of the year!

Oh and since I forgot to post it here is Part 3 of Tabletop RPG 101

Stay Nerdy folks :)

Looking for My Youtube Nonsense in an easy to read format?

Then look no further then my official episode listing! I decided to keep a running episode list here on my site (I might as well use it for something) as well as plans for future content.

If you have suggestions for things I should cover and want to see an easy list of all the topics I have already done, feel free to have a look. You can also click on the link at the top of the site.

Hopefully some of you guys come over and support me, but don’t feel pressured :D I only want you to view my stuff if it interests ya, and if not, well its no biggie :D

I will be trying to update this more often, maybe with plans for my Tabletop games, and such.