When is a game “Dead”?

This is the logo of a dead game.  Behold its sadness

People love to shout about a game being dead or dying. Recently its been Battleborn getting such cries, over and over again. Why do they think its dead?

Because very few people are playing it.

But here is the thing. A Game is not dead until its no longer playable. Games do not just vanish. Can you play the game? Then guess what, its not freaking dead. Are the official servers still active and maintained? Then its not dead!

It might be unpopular sure, it might have a very low playerbase, but its not dead.

Battleborn in fact is slowly getting an upswing with the current 2k Humble Bundle, as you can get the game at the $15 tier along wtih a ton of other good games.

You wanna know what a dead game looks like? Star Wars Galaxies. Warhammer Online. Planetside 1. Darkspore. These are games that literally cannot be played (officially at least) any longer. They are gone. Vanished.


People think a game I have recently got back into playing, Warmachine Tactics, as being dead. But the devs are STILL making new units for it, and content. People STILL play it, the forums are STILL active, and hell I am planning a few PVP Matches this weekend. Its not dead. It just has a small but dedicated fanbase.  Hell, if you are curious about WMT, might I suggest checking out the Demo the Steam Page offers?  Its a good turn based strategy game, and the Demo even lets you play PVP matches!

When a game is no longer supported and officially playable, then you can call the thing dead.


Total War: Warhammer – Call of the Beastmen Announcement Trailer

Coming out on 7/29/16.  Preorder on Steam on 7/14/16

This is legit exciting.  I love the Beastmen.  And now, now, I can play them in TWW?  I can rampage around and Bray to the Gods and cause as much trouble as possible for no other reason then CHAOS?

YES.  Plus, sweet axes.  You gotta love Sweet Axes.

Total War Warhammer: Blood for the Blood God DLC Released Today, as well as Patch 1



If you were missing the violence, blood, and gore from Total War Warhammer, well have I got a treat for you! Today Creative Assembly released the Blood and Gore DLC, aptly titled “Blood for the Blood God“, on Steam today for $2.99

If you play Total War Warhammer, you should consider getting this as it will really add to the gritty and violent feel of the Old World.

Also, today was the day that Creative Assembly released Update Patch 1, which had some huge sweeping changes, and even added the Blood Knight unit to the Vampire Counts! This has made me consider reinstalling the game early (I am waiting for the DLC to release fully) cause I really want to play some Vamp Counts…

You can read the full patch notes here on the Offical Wiki.

Here is the Blood for the Blood God Trailer as well:

Total War: Warhammer Review Embargo Lifted! Here are some Reviews

This is just going to be a list collecting reviews from around the net as I find them. I am going to try to keep this updated as best I can, with both scores / recommendations and such. These are also going to be just English sites. It’s what I can read.

These all come from a handy Reddit MegaPost as well so you can visit there for even more goodies!


Gamespot: 9 / 10
Eurogamer: Recommended
IGN: 8.6 / 10
PCGamer: 86 / 100
The Guardian: 4 / 5
Games Reactor: 9 / 10
Destructoid: 8 / 10
Game Informer: 8.75 / 10
Daily Star: 5 / 5
Games Radar: Mostly Positive
The Sixth Axis: 8 / 10
Game Revolution: 3.5 / 5
Metro: 9 / 10
CGMOnline: 9 / 10
Game Watcher: 8.5 / 10
RockPaperShotgun – Average


Playing & Reading – Week of 5/8/16 to 5/14/16


I know I know its a few days late. I want to try to post these on Saturday or Sunday but to be honest, if you missed it, May 13th was my birthday and I had a busy busy weekend. But that did not slow down my Playing of Games or Reading of Books!

Lets get right into it!


Honestly I didn’t play many games this week. I dabbled in Hearthstone a bit and got angry at RNG. I played a bit of Lord of the Rings Online, and actually started playing with my wife! We have a pair of Elves from Mirkwood (we made em separately, and ended up looking like siblings so thats what we are RPing) with her being a Lore Master (BEARS!) and me a Hunter. Only annoying this is that either she will have to sub OR when we finish the Lone Lands I will have to spend $40 to get her the full quest pack. Unless the supposedly Steam Summer Sale hits in a few weeks and the Lotro stuff goes on sale. I did get her the Samwise starter though. Gotta love the extra bag space and mount. I doubt we will play much this week as she works Monday through Thursday. Guess I will work on my Captain who is level 15.

