Playing & Reading: Week of 7/10/16 to 7/16/16


Alright you lovely folks, lets do this thing!


Getting more and more into creating Youtube content. So far, I have played a bit more Renown Explorers, to get the 2 part video series together for next week. I got Call of Duty BO3 MP Starter from Humble Bundle, so that’s cool. Gonna do a video on that. Played a bit of Kingdoms of Amalur and posted a video for that. Whats really crazy is the positive response I have been getting about KoA and the video. My reddit post about it is nearly 100 positive Karma, which is absurd, and I have over 500 views. So that’s really awesome. I also just did a video about the new Hearthstone Tavern Brawl.

I also had played some Megadimension Neptunia VII earlier in the week for my review of that. Christ that game. Its too much haha.

I am preparing myself for 7/28/16 and the release of CALL OF THE BEASTMEN! BRAY WITH ME BOYOS!


Really Sanderson, I need you to stop messing with my emotions. I finished off Bands of Mourning and his novella Secret History and I am just eyeing him and his shenanigans.

I started reading the first book in Tad Williams Otherland series, finally. I am also considering the Rangers Apprentice series as one of my coworkers keeps telling me I need to play that. Finally, I finished EVERY BOOK in the Cape High series. I need more. Right now.


Playing & Reading – Week of 7/3/16 to 7/9/16


Hello fellow nerds! Let us all rejoice for this week brought us the glory that is Pokemon Go!

Team Mystic 4 Lyfe. BLUE RULES!

Ahem. Anyway, lets get into this week and my status.


So Pokemon Go is a thing. Been playing that off and on, as much as it can be played of course. I hit level 5 and joined Team Mystic. Mainly because Blue is my favorite color. I don’t see myself being absorbed by this as much as others have been, but its a good fun diversion to have when I am out doing errands. Although I really wish the servers would get stable.

I have also played a dash of Secrets of Crashia…I mean Grindea ;) and recorded video of that. I call it a dash because frankly until it gets released I am done with it I think.

Evolve went Free to Play and I tried it and recorded a video of that, expect to see it in a bit. I also played some Kingdoms of Amalur and recorded a video for that, and I have been playing a TON Of Renown Explorers, International Society. I am doing a full run in 2 parts for that game. Thats pretty much been it.


The Cape High Series. I am on Book 11, Life Lights. Super hero fiction written for YA and its…a guilty pleasure. I hated the “Mimic Arc” mainly because of a character named Noelle. BAH!

Also, technically its reading, but I have started to learn Shadowrun 5th Edition. That book is massive. Seriously.


Do you have a particular kind of food you enjoy for comfort, either when you are feeling down or not well? For me its Ramen Soup. I love the stuff. Sure, its horrible for me (oh god the SALT!) but I love it.

Playing and Reading – Week of 6/26/16 to 7/2/16


Yes its a day late, but its the weekend, a 3 day weekend, and I am apparently still sick yay!

But hey, its still done at least.  Don’t judge me I don’t see any of YOU doing weekly status updates!


Not much honestly. I reinstalled Kingdoms of Amalur from Origin, and then uninstalled it. I am unsure if I am in the mood for it. I did play some Renowned Explorers: International Society though, which is still an amazing game. I plan today to play some Heroes of a Broken Land as well, for a video, and maybe work on Secrets of Grindea and Reverse Crawl as well.

I really just don’t know honestly what to play! Its rather infuriating.


Today I am going to write a bit about Super Hero fiction. I finished reading Wild Cards Book 3 earlier this week, and restarted the Cape High series, which is a fun indie series focused on a super high school.

Supers in fiction are kinda rare honestly. Sure you got comics, but I am not a huge fan of comics. I prefer reading because it lets me form the images in my head. A good writer describes things just enough for me to get a starter picture, and lets me fill in the gaps. The writers who explain everything in fine detail honestly bore me.

