In Hiding

The air was still, dry, and humid in the desert of Tanaris.  Several scorpids wandered around only to be speared by the evil Wastewnader Bandits.  Seagulls flew over the bay near Steamweedle Port, and in the city of Gadgetzan the hustle and bustle of daily life went on without pause.  However, near the hidden Lost Rigger Cove, in the cave that allowed entrance to that place, sat a dark figure.  It slowly edged its way up to the entrance, and into the moonlight came a snout, followed by a pair of white horns, and then the face of a tauren.  That tauren was Stomphoof.  He glanced around nervously, as if searching for something.  And indeed he was.  He was watching out for Puppet, and Sesobael.  Both of whom had frightened the poor tauren.  It had all started last night, at the Poor Sages meeting in Brill….


“So yea!  I got a new raptor today!  Violet was getting a bit on, she was an old girl!”  Oreet was saying to Khattab, who simply nodded.  Stomphoof was sitting quietly on the stairs, counting his toes and watching everyone run around, talking to each other and having a good time.  Jackdraw seemed to be trying to get everyone in order, and Sesobael was nowhere to be found.  It was a nice evening full of fun and discussions.  And then Puppet appeared, in his shadowy form, and almost knocked poor Jackdraw over.  Stomphoof squealed in fear and bolted up the stairs, shouting out “Its the scary Puppet!”

“Be quiet or I shall murder you!”  was Puppet’s response.

This caused Stomphoof to whimper in fear, and he hid back on the stairwell.  This wasn’t the first time Puppet had threatened the tauren, oh no.  The first time was in Undercity.  Stomphoof had just gotten Junior, and was riding him around without a care in the world, when he saw Puppet.  Now, Stomphoof is a friendly sort, so he gave Puppet a wave and said “Hello Mr Puppet!”  Puppet simply threatened to harm the tauren, which made Stomphoof run away.  “Your mean and scary!”  Puppet chased Stomphoof around a bit, then left, leaving the poor tauren in fear.

So when Puppet showed up, Stomphoof was already scared.  But to have him say to poor Stompie that he was gonna murder him?  That freaked the poor tauren out.  So he hid, or well thought he hid.  He heard Oreet call out to him, as well as Inruki.  Both said “Come down Stomphoof, he won’t hurt you.”  However, Stomphoof was deathly afraid now of Puppet, who reminded him of a ghost, and shrieked out “No!  He said he was gonna murder me and murder is bad!”  Stomphoof would not move.  Then Giin, the undead, yelled up “I will protect you Stompie.”

However Stomphoof would not move an inch.  Finally after several more attempts at cajoling the tauren down without success, Inruki and Giin came up to talk to him.  During this time however, Tul and Puppet had gotten into an argument about seating.  Tul had taken on a shadow form similar to Puppet, which freaked out Stomphoof even more.  See, Stomphoof did not like ghosts one bit, and those shadow forms looked a lot like ghosts to him.  So now, seeing 2 of them, one being that mean ol Puppet and the other being the strange Tul, Stomphoof began to get a bit twitchy.  He watched as they argued, and Puppet began to threaten Tul with pain and death.  So, Stomphoof being Stomphoof, he did something strange.  He ran right up to Puppet and said “Your scary and mean!  I don’t like you!”  And then ran back up the stairs and hid.

He began to hear calls for him to come back down, but Stomphoof once again shouted out “No!”.  Then, he heard something coming up the stairs.  It was Puppet, with Khattab.  He freaked, and ran back down the stairs, past them and towards the entrance.  Sitting down, Stomphoof twitched a bit and eyed the stairs.  Mincey, the troll rogue, seemed to mention that Stomphoof seemed weird, but he didn’t even react.  He was too busy eying the stairs.  Sesobael had appeared, and was trying to conduct his meeting as well.  But Giin it seemed kept bothering the sage, egging him on and annoying him.  While that happened Stomphoof began to hear noises upstairs, and then the sound of a fight.  He said “There are noises coming from upstairs!”  And Giin repsonded “He is gonna burn the inn down and kill us.”  Stomphoof panicked immediatly, and ran outside screaming “The Puppet is gonna kill us and burn the tavern down!  RUN!”

Stomphoof hid in the hills, every so often shouting out warnings so that no one would get hurt by the bad Puppet.  At one point, Magpye, a rogue from Eardstapan, found Stomphoof in the hills, and he warned her to be safe.  She nodded and ran off.  A few minutes more, and then Stomphoof saw two people running from the inn.  He looked, and it was Puppet and Khattab, running right for him!  He flipped out, and ran away back towards the inn, and hid again upstairs.  Oreet and Inruki called down for him to come down, and once again Stomphoof venhemetly said “No!”  Then Stomphoof began to hear something strange, and he crept downstairs.

An argument had started between the good proctor, and Giin the mage.  Stomphoof didn’t understand alot of the words, but he did notice how scary Sesobael began to look.  He seemed to stand taller, and he seemed to almost radiate rage.  Giin didn’t seem to bothered by it but the rest of the people sure did.  Then, Sesobael did something strange.  He challenge Giin to a duel.

And Giin accepted.

Sesobael and Giin walked outside, with everyone else following, muttering and talking.  Tul stayed inside, in his shadowy form, and motioned for the now very confused Stomphoof to follow.

“Why is Sesobael being so scary?!  Whats going on?!”  Stomphoof cried out.  He was so very confused at this point.  Then Tul cast a shield on him, which was so shiny that it distracted Stomphoof, and they walked outside.

The battle was just finishing when Stomphoof made it outside behind Tul, and Sesobael had won.  That was not enough however, and Sesobael began talking about how he would beat Giin again and again, and other various bad things.  Sesobael already kinda frightened Stomphoof, due to his powers over demons, but this took the cake.  After beating Giin up a second time, Stomphoof ran.

He ran away and hid, and using his Hearthstone, teleported back to Orgimmar.  From there, he took a flight to Tanaris, and once there, hid in the cave.

Where he is now….


Stomphoof looked around a bit more, making sure that no one was coming across the desert towards his little cave, and then walked back in.  He found a nice spot that was surrounded by rocks, and layed down.  He looked up at the ceiling, and spoke to himself.

“I wish Mama Lopa or Sister were here…”

And then, Stomphoof cried himself to sleep.


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