TNT Wrestling: What is this whole thing?

So you might have seen me tweet about my new fake wrestling show, TNT Wrestling. Recently, I got a hold of a copy of WWE 2k17 and, realizing that I finally have a PC that can stream, I decided to try streaming this.

Originally it started with just showing off the game, but then the bug that has been in the back of my mind since WWE 2k14 came forth and bit me.

I could do it. I could run a fake wrestling promotion. And I had a ton of friends who were willing to let me make fake wrestlers (aka CAWs) for the fed and to use them in it against regular WWE Superstars.

But what is TNT Wrestling?

————————–THE STORY—————————-

WWE has fallen on hard times, and Vince decided to hire a up and coming youtuber and wrestling fan to become the GM of a new weekly show. Disbanding RAW and Smackdown, this new Show would be called “Terminally Nerdy Thursdays” aka TNT Wrestling. The monthly Pay Per Views would stay the same (Wrestlemania, Money in the Bank, ect), and in addition to a new group of stars, some of the old guard would be a part of this new exciting show.

————————–THE SETUP—————————-

Yes that story is nuts. But hey, I have a story. A wrestling is nuts.

Every Sunday, from 11am EST to 3pm EST / 3:30pm EST I will be streaming TNT Wrestling. I will be doing my best to complete 1 week of Universe Mode in game.

There are 2 Shows each week.

  • TNT, aka Terminally Nerdy Thursdays: This is the main show. It has a TNT World Heavyweight Champ, and a TNT Intercontinental Champ. It also has the TNT Tag Team Champs, and a TNT Women’s Champ.
  • WWE Main Event: Saturday Nights, a minor show hosting 5 matches a week.

So a total of 12 matches + 2-3 In Game Promos in 4 to 4.5 hours. If I have spare time I will do some exhibition matches and the like as needed.

Pay Per Views will be their own week as well, because they are special.

No matches will be simulated, and I will be playing the role of the main GM. I am going to use the AI as a Booker. Basically I will look at a card, adjust it as I see fit, set up active rivalries (manual rivalries) BEFORE THE STREAM, and then play the matches and provide some commentary on them while also interacting with the fans in chat. The matches will for the most part be AI Controlled save in certain situations where I want a particular wrestler to WIN or LOSE for the story. Promos will also be AI Controlled.

There also will be surprises here and there, such as live promos, live interviews, and other things as I can manage them. Its a little nuts what I already have in store.  These will be inserted into the show at appropriate moments.

Currently, there is a ROSTER available for viewing, but it also has a lot of notes on it showing what I am working on.

If you wish to chat with the talent, you can join the Official TNT Discord Channel. You can also keep up with announcements of episodes and see the full episode archive there, including the Episode Zero at the bottom of this page, which had the tournaments I used to crown the inagural World and IC Champs.

————————–EPISODE ZERO—————————-

Below you will find the first 3 hour stream, aka Episode Zero of this whole thing.

I hope to see you guys there. There is also the possibility of joining the roster, but for that, you need to join the discord and talk to me.



Bah Gawd He is Broken in Half! Why I love Wrestling

I like Wrestling. Yes, I am aware its storylines and characters and results are predetermined. I am aware that these people are playing characters and a lot of the strikes and kicks don’t actually connect.

But there is something fun about it. About larger then life characters playing out stories. As I frequently say, Wrestling is no more then a Male soap opera.

This video sums up my thoughts on the profession as a whole, and also includes a terrible Macho Man impression.

No joke, its pretty bad.

WWE 2k16 with Friends by Lil Big Gamer (including me and WalkingVirusGaming)


What happens when you get 3 nerds together, two of which have never played this game (and mind you, I have played), and have us all play WWE 2k16?  Hilarity.  Thats what.  Watch as I get completely wrecked and listen to us all laugh and giggle for about 20 minutes as we all become children again.

Its amazing, its G Rated (no, really) and its awesome.

They messed with the Bull but he got the horns :(

What Culture Pro Wrestling: Yes, its Real

First the original announcement video:

And now, here is the Top 10 Things you Need to know.

The biggest being that for us people outside Newcastle UK, we can watch it, weekly, online on Youtube! It sounds hilariously awesome and I personally welcome more Wrestling options. Especially something new that I can get into on the ground floor.

The What Culture guys have been amusing me for a while, and this just seems awesome.

Anyone else interested?  As a wrestling fan this makes me happy.