Birth of Stompe

Stomphoof strolled down towards the Chieften of Thunder Bluffs hut, a book in his hand.  He smiled and waved happily to everyone around him.  The tauren’s nodded, and waved back.  They knew the stories of Stomphoof.  His armor gleamed in the sun, well polished and barely with any scratches.  The people of Thunder Bluff loved the simple tauren who was always willing to lend a hand.  Coming to the theater in the center of the bluff, Stomphoof stood staring at the Winterveil tree and smiled.  Such a very shiny tree! the silly tauren thought.  Giggling at nothing, he skipped his way to Cairne, who was busy reading a report of attacks on the Crossroads.

“Mr Cairne!  Mr Cairne!”  Stomphoof exclaimed, jumping up and down.

Cairned looked up and smiled.  “Hello Stomphoof.  What can I do for you today?”

Stomphoof thrust the book out and grinned.  “I read the book!  It was neat!  They told me to give it to ya!”  Cairne nodded, and took the book from Stomphoofs hands.  For the briefest moment, the tauren’s fingers touched, and suddenly Cairne felt a shock.  Stomphoof stared as Cairne got a far away look in his eyes, and then, much to Stomphoof’s amazment, Cairne began to talk to thin air!

“What, Stomphoof?  He cannot be!  I would have noticed before now….  You want him to train?  He is a chosen of you?  Well….far be it from me to….yes I understand.”

Stomphoof stood watching, his head cocked to one side.  Cairned blinked a few times, then turned and smiled benignly at Stomphoof.  “Mr Cairne….” Stomphoof began.  “Are you sick in the head or didja get a bump or summit?”  Cairne stared for a moment in disbelief, and then began to laugh loudly.  Stomphoof pouted a bit and spoke again.

“What?  You were talkin funny to no one and stuffs and Mama Lopa says that when people bump thier heads they do that stuffs!”

Cairned laughed even harder at this, as tears began to stream from his face.  “Oh ho ho ho ho ho!  Stomphoof, you are so gentle and innocent!”  Wiping his face, and letting the laughter subside, Cairne began to explain things to Stomphoof.

“Stomphoof, do you know what I am?”

“Yuppers!  You’re the Tauren Chieften!  Yupyup!”

“I am more then that Stomphoof.  I am also, a shaman.”

Stomphoof cocked his head to the side again, and said “You mean one of those folk who make the shiny lightnin stuffs?”

Smiling, Cairne nodded.  “Yes, I can make the lightning stuff.  And more.  I can summon the very spirits of the elements to aid me.  They speak to me, Stomphoof, as they can to all shamans.  I was speaking to them earlier, when you thought I had a bump on the head, as it were…”

Stomphoof stood for a moment, then nodded slowly.  “Ooooo Ok!  That makes sense I guess.”  Then suddenly, Stomphoof heard a voice in his head which sounded like rocks falling almost.

Listen to Cairne, young one.  You are like him….  We just did not notice till now.

Stomphoof’s eyes widened and he spun around.  “What in the?!  WHO IS THERE?!  Come out here you sneaky sneakers!”  Cairne simply stood smiling.  Stomphoof whirled around a few more times, then stopped and swayed a bit.  “Wow I am dizzy!”

“What did you hear Stomphoof?”

“Ummm a scary rocky voicey thing…in my head.”  Cairne nodded and smiled.

“That was the spirit of the Earth itself.  You have been chosen Stomphoof, if you choose to accept.”

Stomphoof blinked a bit, then scratched his head and said “Chosen by what now?”

Cairne sighed, and began to explain things to the simple tauren.  “The elements have chosen you to learn from them.  You can accept, and learn new things, and become closer to the Earthmother, or you can choose to ignore this calling.  If you choose to accept, you will be given a new name to use while being trained, and you will have to give up your ‘shinies’ as you call them.  Those sort of shinies are not made for magic, although with training you could learn to use mail shinies.  You will also have to stable Junior, to show that you are learning once again.  You will be treated as if you were young again.”  Stomphoof nodded his understanding, and then frowned.  “But if I give up my shinies then I can be all warriory!”  Cairned nodded, then continued speaking.

“Well you could put the shinies on, but then you would be forced out of tune with the elements.  This is why they cannot talk to you easily.  Your mind has been clouded by the heaviness of your shinies.”

Stomphoof nodded and grinned.  “Well the shinies are sorta heavy yupyup!”  Cairne let out a laugh, and somewhere, as if a whisper, Stomphoof swore he heard the sound of cracking flame, as if it too was laughing.

“Well Mr Cairne, its always good to learn stuffs…..  So I guess I should!”

Cairne nodded, and smiled.  “Well then, your new name shall be….”

Before Cairne could finish a breeze swept through, and in the two tauren’d minds a voice could be heard, light and just above a whisper.  This voice said Stompe.  Stomphoof nodded, and Cairne did the same.

“Ok Stompe, put your shinies away, stable Junior, and report to Camp Naraje.  The time has come…to learn.”

The newly christened Stompe grinned, and ran off, shouting “I am gonna be a shamanman!  WEEEEE!”  And as Stompe left Cairne’s sight, Cairne sighed and spoke to no one in particular….

“Ahh to be young again…”  And in his mind, the Voice of Earth spoke I understand what you mean Cairne….


It had been 2 weeks since the day that Stomphoof, aka Stompe, had begun to train in the ways of the shaman.  His trainers were amazed at his progress, and so was Stompe.  He only had to be shown something once, and then he could do it.  It was as if the elements themselves had a hand in guiding him.  Stompe however didn’t care cause he could make “Shiny Lightning!” as he called it.

He had reached his 23rd level of Training as a Shaman, when suddenly a voice came on the wind.  He had grown accoustemed to hearing these things, and in fact liked it when the Elements spoke to him.


Hiya Ms Wind!  How are you today? Stompe thought back to the Spirit of Wind.

Ever the polite one….  young one, there is trouble.  Seek out Angha….

Angha?  You mean Ms Anhaga?

She too has begun on the path of the shaman young Stompe…and she needs help.  Seek her out, and she will explain it all…

Ooooooo Ok! Stompe gave a mental grin, and then a mental hug to the Spirit of the Wind, who chuckled.  Then the breeze vanished, and Stompe shifted into his wolf form and thought to himself So Ms Angha is like me!  Better find her!  Yupyup!


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