When is a game “Dead”?

This is the logo of a dead game.  Behold its sadness

People love to shout about a game being dead or dying. Recently its been Battleborn getting such cries, over and over again. Why do they think its dead?

Because very few people are playing it.

But here is the thing. A Game is not dead until its no longer playable. Games do not just vanish. Can you play the game? Then guess what, its not freaking dead. Are the official servers still active and maintained? Then its not dead!

It might be unpopular sure, it might have a very low playerbase, but its not dead.

Battleborn in fact is slowly getting an upswing with the current 2k Humble Bundle, as you can get the game at the $15 tier along wtih a ton of other good games.

You wanna know what a dead game looks like? Star Wars Galaxies. Warhammer Online. Planetside 1. Darkspore. These are games that literally cannot be played (officially at least) any longer. They are gone. Vanished.


People think a game I have recently got back into playing, Warmachine Tactics, as being dead. But the devs are STILL making new units for it, and content. People STILL play it, the forums are STILL active, and hell I am planning a few PVP Matches this weekend. Its not dead. It just has a small but dedicated fanbase.  Hell, if you are curious about WMT, might I suggest checking out the Demo the Steam Page offers?  Its a good turn based strategy game, and the Demo even lets you play PVP matches!

When a game is no longer supported and officially playable, then you can call the thing dead.


Making Videos no one Watches

In a fascinating turn of events, I have discovered Youtube Analytics for my video channel. It lets me see all sorts of crap like how many views each video gets, from where, what days, ect.

But one thing I never noticed was a thing called Average Viewing Time. Basically, Youtube tracks how long each person watches a video before leaving. Its really handy as it can kind of tell you how interesting your videos might be.

Apparently mine are shit.

No, really. Check out these stats. These are pulled for my channels LIFETIME. So these are lifetime averages.


And just for reference, here is the last 7 days, specifically 7/11 to 7/18.

this week

What do these tell me? That I am boring beyond belief. lol No one sticks around to watch my 30+ minute videos. Most people leave around the 2 minute mark in most cases. And the trick with averages means that the lower the average the less likely anyone has actually watched more then that.

Comically, this doesn’t really change my attitude towards video making. Some folks have told me the issue is that my videos are too long, but that doesnt really jive. An interesting video would mean that people would stick around right? Or is it simply because of length?

The real issue here is that NO ONE SAYS ANYTHING. No one says a word to me about the content of the videos. Nothing.

So I am just going to keep on doing what I have been doing. At least until someone has the balls to actually watch one of these and give me honest feedback about the content. Which no one will lol

Whats REALLY interesting to me is that most people watch my videos about Warmachine Tactics.  Good thing I am going to be focusing on those for a while.

From the Grave…

Rises one thought dead…one thought gone…

Yes I am being all DRAMATIC and whatnot. But hey, I can be that way. Considering I have not posted here since October, and really just have not had the time to do so, I can be all cryptic.

Oh, and I am playing Warmachine again as of this past weekend (the 28th)

And I have forsaken the motherland.

To go with the fact that I have been dead to the Warmachine community and whatnot, I have chosen to follow those master of undeath, the Cryx. I have tried to stay away from miniature gaming but, sadly, I keep being drawn back to it. There is something just…fun…about pushing little dudes around on a table wrecking each other.

Me and Dan have made a gentlemens agreement as it were. Mostly for me honestly.

1 – I cannot buy any more minis till what I have is painted (cept for Cankerworm!)

2 – We won’t play above 25 points.

Odd rules right? The painting is so that way I at least can try to get better. I don’t want to do classic Cryx black though. I was thinking either a deep blue (to go with the island / sea thing) or a bright venom green to go with the corrosion theme.

Leaning towards the blue, since I want something DEEP blue (almost purple). And its gonna be tabletop standard so no highlighting (I still don’t grasp the concept of it, don’t ask)

Maybe a nice deep purple…hrmm. Oh and I am gonna use GW Paints, I am used to em.

Also, here is what I own for Cryx now:


2x Deathripper



Warwitch Siren

Basically a battlebox (the plastic one), pGaspy, and the Siren.

I want a Cankerworm to go with pGaspy. I like the mini its nifty.

So me and Dan had our first game in over a year on Saturday. It was Circle Battlebox vs Cryx Battlebox.

And Dan won. It really came down to the wire. He managed to wreak each of my jacks, and I got rid of everything but one Argus… and of course Kaya. He had to cut himself several times to get fury, and Kaya had managed to be harmed by Corrosion…and had like 3 boxes left.

He charged Denny, boosted his hit roll, and managed to hit her AND get a crit (rolled 2 fives and a six, hitting Denny). He then rolled MAX damage, and dropped Denny to 2 boxes, and knocked her down with the crit. Bought another attack and mauled Denny. That little battlebox game took 3 hours haha. It was so much fun.