But finding good super fiction is rare. There is tons out there by indie authors, and not all of it is good. The best series out there to date is the Wild Cards series, which is a series written by a team of professional authors and edited by GRR Martin. There is something like 14 books in the series too, and most are QUITE long. Cape High is the other decent series I have found, which has I think 11 or 12 books now, but they are more like novella’s in length.

Just reached Book 2 of Cape High again. Hopefully I can work my way through it by the end of next week.


Not that anyone reads these things. Got any plans for the Fourth? I gotta write my review of “Guild of Dungeoneering”.

Playing & Reading – Week of 6/19/16 to 6/25/16


Another week has passed us by. Its been rather eventful. I spent most of it sick with a head cold, finally started feeling better on Friday and was able to sleep all Thursday night, thank god. Managed to pick up Thea: The Awakening for the Steam Sale and that will most likely be my only purchase, as I had steam credit from a refund and it was just enough to buy that.

Anyway, lets get right into the meat and potatoes, or the games and books of the week!



Its been another light week. Being sick made me not really want to play much of anything. I played a few hours of Guild of Dungeoneering, and I think I am going to review that for Vox Ludicus. I had preordered the game and have finally gotten around to playing it.

I also of course played about 2 straight hours of Thea on Thursday when I got home, and found it to be a very trippy game. The combat / conflict resolution system using cards is very intricate and takes some getting used to, and its one of the major RNG factors of the game. But the actual concept of the game, managing a single village while trying to regain your godly power and complete missions is fascinating and the way everything interlocks is really cool.

I also dabbled a bit with Steamworld Heist as I still need to review it. I just don’t enjoy the game as it is. Bleh.


Technically this is both a game AND a book, so I am putting it here. I read and played the Gamebook “Choice of Robots” by Choice of Games, and had a hugely fun time with it. I love interactive fiction as it combines my two great loves: Reading, and Gaming. I must have played the book about 5 times in a single day.

I also reread the first Wildcards book and am working on Book 2. That’s about it on the reading front!


No one answered last weeks question (BOO!) so I suppose you all barely read this. But why not ask another.

What is your favorite Youtube channel, personality, or series, and why?

For me its gotta be the Game Chasers. They are hilarious, fun, informative, and entertaining. Even if they are chodes as they put it.

Playing & Reading – week of 6/12/16 to 6/18/16 (Now with a Weekly Question!)


Alrighty, I know I know late again, but I was sick and still am. So sue me. GOD! But hey, at least I am trying to add something this time! :P


I actually haven’t been playing much. Played a bit of Stories to make a video. Played some Chronicle: Runescape Legends which I am loving. Seriously its much more strategic then Hearthstone, and has a very nice style. I know nothing, literally nothing, about Runescape and don’t feel like I am missing much.

I also got a hold of Guild Wars 2 Heart of Thorns and am dabbling with that a bit. Used my level 80 boost on a Necromancer (Asura) and am doing the personal story stuff. Also have a little bitty Ranger. I also reinstalled Fallout 4 but haven’t done very much yet besides install two radio mods (Jet Fuel Radio and Old World Radio).

I also dabbled with Secrets of Grindea, which is another game I have to review. I also messed around a bit with Neverwinter Nights 2 but realized I really hate the control scheme.

Not much else has been done gaming wise.


However, I went on a reading binge this past week. I finished the rest of the Alex Verus series and that was amazing. The finale was something I did not see coming and makes me salivate for the next book. I also started and finished Stiletto by Daniel O’Malley which was also awesome. It felt like it dragged on at times, but overall was a solid read.

I am trying to figure out what to read now. I started re-reading the Wild Cards Book 1, which is a collection of short stories about super heroes that was original written back in the 80s. There is a whole series now on it.


I decided to add a weekly question to this post, to try to engage some of you folks. I have over 100 followers now (which is kinda frightening honestly) and I wanted to maybe get to know you folks a bit better, maybe start some dialog, hell maybe get you to steal this thing and turn it into one of those Tag Posts that makes it way around the blogging world :D

So my WEEKLY QUESTION today is this: What game, if any, do you miss? It could be one that you had and sold off or lost, it could be a game that has closed down. It could be a game you just haven’t played in forever and keep meaning to revisit.

