Playing & Reading: Week of 7/10/16 to 7/16/16


Alright you lovely folks, lets do this thing!


Getting more and more into creating Youtube content. So far, I have played a bit more Renown Explorers, to get the 2 part video series together for next week. I got Call of Duty BO3 MP Starter from Humble Bundle, so that’s cool. Gonna do a video on that. Played a bit of Kingdoms of Amalur and posted a video for that. Whats really crazy is the positive response I have been getting about KoA and the video. My reddit post about it is nearly 100 positive Karma, which is absurd, and I have over 500 views. So that’s really awesome. I also just did a video about the new Hearthstone Tavern Brawl.

I also had played some Megadimension Neptunia VII earlier in the week for my review of that. Christ that game. Its too much haha.

I am preparing myself for 7/28/16 and the release of CALL OF THE BEASTMEN! BRAY WITH ME BOYOS!


Really Sanderson, I need you to stop messing with my emotions. I finished off Bands of Mourning and his novella Secret History and I am just eyeing him and his shenanigans.

I started reading the first book in Tad Williams Otherland series, finally. I am also considering the Rangers Apprentice series as one of my coworkers keeps telling me I need to play that. Finally, I finished EVERY BOOK in the Cape High series. I need more. Right now.


Suspects charged with using ‘Pokemon Go’ to commit armed robberies

Original Article found here.

Found it on Reddit myself.

What’s sad is that my wife had come up with this scenario the day Pokemon Go released, only in her case she figured it would be Pedophiles doing something like setting up a Pokestop near their home.

Truth be told this is rather scary, and I really wish I could say I was surprised that it happened.  Sadly I am not.  People can be scum, frequently, and this is just a prime example of using something designed for fun and social interaction instead for evil purposes.

Parents, if your children are playing Pokemon go, please make sure to accompany them.  Don’t let them run around in unknown areas.  Make sure if you visit a Lure location its in a brightly lit and public place.  Not a pokestop lure out in the middle of nowhere.

That Bulbasuar or Dragonite or Gyardos is not worth your life.  PERIOD.

The Oculus Rift and its Drama

The Oculus Rift has been having issues with Drama recently.

First the company merged / was sold to Facebook.  Then there were issues with shipping.  And now recently there was a bunch of DRM issues involving adding DRM to the system.

Its just out of hand.  VR as it stands is already very expensive and hard to get into.  The Vive is roughly $800 while the Rift is $600.  That’s not a small price, nevermind the space requirements.

So having these things like DRM and all these other issues is not a good sign, and the Rift has been suffering for it.

For those curious about the full extent of the issues surrounding the Rift, you can find this handy dandy reddit post going over everything.  Its fascinating honestly.

And if I ever got into VR, I would end up with the Vive.

From Reddit: I’ve been playing DOOM and it always made me laugh there is probably a demon who’s sole purpose is to place candles. SO I drew him.

Found this on Reddit and holy crap this demon has the cutest little face and it makes me giggle!

So damn cute. I love this idea, that there is this happy demon who just likes to go around and light candles rather then fight.