Oh and before you ask, about the 25 point max limit:

Me and Dan like small point games. We feel in those games each model and unit REALLY matter. You have to make hard choices at those small levels on what to take. You can’t just take a bunch of the best stuff and drive it down your opponents throat. What do you take when you are limited in points? Thats what we like. It gets VERY strategic at that level.

In other news:

Me and Dan are going to be starting our own board and card game design company. We already have a card game laid out and ready for being prototyped, and I am designing a tactical board/war game that uses hex tiles to build the board, and uses tokens to represent the units. Should be pretty cool.

More to come on that front.

I am honestly surprised this place still gets hits AND has subscribers too. So HI FOLKS!

Wargaming Resolutions 2011: My Intentions are Clear

Beyond my normal resolutions for the year (Lose weight, do better with my diet) I have some specific ones for Wargaming.


Yea I went there.

I know I have not been blogging much this past month, but in truth that is due to the holidays, as well as a few things I had to do that made me…unhappy. Most notably of which was surrending my 2 Guinea Pigs to an animal shelter as I no longer had the time to really take care of them the way I needed to (if they got sick, I could not spend the time needed to get them better for example).

Regardless, I took a dive back in December, and ordered from Wayland Games a Chaos Space Marines Battleforce, a Chaos Lord in Terminator, and the Codex. But wait! I can hear you say. YOU DONT WANT TO PLAY 40K you want to play Warmachine!

This is true. But I have alot of Khador right now, and not really any of it painted (unless you count the already painted Kodiak). Furthermore, I want to really give 40k a shot now that I have proven to myself that I CAN do these sort of games.

I am starting small, a 750 point force (the battleforce and HQ is that) and my FLGS is running an Escalation League starting around the 21st. They are doing it a bit weird though (250, 400, 600) point levels or something like that, but I intend to participate.

So for 40k my resolutions are as follows:
1. Create my OWN Chapter. I am working on this. So far I have dubbed them “The Night Terrors” and the idea behind them is that they are led by Lord Erebos, The Boogeyman. They work similar to the Night Lords, but without the natural benefits of being able to see in the dark.

2. Paint them. Yes thats right, I am going to paint them.


As far as Warmachine stuff goes I wanted to comment on the Khador Battle Wagon.

Seriously PP? I get a primitive tank? Drawn by HORSES?! In all honestly I am not a fan of it, in look or in theory. Its a tank. Yay tank? I dont play Warmachine for Tanks or Vehicles. I play it for Jacks, and damnit I wanted a big ass super jack.

Instead I get a horse drawn tank.

I do not intend to buy it, even if its the best thing ever and the only way to deal with other War Engines. In fact, if it becomes such that I must have one JUST to deal with other War Engines then I wont bother with the game until something changes.

However, I do have some Warmachine Resolutions:

1. Paint them.

2. Play more

Nothing much with them, other then painting them and playing. However, with the Khador, I am trying to figure out if I should strip them and start over, or if I should just deal with them as I have them and get them done. I am not sure honestly.

In EITHER Case (40k, or Warmachine) I am not going to expand my forces UNTIL the current stuff is painted. Period, plain and simple. This will help me save money for one, and two, force me to paint them.

Wish me luck folks. I am going to need it.

The Weekend in Review (Warmachine, Malifaux, Heroclix, OH MY!)

Oh my god, I am actually POSTING! Scandalous! Hopefully I will have more stuff for you guys in the coming weeks, whether it be Warmachine, Malifaux, Heroclix, or gaming in general. Who knows. Warning, there is some R rated stuff in here (words really, just stuff like F*** and whatnot)


So Friday I got a newsletter from Cool Stuff Games talking about a few sales. One that caught my eye was a Brick of either DC Justice League or Marvel Avengers Heroclix, for $30, which is a steal! (For those not in the know, a brick is 10 boosters, usually runs around $80-$100). I bought one, and then went up to my local game store with it to break it open. I was hoping for a Hulk. I did not get it this eve.


Saturday I hung out with my friend Dan. We decided that we would try Malifaux, and I ended up getting him a fate deck and his chosen starter as his bday / xmas gift. He chose Marcus, and I choose Seamus. We went back to my place, assembled them (fuckin hard to assemble undead whores! Yes, that is all true. I had to assembled undead hookers). And then I cooked my wife some food and we went out for lunch. While we ate I called over to Phoenix Games to see how busy they were. Turns out a PTQ was going on, and they figured it would not slow down till the evening. At the time, I decided not to go.

Later on in the evening, around 7pm I got a call from the store, asking me if I wanted to come in and play a game or two of Warmachine against some new players. Me and Dan had not tried out Malifaux yet either, and they told me that the MTG stuff had slowed down. So we went. Dan ended up playing a new Cryx player and I helped them.