My wife is mostly excited about the housing.  Her elf might end up living in the Shire.  I am using my Captain to save money and maybe do some basic armor crafting for my Hunter (he is an Armorsmith).  I just wish I could find a good guide to how housing works.  I assume you can put walls up in the rooms cause the video I found made the rooms look HUGE.

I also started playing Game Dev Tycoon again. I forgot how good I am at that thing, its more relaxation then challenge. Beyond that, I played very little. I am saving my time for next week, May 24th. TOTAL WAR WARHAMMER BABY!


I have actually managed to read a lot more then play.  I finished the Jennifer Morgue and the Fuller Memorandum by Charles Stross, which is more of the Laundry book series.  I am in love with these books, they are amazing.  I then was able to get my hands on the Aeronauts Windlass by Jim Butcher.

I am iffy with Butcher.  I love his Dresden Files, but cannot stand his Codex Alera.  So I felt I was taking a chance with Aeronauts Windlass, but I am rather enjoying it.  The cats are the best part of the book I swear.

My Top Upcoming Games of 2016

I love video games (as if you could not tell). But the last few years have seen me get kinda, well, bored with the recent releases. Last year in 2015 the only game I personally cared about and got excited about was Fallout 4. Before that, Dragon Age Inquisition.

By and large, its hard to find new games that interest me. I have played so many over my 33 years of life as I have been gaming since the days of the Atari 2600. Hell my first PC was a Compaq Presario 520 All in One Desktop with 4MB of Ram, Dos 6, and Win 3.1. To say I have played many games is an understatement.

I was all ready at the end of last year to expect nothing this year, but boy was I wrong. There are in fact 3 major releases this year that have got me excited, and I wanted to talk about each of em!

First up…

The Steam Page

This bad boy releases in 2 weeks, on May 24th. 2 WEEKS. I have not been more excited for a game like I have for this in YEARS. Its sitting in my Steam library, mocking me, begging me to play it. I love the Warhammer universe, but the miniatures game is basically something I cannot play for a variety of reasons (the community around me being one, and the cost being another). I have always wanted a Warhammer Fantasy game that was as close to the Tabletop as I could get. Not something like the Dawn of War series which is a hard RTS. Not something like Vermintide or Mordheim. But something that simulate the great big armies smashing into each other on a battlefield. The Total War series is PERFECT.

Funnily enough, up until around October of last year I hadn’t paid attention to it, as I had been under the false assumption that the Total War series was just another linear RTS game, which I am not a fan of. Color me surprised when I discovered it was in fact a Grand Strategy Game with RTS elements! And if I want, I can avoid the RTS elements (I am horrid at them).

God this needs to hurry up and RELEASE! Thankfully I get the Chaos Warriors since its a preorder! Eventually Creative Assembly has stated that they will release 2 more games as expansions which will provide the full roster of armies available in the tabletop game. Skaven? YES! Tomb Kings? YES! Lizardmen? YES!!!

Second up….

The Steam Page

Coming out on Joon 21st, nearly a month after Total War Warhammer. Its almost perfect. I get a solid month to play and run rampant in the world of Warhammer, and then I can take off into space and begin a journey. A journey to the center of the galaxy.

I enjoy me some space exploration games. I own both Star Citizen and Elite Dangerous, but neither currently has the playstyle that I personally seek in this sort of game, and that’s the ability to fully explore a planet and find cool things. Star Citizen is not feature complete, and Elite Dangerous is slowly building up but is pretty damn barren. Also, the art style in both kinda bores me. But No Mans Sky is colorful, interesting, and looks amazing. Glad I own a copy of it as well already. Joon cannot come Soon enough.

Finally, the last game this year that I care about…

The Steam Page

Adam Jensen probably didn’t ask for this sequel, but I sure as hell am happy it exists. Human Revolution is one of my favorite RPGs of recent years. It has solid gunplay, good RPG Mechanics, interesting characters and locations, and a lot of freedom in how I approach problems and deal with enemies.

Furthermore, I love the slick futuristic art style and color palette, and the music. I have played through the original Human Revolution twice, and the Directors Cut once. And I honestly might replay it with the sequel coming out. I am unsure if you can import your save so your choices carry over, I should research this. The only negative for me is that the game comes out August 23rd, and I have not had the money to prepurchase it. Compared to the other two this is a tad lower on my radar but its still something I really want to play. Adam needs to get more upgrades baby!


And those are my top games upcoming this year that I honestly want to play. Sure it may not seem like much, but 2 of those have almost infinite replayability and thus will easily keep me busy in the long run!

Any games you all are looking forward to this year? Or next year?