Terminally Nerdy Episode List and Future Episode Plans

This is page listing all Terminally Nerdy Episodes in Chronological Order, and also lists topics for future episodes. If you have suggestions on things you feel I should cover please leave a comment and let me know!

Episode 1: Introductions and Greetings
Episode 2: Popular Games I don’t Like
Episode 3: A Tale from the Tabletop by Zhrusk and Epic Dice Unboxing
Terminally Nerdy Special: Freedom of Speech, Censorship, and what they mean
Episode 4: Unboxing my New Camera
Episode 5: Tabletop RPGs 101 Part 1: LFG 2 More Need GM (Finding People)
Episode 6: Tabletop RPGs 101 Part 2: Know your Roles (Choosing your Game and Roles)
Episode 7: Tabletop RPGs 101 Part 3: Do I need a 10Ft Pole too? (The Supplies you Need)
Episode 8: Tabletop RPGs 101 Part 4: Mind your Manners! (Tabletop Etiquette)
Episode 9: A Quick Channel Update
Episode 10: Tabletop RPGs 101 Part 5: There and Back Again, The End (Final Thoughts)
Episode 11: Tabletop RPGs 101 Part 6: Blackfang’s Lair (Pathfinder Actual Play)
Episode 12:
The 100+ Subscribers Special!
Episode 13:
Sweet Vans & Horse Heads: Citrus Avengers Issues 1 Savage Worlds Recap
Episode 14:
Liberty Endures! Comic Book Review: Liberty Deception Volume 1
Episode 15:
I am DONE with Crowdfunding – A Rant
Episode 16:
Bah Gawd He is Broken in Half! Why I love Wrestling
Episode 17:
Thanksgiving Day Special 2016
Episode 18:
What would you Do 2? Tagged by Driving Me Crazy

Please not the above list does not include any live streaming events I have done.

Future Episode Topics (in no particular order):

General Videos
– Hype: Is it good or bad?
– PC vs Console – Does it matter?
– Book Reviews (Any and All)
– What is LARP (Interview with Diginyxx and Adman)
– Game Reviews (Any and All)
– Movie Reviews (Any and All)
– Music/Album Reviews (Any and All)

Miniature Gaming 101
– Things you should know / Cost
– Overview of the Systems (WarmaHordes, Warhammer Fantasy and 40k, Malifaux, Infinity)
– What you need to get going
– Where to play
– Video Games based on These Properties

TCG / CCG Gaming 101
– Things you should know / Cost
– Overview of Popular Phyiscal Games (Magic, YuGiOh, Pokemon)
– Overview of Popular Digital Games (Hearthstone, Runescape Legends, Duelyst, Faeria)
– What you need to start
– Where to Play

Tabletop RPGS 200 Series (In Depth)
– Learning to Roleplay
– GM Tips and Tricks
– World Creation Tips
– Creating Memorable Villains
– Getting Players Invested
– GM Prep Styles
– Creating Interesting Heroes
– What is Railroading and how to Avoid it?
– Dungeons and Dragons (Review/Info)
– Savage Worlds (Review/Info)
– World of Darkness / Storyteller System (Review/Info)
– Pathfinder (Review/Info)

RPG Stories
– The Spell-thief, The Door, and the River
– The Chicken and the Rope
– Creepy Characters (Kelp, Guinea Pigs, Hair Fishman)
– Creation of Gamblor
– Pissing off the God of Gambling (Eli)
– The Savage Worlds Game (Wife’s Ship goes boom, Alice in Wonderland)

Favorite Authors
– Piers Anthony
– Raymond Feist
– David Eddings Sparhawk Series
– Brian Jacques
– Brandon Sanderson
– Jim Butcher
– George RR Martin

Top 5 Series
– Top 5 PC Games of All Time
– Top 5 Favorite Movies of All Time
– Top 5 Traditionally Animated Movies
– Top 5 BIG Youtubers
– Top 5 LITTLE Youtubers
– Top 5 F2P Games Worth your Time
– Top 5 Nerdy Music Artists
– Top 5 Favorite Bands
– Top 5 Are you Afraid of the Dark Episodes
– Top 5 Goosebump Books
– Top 5 Favorite Cartoon Shows (Rocko, Invader Zim, DuckTales, Dexters Lab, TMNT)