The Plight of the Small Creator

I know I keep talking about supporting your favorite creators on twitter. I keep harping on it. Let me drop some knowledge, and explain WHY THIS IS IMPORTANT.

Whether you create reviews, videos, books, movies, blog posts, maps, or really any form of content, you are prolly aware of just how rough it can be to get your content in front of those who may enjoy it.

Its the worst part of being a small time content creator. You have this amazing kickstarter, say for a DND Book. Or a dice box. You know your product fills a need, but how the hell do you get people to see it? In general, the only solution is to spend money on advertising.

You see, despite people building followings on places like Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and other social media outlets, getting your followers or fans to actually share your work can be near impossible.

For example: I have 1900+ followers on Twitter, about 200 on Tumblr, about 200 here on WordPress, and 355 on Youtube. I dont post enough on Tumblr or WordPress however for these people to really matter, so lets pretend its just the 1947 twitter followers and 355 youtube subs.

Wanna know how many people pay attention to nearly ANYTHING I do? I am not even talking about when I mention my own content. I am talking almost ANYTHING.

Bout .5% on twitter, and 10% on Youtube.

Thats it. Think about that. No one really shares my own work, or comments. The comments I see on youtube are from the same 10ish people. I can get 30-40 views on a video, but maybe 10 people hit the like button. On twitter its even WORSE. I barely bother promoting my own videos beyond the day I post em, because I know no one is going to pay attention to it. Instead, I use twitter now to talk about other peoples work, and it seems to help a great deal. And what do people do on twitter? They hit the most useless button they can.

The like button. I hate that little bastard heart. ITS USELESS. Its maddening. On youtube, the like button has a purpose. Youtube considers that as part of its algorithm in regards to promoting videos, mostly due to like to view ratio.

On Twitter the like button might as well not exist. No one sees that you liked a tweet unless they expand it. Creators need those Retweets. We need those shares. If no one shares our work then we cannot grow. We cannot expand.

Whats interesting is how many people tell me how awesome I am. But they wont share my work on their own. And its not just me affected by this in the slightest. I see it ALL OVER THE DAMN PLACE! I see people commenting “Oh I love your art!” or “I love your comic!” or “This Kickstarter is amazing” but they do nothing else. They dont go out and share the item or anything. They don’t try to convince people that its worth looking at.

I try to make sure that if I think something is awesome, I hit that retweet button. I make it a point to share things on my own if I think they are worthwhile. I try to promote people I feel are worth a damn. Because that is what you should do with something you love.

If you really care about the creator, then help them. Spread the word. Tell your facebook friends about that awesome dice blog you found. Tell your twitter followers about that amazing comic you read. Link to them. Tell your tumblr followers or blog about em. SPREAD THE WORD.

IF you never tell others about the content creators you love, we will never get anywhere. We, as creators, can only do so much. And let me tell you something else: The internet HATES self promotion. It DESPISES IT. Why do you think Ad Blockers are so prevelant? We, the internet, HATE advertising.

Word of Mouth is really what works. But it only works if YOU do it.

Please help us. Hell I dont even care if you promote me. What I want to challenge YOU to do is this: Without prompting, without warning, pick someone whose work you adore. An author, a comic artist, an artist, a youtuber. Someone small who could use the help. And tell the world about them. Post about them somewhere. Talk about WHY you like them. Dont just say “This guy is cool” but try to explain WHY they are cool. If you dont, who will?

Help and Support your favorite content creators. So they can grow, and succeed, and continue to make the content YOU LOVE. Otherwise, eventually, they will give up, and fade away.


RANT: I am Done with Crowdfunding (Now in Video Form)

So this is a companion video to my original written rant that I did a week-ish ago. You can read the original here.

Due to things that occurred the night I recorded this, I felt the need to reiterate my issues with crowdfunding as a whole now. And also, more content for my channel is always good.

My original statement stands: I am done with crowdfunding / kickstarter / indiegogo. I don’t care how good a friend you are to me. Unless you have had multiple SUCCESSFUL Crowdfunding campaigns that also were delivered on time, I am not even going to look at it.

My full thoughts are both at the above link, and in this video.

I am giving up on Kickstarters and Crowdfunding

I am done with these bloody things. Sorry guys who have kickstarters going. I am not going to back you anymore. Sure, I might promote you if I like your project, and encourage folks who want to back you do so, but me, personally?

Not happening.

Why you might ask? Well, mostly due to issues involving over-promising and under-delivering. Recently, for example, a game called Heroes Song had an IndieGoGo launch which I backed. I trusted the team, they were all seasoned game devs lead by a big name in MMO development, John Smedly. I backed at the lowest level (I only do this now due to issues coming up) and promoted it. The game is coming along, there have been streams of it being playable, and the big reason I backed it was the promise that I would get “Alpha 3 Access” sometime “late October”.

Last week, a backer only update came out which detailed that they were most likely going to have Alpha 3 Access start on the 28th / 29th of October. Thats…really late October, but ok, I can dig it. It comes out right on a weekend and gives me some time to run around and enjoy myself, maybe stream it, before I have to start work.

Well last night Smedly popped up and crushed that notion by reveling that now Alpha 3 starts…on fucking Monday October 31st. Yea, he technically is delivering on the “Late October” start time but as far as I am concerned this is bullshit. 1 day in October. 1. With Early Access on Steam showing up Sometime in November? Well fuck why am I even going to bother playing it in Alpha now? Oh and its “looking like” its going to be Monday. IT STILL MIGHT NOT EVEN HAPPEN.

This is not the first time shit like this has happened. Almost 2 years ago I backed a Campaign Book for a setting called Karthun which was SUPPOSED to be released around 9/2015. Its now 10/2016. And its still not due to be finished till 2017 apparently. I backed this one to get a Hardcover Book. I regret this, honestly, but still want the damn book.  I am invested now.

Or how about Cryamore which was supposed to be released in 2014, and I backed it in 2013. HEY LOOK ITS 2016 AND ITS STILL IN DEV! At least this one is still alive, and is now being produced and distributed by Atlus.  They will hopefully deliver.  Maybe.

It could be Artizens which is playable on steam…barely. Its dead though, development is stopped and its no where near what was promised. In fact, the only Kickstarter I have personally backed that has actually delivered thus far, gaming wise, has been Wasteland 2 and that was STILL a year late, having been supposed to come out in 10/2013 and instead arrived 9/2014.

The only other kickstarters that have delivered what was promised, on time, have been a comic a friend of mine put out, and some albums by his bands. Thats it. Every time I see someone talking about a Kickstarter project or IndieGoGo or Crowdfunding its always about how its…well not on time. Its delayed. Its being worked on. Its been abandoned.

So thats it. Its over. NO more Kickstarters for me. Not even if they are friends of mine, or people I like. I cannot trust that something will happen to delay it.

I am still waiting for Crymore for fucks sake. Maybe in 2018 it will finally be done. 4 years later.