I might have gotten a wee bit mad….


Bah Gawd He is Broken in Half! Why I love Wrestling

I like Wrestling. Yes, I am aware its storylines and characters and results are predetermined. I am aware that these people are playing characters and a lot of the strikes and kicks don’t actually connect.

But there is something fun about it. About larger then life characters playing out stories. As I frequently say, Wrestling is no more then a Male soap opera.

This video sums up my thoughts on the profession as a whole, and also includes a terrible Macho Man impression.

No joke, its pretty bad.

A Tale from the Tabletop & Epic Dice Unboxing!

The first Tale from the Tabletop, and its a pretty cool one.  I got it from Reddit by a gent named Zhrusk who was kind enough to let me use it.  The new thumbnail is pretty awesome as well, created by fellow youtuber LilBigGamer.  I also unboxed a reviewed a new set of dice I got from Dragons Play Dice, which are really cool dice honestly.  Good color, although I kinda wish I had gotten the blue ones.