Of Shinies and Centaurs

Stomphoof looked out from Freewind Outpost, and squealed with delight. The other tauren looked at him and shook thier heads. Stomp had only been there for a few hours, but seemed entranced by the reflections of the light off of the sandstone. Every time the sun shifted and a new color was shown Stomphoof squealed in delight. He jumped up and down when it showed bright gold. It reminded him of the Sparkly Shinies that OreetTroll and MamaLopa had shown him.

Suddenly he felt a tap on his shoulder armor and he spun around to find himself facing another Tauren in armor. He noticed how shiny some of the armor was, but also noticed some of it was dirty. “You need to clean your shinies! Shiny care is very important!”

The other Tauren blinked and glanced over to a group of Tauren who stood back near the Inn, laughing. “Look kid, don’t you have a job to do or something?”

Stomphoof tilted his head in thought, then shook it. “Nope! I am just looking at shinies!”

“Well why don’t you go do something about those centaurs north of here? They keep stealing our supplies!”

“Are they shiny supplies?” Stomphoof asked in complete seriousness. The group near the Inn howled with laughter.

“Yea kid, they are…shiny…”

“Stealing shinies is bad! They are bad Centuars! They must be punished!” Without another word, before any of the Tauren could stop him, Stomphoof ran northwards, towards the elevators and without even waiting for the elevator jumped out into the air, shouting “FOR THE SHINIES!” The tauren stared in amazement, and watched as he plummeted from view.

“That kid is a goner.”


Stomphoof landed on the ground with a huge crash, and the ground beneath his landing caved in slightly. He stood up, wobbled a bit, and then ran north as if nothing had happened. The two guards near the base of the lifts stared. They watched as Stomphoof ran into the towering spires of Thousand Needles, and sighed. “That kid is insane.” One guard said.

“Yea, but did you see that? He lived through the fall!”


The centuar guard near the entrance stood in silent watch, keeping an eye out for any Horde or any caravans that would drift by. He stood vigilant, and thats when he noticed it. The ground began to shake. The rocks on the ground quaked, and jumped. The shaking grew louder and louder, and then he began to hear it. The cry. “FOR THE SHINIES!” Thats when he noticed him. Stomphoof came rushing around the corner, his sword and shield drawn out, his shield held in front and his sword held high. A huge grin was on his face, and he shouted as he collided with the poor centuar “All for the Shinies!” He crushed the centuars body under his hooves, and rushed directly into the camp.

Stomphoof ran into another centuar as he entered the camp, and swung his sword in a downward arc, cleaving the centuar in two. He giggled as the blood sprayed up, and shouted “Play time! Yay!” Then it happend. He felt something slam into his lower back, between the belt and his chestplate. It hurt, and he reached down and ripped the arrow out. He growled loudly, and his whole manner changed. No longer was there a smile on his face. There was now a look of anger, and rage. “You hurt me! NOW YOU DIE!” His voice had changed as well, it was no longer happy, it was vengful. He spun around and saw the centuar who had fired the arrow, and before that poor centuar could react, he charged him and cut him down.

The rest of the battle was just as bloody and violent. Stomphoof raged around the camp, slaughtering every single centuar who dared showed his face. By the time he was done, there was nothing but bloody and hacked body parts behind him. He stood, panting and covered in bits of centuar and blood. Then, as he breathed out, his expression changed again, back to that oh so goofy grin. He turned and saw all the destruction and smiled. “That was fun playing with you all!” He then began to search each corpse, taking the coins, and the bits of cloth and silk. He knew that he could sell the cloth and silk for more shinies. He then walked off, passing by an orc who stood in shocked amazment. Stomphoof smiled and patted the orc on the shoulder.

“They stole shinies! They got punished!” The orc just stood and stared, and watched as Stomphoof skipped off into the sunset.


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