For me, at least as of late, its Hellgate London. There is nothing like it honestly. For those unaware, Hellgate London (and later, Hellgate Global) was a First Person Sci-Fi Diablo Clone. It used randomized dungeons with lots of loot, RPG Skill Trees, 6 classes, and a Sci Fi / Supernatural storyline. There is no game like it. Borderlands is close, but Borderlands has large open worlds instead of tight randomized dungeons, for example. And I miss the story and the goofiness of fighting demons from hell in the London Subway systems and things.  In fact, I have considered trying to teach myself Unity 3D for the express purpose of creating a game like Hellgate London.  There has to be a market right?

How bout you guys?

Playing and Reading – Week of 6/5/16 to 6/11/16


Quick and dirty, let’s get this going.  I know I am a few days late but eh, such is life!


For games, I played a bit of Voidspire Tactics, some Chronicle: Runescape Legends, some Steamworld Heist, and a dash of Torment Tides of Numenera.  Oh and some Battleborn (finally finished every PvE mission solo).  I also finished the main story branch of Stories: The Path of Destinies which was amazing.  I am going to start playing Fallout 4 again with the announcement of the new DLC.  I am excited about the Weapon and Armor displays and yes I am aware that PC had mods that did it, but those mods were not fully stable last I checked and getting official ones is a much better option.  I did mod in some radio station options though, notably Old World Radio and Jet Fuel Radio.


Been working my way through the Alex Verus series actually after I finished City of Blades last week.  I have gone through the first three Alex Verus books last week and I am on book 4 right now.  I honestly prefer this series over the Dresden Files simply because of tone.  Alex is a much more fun and interesting hero then Harry.  With the Dresden Files I tend to like the supporting cast more then Harry himself, but with the Verus books I am enjoying everyone.  Hero, Supporting Cast, Villains, everything.  Its much more interesting.

I also finished the first Trial of Apollo book by Rick Riordan.  It was decent, although Apollo as a character constantly annoyed me.  I am not sure having me hate your main character is a good thing.

Tomorrow Stiletto by Daniel O Malley comes out, and I already have my Ebook copy waiting.  I loved The Rook and can’t wait for more shenanigans.

Playing & Reading – Week of 5/29/16 to 6/4/16


Its time. Its time! ITS PLAYING AND READING TIME! I bet you expected something different, didn’t you?


Due to some issues involving mods, I had to restart my Total War: Warhammer playthrough, and at this time have put that on pause. Why? Because I got games to review! And, as I mentioned yesterday, the big one I have been playing this week has been Stranger of Sword City. I did my video that I will be putting into my review, and here is said video for those curious:

I will admit its not my best work due to some shoddy editing, but eh I aint a professional at that. I am a hobbyist with the videos. Although I am getting better as I go. Let me tell you though, this game is freaking HARD! If you want to see me suffer, skip to around 45 minutes to 55 minutes into the video and start there, and watch as the game throws horrible groups of enemies my way. Just…jesus it was trying to murder me on camera!

I also was given Battleborn while it was on sale by a friend, and aim to play more and review that as well. Also I was given Secrets of Grindea but have not touched it yet. I will admit I enjoy Battleborn quite a bit, the humor is nice and the gameplay is tons of fun. I am decent at Oscar Mike so far.

Beyond those two games, not much else has been going on. I got more SoSC tonight and tomorrow before I get my review done for Sunday.


I finished Shadows of Self by Sanderson and HOLY CRAP THE ENDING MOTHER OF GOD THE FEELS WHY DID YOU DO THIS SANDERSON WHYYYY! I need Bands of Mourning RIGHT NOW! ARG! This is how you freaking write a trilogy man!

I then started on An Ancient Peace by Tanya Huff, the first in the Peacekeepers series. I am at about 60% done and its honestly sort of dragging along. I find myself getting bored, which is never a good sign. Too much setup, and not enough suspense or action or anything really.

After this I think I am going to switch to City of Blades and see if that holds up compared to the first one.