Dan played Kromac, Feral Warpwolf, and 2 Argus, while the Cryx gent used the battlebox. I tried to stay out of it and just answer rules stuff but we quickly found that the Cryx player had only played 1 game prior to this. So me and Dan explained the rules, and when Dan’s attempt at killing an overextended Denny (seriously, the new guy ran her RIGHT Up behind the slayer, and Dan ended up doing a 2 handed throw) failed, I showed how the new guy, named Frankie could win. Dan had left himself furyless and had feated so he had some damage on Kromac. I showed Frankie how to feat, explained what it did, then showed him how to shake effects, move away from the Argus, and arc Venom Spray. He rolled 3 6’s on Damage after hitting Kromac (BARELY!) which killed Kromac outright (Dice -4 on a Venom Spray is still dangerous!) Dan had a fun time, and so did Frankie. I explained then that Denny is a backline spellcaster, who uses Arc Nodes to blast opponents.

After that game, we played Malifaux (or tried) We were flubbing along till a guy who plays it down at a place in Kissimmee popped up and helped us out. Sadly for Dan, the cards were not with him. It didn’t help that Dan had not read the Rulebook and I was not explaining things well enough.

After I killed his Rattler with a Belle (cheating up to severe damage is fun) he tried to have his Cat (which had jumped on a roof!) fall down safely. He flipped a Red Joker for damage, which caused him to have to flip another card, and killed his own cat. That was..bad. I am not sure we played it right (can you cheat your own Red Joker? I know you cant cheat a black one…)

Dan seems interested still in Malifaux, but I think he will either buy some more beasts, or switch to a different crew. I want to pick up the Sonnia box now. Seamus is pretty well self contained, but I really want to try Criid. FIRE BALL!!!


I ended up going up to Phoenix Games for thier Sunday Clix tourney. My wife ended up calling (she wanted to spend the day with me and hadn’t told me, DOH!) so after the first round I had to leave. I beat my opponent, but gave him the win since I was leaving. Apparently they thought that was worthy of their “fellowship” prize, which was an LE Burgler Clix. Not bad, he will go in my collection. I then went home and spent the rest of the day playing World of Warcraft with my wifey! :D

Which reminds me, I still need to go thru my clix and organize em into Trades and Keeps!

Overall my weekend was good. I want to get some more Malifaux games in, but I think for the next few weeks I am gonna stay home and avoid spending money. I have a tendency to spend cash when I go out even when I don’t want to :P

Building a Gaming Table? I must be nuts…

Or AM I?! In reality, I am not nuts. In fact, here is a video PROVING my sanity!

So the game went pretty well, my forces were doing decently till Dan used Rock Hammer and Rift, targetting his Low DEF Stones, to blast my Winterguard apart. It was pretty smart as the Blast Damage could STILL kill them at ARM 13.

Then I made a mistake, and tried to kill Kromac and FAILED, leaving a hole for his Stalker to charge in to Irusk. Being that Dan has not played many 25 point games I was doing my best to help the man, and he even thought ahead after I pointed out the possible charge, thinking to use his Druids to drag Irusk from the Dog to negate the DEF bonus, and then walking Kromac around my front arc of my Spriggan so he could cast Wild Aggression on his Stalker. One charge, and his 2 base attacks killed Irusk. Hell his first attack did 14 of my 17 boxes 0_o

The table worked great, and me and Dan are thinking about doing custom made to order hand built tables in the future. If the prototype works out of course.

Can’t wait to play more on my table :D

Full Monty?!

Its a full on army shot, on TOP of the terrain that Owen of Far Far Away made as a gift for me.

My Entire Army from Above, along with the Terrain that Owen made me
Right Side! Many Widowmakers!
Left Side of the Army

So what does my force include now? Lets list it! (Cause I love list building, GET IT?)



Kovnik Joe
MoW Kovnick
Kell Bailoch
War Dog

MoW Shocktroopers (Full, if I use the Kovnick as the 5th Member)
Kayazy Assassins (Min)
– Kayazy Underboss
Winterguard Infantry (Full)
– Winterguard Officer and Standard Bearer
– 2x Winterguard Rocketeers

So yea, I got quite the army going now. I ended up getting the Winterguard Deathstar for my XMas gift to myself.

As far as last nights WNW went? I tested out a 35 point list that was lead by pButcher, and had my WG Deathstar in it (all the WG I own). I found myself using EVERY single ability granted by Kovnick Joe and the Winterguard that was available. I sprayed. I toughed. I boosted STR. I boosted attack rolls. I CMAed. I CRAed. I fired Rockets! EVERYTHING.

I love that unit, plain and simple. And the amount of board coverage I gain with them is amazing. Can’t wait to try em with pIrusk. Battle Lust anyone? :D