Fray Island’s New Champ

The poor Galak ran forward at a breakneck speed, trying to outrun something.  A nearby orc watched in amusement, and then in shock as a Tauren, decked out in mail armor and wielding a sword and shield can rushing by, laughing gleefully and chasing after the centuar.  “Come back Mr Centaur!  Give me your shinies!”

The centuar cried out as the Tauren caught up with him, and chopped his head clean off.  The spray of blood hit the orc, who stood in stunned amazement as the Tauren then proceeded to loot the corpse, and then charge off towards yet another centuar who had been watching, with a cry of “For the Shinies!” leaving the taurens mouth.  The orc shook his head, and walked off.

Stomphoof, the tauren in question, was having a ball.  He had quickly discovered two things.  One, that the centuars were very bad peoples and should be dealt with.  And two, they had lots of shiny moneychips!  Thus, Stomp had taken to killing every one of them he saw, and apparently there were alot.  He also found that in the network of caves nearby the shiny Iron could be found, and had taken to mining that dry every time he caught a glimpse of it.  He was having a blast, and had a lot of cloth and strange glowing shinies to sell at auction.  Humming to himself, he sat down and cleaned off his sword, singing a little song to himself.

“Shinies Shinies hunting for shinies, hunting for shinies for me and you!  Shiny Shiny I love you Shiny, I am gonna make you sparkly and clean!”

Several centuars peeked out from where they had taken to hiding to watch the odd spectacle.  Stomphoof was sitting there cleaning off his shield, armor, and sword with a bit of cloth, making sure that they sparkled and shined.  Then Stomphoof noticed the centuars peeking out, screamed out “I see you!” then dashed off right at them, sword held high.  They didn’t last more then a few moments before he had ripped them apart, and taken all thier moneychips.


It was around nightfall that Stomphoof got word that the Master Warrior in Orgimmar wanted to speak to him.  He was getting ready to go to Orgimmar anyway to meet Mama Lopa so that she could make his shinies even shinier with her magics, and he had things to sell as well, so he didn’t mind.  He ran his way back to Freewind Outpost, ignoring the cats and hyena’s who chased him.  “Silly little kitties and doggies!”  They nipped at his heels but otherwise didn’t bother him.  Several times he was distracted however by Iron and Tin deposits and he marveled at how shiny they are before ripping the minerals out of the ground.  Several kobolds saw him doing this and ran off, frightened by the frenzied digging and chanting that Stomphoof was doing.  “Gonna get the SHINIES!”  Finally after a few minutes he reached Freewind and hopped a flight out, giggling and singing to himself.

“Gonna share some shinies with everyone!  Gonna get some shinier shinies for me!  Lalalalalala!”

As he flew off, the other Taurens of the outpost looked at eachother.  “That boy STILL ain’t right, but he sure does keep the centuar population down.”

“That he does.”


The lights were on in Orgimmar as Stomphoof glided in for a landing.  He hopped off the back of the Windrider, and hugged the flight master then ran off, skipping almost.  The Windrider and the Flight master shared a glance at this, but did nothing.  Stomphoof ran downstairs and over to the bank, where he was supposed to meet Mama Lopa.  However, before he made it he got word of mail, and stopped at the mailbox.  What he found were two swords, Jade Serpentblades, from someone.  He couldn’t understand the name cept that his uncle was called Swordbreaker.  He sent a parcel of shiny moniechips to the nice man, and took out the swords and wore both.  “Oooo Shiny!”  Then he ran into the bank.

“Mama Lopa Mama Lopa!!!!”  He called out while looking around.  He saw her, and she turned and smiled.

“Yes child?”

“You said you were gonna make my shinies even SHINIER!”  He shouted as he hugged her.  She smiled and patted Stomphoof on the head, then nodded.  He stood as she began making his armor and weapons shinier.  She commented on how shiny the new swords were, and Stomphoof beamed.  “A nice man sent them to me!  I like him!  I bet he is very shiny!”  Lopa nodded, and then asked “What are you doing here Stompie?”

“I gotta go talk to the Warrior Master!  He wants to tell me something..  I wonder what!”  Lopa nodded, and smiled again.  “Well, let me be knowin what happens eh?”  Stomphoof nodded and ran off, holding his swords over his head and shouting “I GOT NEW SHINIES YAY!”  Several other people had to duck as he ran by swinging and waving the swords over his head.  He ran right through the drag, into the Valley of Strength, and into what he called the Big War Chamber thing.

Running into the room, Stomphoof looked around and saw the orc War Master, Sternhammer.  Sternhammer, seeing the very strange tauren, sighed.  [i]Great.  Time to teach this psycho more…[/i]  Stomphoof trotted over to the orc and hugged him.  Sternhammer had gotten used to this and took it in stride.

“Stomphoof, the word of your deeds against the centaurs are around the world have not gone unnoticed.  The path of the warrior is a hard one, and to walk along it, it is time for further training.”  Stomphoof nodded happily.  “Okie!”

Sternhammer sighed.  “This is important Stomphoof!  I think the one thing you have always ignored is the rage that all of us have within us.  I think you need to learn how to channel that rage into something.  Go to Fray Island, south of Ratchet and talk to a man, named Klannoc Macleod.  He runs a little club out there called The Affray, and if you prove yourself, he can show you something special…”

Stomphoof nooded happily again, and hugged Sternhammer then ran off.  The orc simply shook his head.  “That boy…there is something strange about him.”  Thats when Sternhammer realized he was smiling, and quickly stopped himself.


