WNW: Newbies Ho!

I think its finally working! We actually had 2 new people show up to Wednesday Night Warmachine at Phoenix Games last night, and I played against both!

First we had JR, a friend of mine who I knew back in High School! He has been playing our Monday Night DND Encounters (we run it Monday nights to keep from conflicting with Wednesday Night Drafts). He has been an avid 40k player and LOVeS to do Conversions and MOdifications. Our TO and most of our player’s don’t care about conversions as long as we know what it is, so he already messing with his battlebox. For example, Stryker is now impaling a Space Marine with his sword while he blows his brains out. He even has the exit wound modeled. Kinda creepy.

Anyway, it was the Khador Battlebox vs the Cygnar Box for my first game. It was hilarious. JR was of course learning and I was showing him the kind of things people can do in this game, including my 19′ Sorsha charge! For those who don’t know:

pSorsha casts Wind Rush first. Moves 6 inches. Then she casts Boundless Charge which gives her +2 Movement on a Charge. Then she declares a charge on her target. 6 + 3 + 2 = 11 inch charge, with 13 inch threat due to Reach. Add in the 6 you already moved due to Wind Rush and you have a 19in total distance you can get across the board. So on turn 3 I did that, got in range, and before my Charge Attack popped my feat and brought Stryker to 3 boxes!

Oh and as a side note: His Lancer was squaring off with my Juggernaut and thanks to his damn Shock Shield he fried my Juggernauts Cortex in one turn (Charge and got 2 of the cortex boxes and then hit with the shield to kill the last box!)

Then for the NEXT 3 TURNS we sat in base to base, trying to kill each other. On the 1st he popped his feat and brought Sorsha to 1 box! 1. Single. Box. Turn after that I could not hit him, turn after that he could not hit me, and finally on the 3rd round of beatings I got him and killed him. He had a blast.

He ended up facing Richard and Richard’s Battlebox of Circle, but I have no idea how that ended.

My next game was against a new Trollblood player who had traded some of his 40k stuff to Kenny (The Cygnar Player) for his Trollstuff. Kenny gave him a kind of…odd setup. Grim, Bushwhackers, Blizter, and then 2 Impalers and an Axer along with a Fell Caller. Not BAD but this guy wanted to roll up in Melee. I let him Proxy a caster of his choosing and per his wants, we played 15 total points. I brought my usual 15:

– Juggernaut
– Destroyer
– War Dog

He decided to try pMadrak!

– Axer
– Impaler
– Impaler
Bushwhackers (Min)

Madrak and the Bushwhackers dealt with my Widowmakers within the first 2 turns. My Widowmakers were only able to kill 2 Pygs! Sadness.

His Axer got a charge off on my Juggernaut and was able to knock out the Juggernauts left arm (open fist) and movement. My Juggernaut then crushed the axer. Butcher was sitting with Iron Flesh and I didn’t want to drop it, so I actually USED the Butchers gun on an Impaler!

The win came after a flurry of ranged attacks from his 2 Impalers and Madrak on Butcher, dealing 12 total points to me. But he made once crucial mistake.

He left Madrak with 1 fury and in clear view of Butcher, and in charge range.

My turn has me feat, drop Iron Flesh, and charge. I bring Madrak to a tough roll in 2 swings….and HE MAKES A TOUGH ROLL! So I buy another attack, force another tough roll, and he fails that one.

All in all a fun game!

Both guys seemed to have fun and were actually excited about prospects of expanding. Hopefully when the 25 point tourney comes around on the 30th they will be there.


The Paint Thickens!

I have my Khador. We know I do, I talk about them frequently (some may say too much?) but right now my entire army is spraypainted a pale blue color.

This bothers me. I have to say that I am not a fan of unpainted minis, but at the same time I hate painting! An interesting quandry you may say! Well, if you all remember I have actually painted an entire army before.

What? You did?

Thats right, I did! You may not believe me, but these images may change your mind.

The Blackstone Kriel

Yup, that was a 35 point Troll Brick that I did back when I was playing originally, before I…tried to quit. So while I may not know all those fancy techniques like drybrushing or highlighting, I at least know how to paint the base coat and do a wash. Which honestly, is all I want (Tabletop basic quality FTW)

I don’t think I will ever be as good as some of the better painters out there (such as GdayBloke, Owen of FarFarAway, Kerry of Warpainter, ect)

Now the reason I spraypainted my Khador was for speed purposes. I wanted a pale almost snow blue color for them, so I got that part done. But now I gotta do the details, the units, the metals, ect. I was originally going to wait till my friend Dan painted my guys, but I am sick of waiting (And painted models play better amirite? :O)

Furthmore, I think that painted models will help build more interest then just metal ones.

Here is a list of the paints I am going to be picking up this Saturday!

Paint Colors:
Flesh Tone
Leather Tone
GW Dwarf Bronze
GW Boltgun Metal

Minwax Dip, Testors Dullcoat

My main reason for wanting to paint them now? The big event happening in November, where Owen himself will be coming here to the states! We have a 3 part Campaign planned that will be between Me, Owen and Dan. You may have seen Owen’s posts about “Scourge Bringer”? Well thats the event. We each will be packing 15 point armies, and the goal here for me is to have at least that 15 point group painted by November 13th.

