Suspects charged with using ‘Pokemon Go’ to commit armed robberies

Original Article found here.

Found it on Reddit myself.

What’s sad is that my wife had come up with this scenario the day Pokemon Go released, only in her case she figured it would be Pedophiles doing something like setting up a Pokestop near their home.

Truth be told this is rather scary, and I really wish I could say I was surprised that it happened.  Sadly I am not.  People can be scum, frequently, and this is just a prime example of using something designed for fun and social interaction instead for evil purposes.

Parents, if your children are playing Pokemon go, please make sure to accompany them.  Don’t let them run around in unknown areas.  Make sure if you visit a Lure location its in a brightly lit and public place.  Not a pokestop lure out in the middle of nowhere.

That Bulbasuar or Dragonite or Gyardos is not worth your life.  PERIOD.


Holy Crap: Wonder Boy and the Dragons Trap is getting a Remake

This was my favorite game on my Sega Master System. I still remember the music, the transformations, the various levels and shit. Unlike most kids who had a NES, I had 2 (yes both variations) of the Sega Master System.

This game, Astro Warrior, Zillion, Alex Kidd in Shinobi World and Miracle World and the Last Stars, Fantasy Zone, Shinobi….Safari Hunt. Outrun! HANG ON!

God this makes me want to buy a Sega Master System. Hopefully this game does not suck and comes to PC.

The official site can be found HERE.  I need to have my bros at Vox Ludicus get this on our radar if its going to be a PC release because I WANT TO REVIEW THIS.

Some Interesting Bits from around the Net

Sometimes I run across interesting or fun articles around the internet, and I would like to share a few with you today.

First: Happy 9th anniversary, Lord of the Rings Online! by Mersault Online. An interesting look at one persons love affair with this MMO, and their thoughts. Also some nice screenshots!

Second: Top Eight MMORPGs with the Best Quests by MMOBro. I have to agree with most of these assessments, cept maybe ESO. I was not a huge fan of ESO.

Third: Global Chat: An MMO to Call Home by MassivelyOP. A collection of stories and links all focused on the idea of finding a home in an MMO.

Fourth: Tree of Savior: First Impressions by Waiting For Rez. I had forgotten this had come out this week. I need to download and try it. I love this art style personally, and the game looks like fun, going back to the old Ragnarok Online Roots that I have. Also, a ton of class customization. I need a good grinder styled game.

Finally: My return to LOTRO by Ravalation. Just an interesting look on what its like to come back to a game you love.

Leah Remini to Write a Scientology Memoir

Oh dear. This is gonna be interesting. I am not going to comment on the validity of Scientology in any way. I live in Florida, and Clearwater is where one of the primary centers for Scientology exists, last I checked.

But something that many people don’t realize is that Celebrities seem particularly drawn to Scientology and what it offers.

So, when I read this article which I got from this Reddit thread I had to raise my eyebrows. I guess things might be changing.

Interesting indeed. I might have to read this. The controversy that surrounds the Church of Scientology has always fascinated me, truly.