“Mama Lopa Mama LOPA!”  Stomphoof called as he got back into the center of Orgimmar, near the Auction House.  Lopa came walking down from the Skytower and smiled.  “Yes child?”

“I gots to go to a Fray Island and talk to a guy and he will teach me stuffs!  Wanna come with me?”

Lopa smiled and nodded.  The two of them grabbed a ride from the Windrider and flew off the Crossroads.  The entire time, Stomphoof hummed and sung a little ditty to himself.

“Fray Island Fray Island betcha not shiny, but I am gonna make ya shiny see!”  He kept humming and clapping and singing that, much to the chargin of his poor wyvern.  Finally they landed in the Crossroads and ran off towards Ratchet.  It was a nice night in the Barrens.  A clear sky and a full moon helped to light the land, and on the way Stomphoof could see several warriors in training fighting the various beasts.  He smiled and waved, but kept going forward.  They reached Ratchet, and with a shout of “WEEE!” Stomphoof dived into the waters, and began swimming, Lopa right behind him.

After about 10 minutes of swimming, an island came into sight, with several buildings and a tower on it.  Stomphoof figured this would be the place, and began to swim faster.  Lopa called out to him “Hey Stompie slow down!”  His only response was to spin around, grab Lopa, and put her on his back.  He then began to swim faster and faster, the water crashing away from him.  “WEEEEEEEEEE!”  He shouted as he thrust himself through the water at breakneck speeds.  Lopa held onto his hair for dear life as he shot through the water almost like a fish.  A few moments later they arrived on the island, Lopa sliding down off of Stomphoof’s back, fanning herself.  “Yays we are here!”  Without another word, Stomphoof ran off, Lopa left to trail after.

“Oi… That boy is too exicitable!”


Lopa finally found Stomphoof, standing behind a large barricade and talking to a man.  She walked up, and Stomphoof spun around and smiled.  “Mama Lopa he said if I can beat the big champion person of this place then he will teach me stuffs!”  Lopa just nodded, still tired from the swim.  Stomphoof trotted back out front, and Lopa followed.  What they both noticed then was that a goblin and several humans had encircled a grate.  “I gotta step on that to show em I am ready.”  Without another word Stomphoof stepped on the grate, and the goblin shouted out “The Fray begins!  We have a new Challenger!  Stomphoof!”  Then he pointed at one of the humans, and shouted “You!  Enter the fray!”

The human jumped in, and Stomphoof cut him in half with his new sword.  “That was easy!”  Then the goblin shouted and pointed again, and another human jumped in.  This one also went down as his head was shorn cleanly off his neck.  Then another, and another.  Each human was cut down, one after another.  After the fifth human, Stomphoof and the announcer were covered in blood, and Lopa was staring.  With each kill, Stomphoof’s face and expression changed slightly.  The more he killed, the angerier he seemed to get.  “Stomphoof, are you ok?”  He didn’t speak, simply grunted as two more humans came forward and he cut them down like wheat before a scyth.  Finally after three more humans went down, and Stomphoof was standing covered in gore.  Then the goblin shouted again.  “Big Will!  The Champion of Fray Island!  Come on down!”  Then a huge human, wearing some strange harness and holding 2 brass knuckles came forward.  “You ready boy?”  Big Will said, eyeing Stomphoof.  Lopa watched and Stomphoof said nothing, mearly took up a fighting position.  It was as if there was a different Tauren standing there.  Big Will laughed, and then threw a punch right at Stomphoof’s face.  Stomphoof didn’t block, simply took it right on the snout.  He then began swinging his swords around.  Big Will danced around, but got clipped several times by the hooked ends of the blades.  Each punch Will landed earned him another cut, another tear.

Finally after several tense moments both of them were bleeding.  Stomphoof had been fighting and was starting to tire.  But with a roar, he did something that no one, not Lopa, not Big Will, not even himself ever though he would do.  He snapped both swords forward, crossed over like an x.  Big Will ducked, and that proved to be his mistake, for Stomphoof then flipped the swords over, so that the hooked ends pointed down, and he slammed them right into Will’s shoulders.  Then, he pulled down hard, straight down, and literally tore Big Will’s shoulder bones out of him.  Big Will fell to the ground, twitching, and then finally died.  Stomphoof stood up and sheathed his blades as the goblin shouted out loudly “The New Champion of Fray Island!  Stomphoof the Shiny!”  Stomphoof turned and faced Lopa, and it was as if someone else stood there. Then, everything went back to normal, and he smiled.  “I won Mama Lopa!  yays!”

“That you did Stompie…but what was all that about?”

“I dunno!  I just…got mad!”

Lopa nodded as Stomphoof ran around the bend and met with Klannoc.  “So ya did it kid.  Now, I shall impart my knowledge to you.”  Stomphoof nodded and sat down, and klannoc began to speak.  “As I am sure you noticed, you got madder and madder as you fought.  That is a power kid.  The power of rage, the power to be willing to take the hits, and dish them back out.  You have great potential kid, if you would just harness it.  Practice letting out your anger like that.  If it helps, think of things that would make you angry, and control that, grab that, and let that beast loose.  If you do, you would be a force to be reckoned with.”  Stomphoof nodded, and actually stood up and smiled.  “I learned alot today!  Thanks Mr Klannoc!”  Lopa watched and said nothing.  Stomphoof walked over, and smiled and hugged her.  “Ok Mama Lopa!  Lets go!”  And the two of them left Fray Island, one with the knowledge that there was something deeper inside of himself, and the other with the knowledge that there was more to Stomphoof then meets the eye.


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