The 15 points that I am packing?

– Juggernaut
– Destroyer (painted)
– Wardog

Here is hoping that I can make my Khador look halfway decent!

Yet another New Blog

Today, I talk about a painting blog that is NOT in English! Thats right, I cannot understand a word that is being said on this thing.

But I found it via a thread on the PP Boards, regarding a man who is painting Trollbloods. While I may no longer be a part of a Kriel, I will always be a Trollblood at heart. Apparently this man runs a painting service as well. Here is his blog, aptly titled “DuEnDe MiNiATurEs. Hopefully you might be able to read the text to get more info.

Also, his Trollblood thread can be found here – Duende’s Trollbloods

Finally, for a sample of this mans AWESOME work, I present the following.

“Brushfire – Historia Rodentia” A Miniatures Wargame

So, I know its been a LONG time since I last posted.  Alot has been going on, honestly, in my life.  Work has been changing, I sold my Trollblood army (and I hope the gent who bought it has been enjoying it) and I have been playing Magic the Gathering more frequently as of late.  However, there is something I want to talk about and it is Miniwargaming related.

Despite having sold my Trollbloods, I am still very much interested in Wargaming as a hobby (just not Warmahordes anymore, THANKS LOCAL PLAYGROUP!).  I have not really bothered hunting around for a game to play, but I have been keeping an eye on one on occasion that is being created by some people right here in Florida, and its called Brushfire: Historia Rodentia. Now you are probably asking yourself what the devil am I talking about? Well, its a miniatures Wargame duh!

The biggest thing about it is the style. It uses an Alternate Earth, where Animals have become like humans. The site can give you more of a background on it. It also uses as best I can tell its own proprietary system for combat resolution. Its built to be a skirmish based game, talking about how you only need a dozen or so models per side to play.

One of my all time favorite things is a book series written by a man named Brian Jacques. The series is usually called the Redwall Series. In that book series the main characters are Mice, Weasels, Voles, Badgers, and the like. Its one of the book series I have always enjoyed, ever since I read Martin the Warrior and Salamandastron back when I was in 6th grade. And this Miniwargame seems to follow that very type of setting. There is something about using a unit called Badger-At-Claw to beat the crap outta my enemies. So, when I finally do get back into Miniwargaming (and I very well might) this may be the way to do it. For those who are interested and like the sound of it there are some Demo Rules out to get a practice game in. That way you can find out how the system works. Since I am friends with the primary concept artist I hope I can get a demo game sometime (HINT HINT JOHNNY BOY!)

They also have a “Kickstarter Program” which is more of a Preorder program. The more you put in, the more stuff you get. Sounds like a good deal to get started (I don’t have the money to invest sadly, otherwise I might do the $60 level, which gets me a Squad box and Rulebook). I strongly urge all you enthusiast out there to take a look, maybe comment here so that way those who make the game can see how you feel about it, and maybe even preorder some of it.

And no, I am not affiliated in any way with these guys. I just happen to think it could be a breath of fresh air in the miniwargaming community!

Selling the Trollbloods

So I am gonna post here for you all. I am getting rid of the Trollbloods, and getting out of Warmahordes. There are 2 reasons: Financial, and the bigger reason of the game being not so much fun anymore. I havent played since January, and truth be told my interest has finally waned, as I expected it would. You may say “No don’t sell em” but I could use the money for other things (like bills, saving to buy a house, ect) and really I just don’t have the time to devot to this hobby anymore.

So, here is the deal:

This is a “Lot Purchase” roughly 65% off MSRP. You get the following in the lot:


Champions (Full)
Fennblades (Full)
Kriel Stone Bearer
2 Extra Bearers (Full Unit of KSB)
Stone Scribe Elder
Swamp Gobbers
Brun and Lug

Fell Caller

Earthborn Dire Troll
Dire Troll Mauler

Sabol Army Case + Foam

Now everything in this army but Borka, the EBDT, and the Fennblades has either been painted or Primed in Black.

The total cost of this Army at MSRP (Suggested Retail) is $512.82. I am looking to sell it for $180 plus shipping and handling, which would be via UPS most likely or FedEx (whichever is easier for you).

This is a deal, and if you were looking to start Trolls, you do have a solid core here.

If you guys have any questions or are interested you can post em on my BarterTown thread: http://www.bartertown.com/trading/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=107123

So that way I can keep the Trades there.

The Order has been PLACED!

So I went ahead and placed my order at TheWarStore.com, for the following:

1 Trollblood Warlock Borka Kegslayer & Pyg Keg Carrier
1 Trollblood Dire Troll Heavy Alpha Warbeast EBDT
1 Trollblood Fennblades
1 SABOL ArmyTransport Empty (The Case)
2 SABOL 2″ ArmyTransport Tray
1 SABOL 3″ ArmyTransport Tray

Yea I went all out. I have a makeshift case that has been working well, but I want something a bit better, and I like the design and price of the Sabol cases. Furthermore, I can give my old case and any extra foam to my friend Dan for his budding Circle (he is gonna be getting some stuff at the end of this month!)

So yea, by the end of next week I will have all sorts of goodies!