My weekend was…eventful

My weekend was…eventful

Its been a while since I made a general blog post on here. Most of the time has been updates on my life, and today is more of the same but more focused on my overall weekend.

So late last week I revamped all my Patreon rewards at the suggestion of a friend of mine. I recorded a 4th video for May, and an update video for the people who follow me only on Youtube detailing the issues with my hands, as well as future plans for my youtube channel. Said vid is right here if you wanna see:

On Saturday, I watched Dr Strange finally. That movie was a wild visual acid trip, and with my own hand issues I felt for the good Doctor. I also started researching 1+ player Boardgames, as I still want to game with my wife and by myself at times. While Gamebooks such as the Fighting Fantasy or Lone Wolf series, or even the Choice of Games series are an option (and an option I am pursuing) sometimes I want to play something a bit more meaty.

I am amazed that there are a few such things out there! Got myself an Amazon wishlist now with a bunch I found that I like as well, so I can start using my Patreon money on those.

On Sunday, I started the work on coverting the Pathfinder stats of creature in the Iron Gods AP to 5E, using a handy utility I found online that makes converting the raw statblocks super easy. Just copy paste. Got a beastiary up and running for myself. Course this does not help me rebalance the encounters but that is going to have a lot to do with how they feel as they go. I will have to do this on the fly I think.

I also watched Fantastic Beasts and Where to find them finally as well, and honestly I really enjoyed it, even if I feel Jacob got the fucking shaft at the end. Damn American wizards.

Also on Sunday I got my first $5 patron. With my new rewards, I am helping him develop an NPC for him to use in his upcoming Pathfinder / Open Legend game that he is doing. Which is awesome in and of itself. I am not going to spoil anything since his players also read my twitter and interact with me. It must be secret. It must be safe.

This puts my average earnings per youtube video at roughly $11.25. This is based on folks monthly limits and such, which is amazing. That means 4 videos in a month earns me $45. May not seem like much but its exciting! It proves to me, at least in some small way, that people want to see me keep going.

I already have June’s videos laid out in fact. Four more videos coming (Even if there are 5 Thursdays, I am skipping a week), which are as follows:

  • 1st – Skip this Thursday
  • 8th – Review of Nerzghuls GM Toolkit (5th Ed Supplement)
  • 15th – Dungeon Tale: The Chicken and the Rope
  • 22nd – World Building Journal: Aethrin’s Inspiration / World Building Style
  • 29th – Gamebook Review of Slammed! By Choice of Games

I aim to work on those this coming Saturday. I already have the ENTIRETY of May done and uploaded for my Patrons so that’s awesome.

So far, things are actually looking up, despite the fact that I can no longer play video games. I suppose I need to take my successes when I can huh.


My Giant Episode List Has been Updated!

For those who want to see what kind of videos I have been making, not including my gaming livestreams, you can now check out my Handy Episode List which is up to 18 total videos! Thats not too bad. Episode 19 is coming out tomorrow, so that should be fun as well.

I also removed a few topics from my topic lists that are already done, and added one new idea. I don’t have the DND retrospective listed there yet either as I am not sure if I should or not. That whole thing is its own special beast.

Here is to 2017, a year of videos and fun! Stay nerdy folks!

Its time to talk Youtube Numbers again! – Channel Update

I like to write these posts, it lets me get my thoughts down on paper about how my youtube endevours are doing, where things are going, and where I think they will go!

So, I started uploading on 8/24/16 with my new channel. As of today, I am at 136 subscribers to my channel, which is pretty neat!

Now lets talk monthly growth. The big factor to youtube is actually not your sub count, but rather a combination of sub count, retention, views, and watch time. Its “the algorithm” as they say. So I may have very few subs, but according to my other numbers what I have is insanely loyal. Lets take it month by month.

September 2016

So this month was when I was just getting started again. I only had 4 videos total go up, and I dont believe I had started livestreaming yet. This is represented in my overall numbers:


As you can see I have quite a bit of watch time but my over per view watch time average is very low, at 2 minutes. This is because I tried an advertising thing on Fivvr, and got nearly 1k views on a video, but each view was like 1-2 minutes in length. You can see the spike clearly in the left column. Thats why those numbers are so skewed. I have not bothered to try such an experiment since. I also got a total of 74 likes across the 5ish videos I had uploaded by the end of the month, so thats excellent. Overall, a solid start.

October 2016

This was the first month where I started to get rolling strong I think. Here is the overall for that month:


Now this month you can see that my Watch Time overall and my average per view has gone up drastically. And if you notice, it happened towards the end of the month. What else did I start doing in October? I started STREAMING. In fact, the longest videos are the streams, and they have the largest amount of watch time. This actually helped my channel as a whole. Youtube only cares how many minutes of my stuff people are watching, and they watched TONS of stuff towards the end of October. Mind you, these numbers are a combination of LIVE and On Demand vieweing. If I switch to just On Demand (meaning no live events) I get Watch Time Total 1959 Minutes, Average of 5:26 per view, 360 views. Still damn impressive overall, and a direct increase from the previous month.

Novermber 2016

I might as well call my youtube a gym cause of all the SICK GAINS I am getting. Check this out:


This is the first month where I really try to livestream at least once if not twice a week. And you can clearly see this. My overall watch time is high, my average watch per view is high again, and so one. Now you will notice that I am gaining less subs each month as time goes on, which honestly is fine, I kinda expected it given I don’t really promote myself or my channel very often. Same with the amount of likes I get. Basically, people really like to stick around and watch my stuff. And if we go to On Demand only (ie not live) I am looking at 1787 minutes of video overall, average per view of 6:39, with 268 views. So my overall views went down, but the average time each person watched went up. Interesting indeed!

What do these numbers tell me? That I am clearly doing something right, even if I myself feel I suck. What fans I do have genuinely like what I am doing and clearly want more of something, but what? I am moving to twice monthly (or every 2 weeks) for my VLogs, and my streams will still be at least once a week if I can swing it, barring any personal stuff. So we shall see how December shapes up for the month. Already December is sitting at the following however:


Not too bad of a start, and doesnt include the last 2 days when I gained 3 subs putting me at my current count, so there is that. Lets see where the month leads, shall we?

Oh and for fun, here are all my videos, sorted by most watched, with the overall total watch time, average per view, and total average percent viewed. Its kinda eye opening. I should do more long streams! :P


And for those curious, you can find my Youtube Channel here –


Looking for My Youtube Nonsense in an easy to read format?

Then look no further then my official episode listing! I decided to keep a running episode list here on my site (I might as well use it for something) as well as plans for future content.

If you have suggestions for things I should cover and want to see an easy list of all the topics I have already done, feel free to have a look. You can also click on the link at the top of the site.

Hopefully some of you guys come over and support me, but don’t feel pressured :D I only want you to view my stuff if it interests ya, and if not, well its no biggie :D

I will be trying to update this more often, maybe with plans for my Tabletop games, and such.

A Message from the Madhouse

So lately, I have been….meh. It usually happens around this time of year actually, where I get kinda blah.

Nevermind that this year other shit has been going on that is draining my brain.

So for now, except posts to really slow down. One review a week, generally on Friday, for the foreseeable future.

Other posts will appear when time permits.

Gotta get my head on straight folks.

Alright, time to make some Changes in Review Scheduling!

So, I am still finding my footing and getting the hang of reviewing and whatnot, or rather scheduling.

I have been kinda spammy lately I feel, with multiple posts going up in a given day.  I mean, hell, today this is gonna be post number 3!

I will admit I got this idea from, yet again, Sci Fi and Scary.  She is too darn smart.

So firstly, I am going to create myself a calendar, and post my reviews BASED on said calendar.  I want to do two reviews per week as I think that’s fair.  I am gonna schedule when reviews will post based on when I finish a book.  I think review dates will be Tuesday and Thursdays of each week, starting next week, hopefully with A Vanishing Glow.  I should be done with it by Sunday I think.

The other days during the week (Mon, Wed, and Friday) will be for my other nonsense.

Because of this, I am gonna have to post somewhere my current “Calendar” of reviews for those authors who want me to review their stuff, that way they have an idea of when things are going to post.  I will start doing that once I get done with this current batch of ARCs, including a new one that is coming.  Yup I got another physical ARC coming from an Author, which is awesome.  I will post about it once I get it, obviously.

So I got my calendar setup and…wow I am booked up to November 12th already.  Impressive.  Some are reviews of books I had read a while back and reviewed on Goodreads, and I am just posting here.  As a buffer honestly.  But I will happily move em around to make room as I need to.

I also updated my little review policy to indicate this stuff.  And my tagline.  So much adjustment.

2 Week Update! Yesterday’s views were ODD.

So yesterday, 9/29/15, I had my best day for views on here. Which was awesome. I got a total of 83 views, but only had 16 unique visitors. So that was both awesome and a tad confusing. Which one of you was wandering around clicking on all the things, I wonder.

I will never figure out how the visitors and views are connected, I think. I know that unique visitors is the more important stat. That shows how many unique people have shown up, while views can really be messed with. I mean, hell, views might even include my own visits when I am messing around editing things.

Also, my blog has been around for 2 whole weeks! I opened it up on 9/17/15 and its been 14 days (counting 9/17 as Day 1) since I started. That’s really cool, and I am really getting somewhere I think with all this.

Since starting, I have gotten a grand total of:

Views: 446
Unique Visitors: 139
Likes: 145
Comments: 103
Followers: 41

Also since starting this whole thing my Twitter followers has increased from the 90ish it was to 113. So that’s a thing that’s occurring.

Other little milestones including the Blogger Awards I have been given, as well as the EGalleys I have been approved for. Hell, I got 2 more approvals yesterday: The Prophecy Con and the Paladin Caper, which are books 2 and 3 of the Rogues of the Republic series, which started with the Palace Job. I requested both and got approved for both so that was awesome (on NetGalley)

I am working on reading A Vanishing Glow by Alexis Radcliff right now, which comes out for sale tomorrow, October 1st. This is the first book I have gotten to review where the author came to me rather then the other way around, so that’s exciting as well!

As of today I have reviewed 10 books/previews as well! And that’s across 36 posts (including this one)

I think I am doing pretty well all things considered! And I feel that things can only get better from here.

Now I just need it to be October 6th so I can get Sword of Summer and Shadows of Self! They will be mine, oh yes, they will be mine….