Rage Part 1

The air in Orgimmar was hot, as was the norm.  Several people ran around, shouting random things such as “LFG!” and “WTB Hand of Rag!” and “LOLWTFOMG!”.  Stomphoof the Shiny, Tauren Warrior and Shaman in Training, paid them no mind.  He figured they had been bonked on the head one too many times and were shouting things that only made sense to them.  That was the way of things, he understood that.  He understood alot of things that people assumed he didn’t.  He hefted the large hammer he had taken to using while training as a shaman, and looked up at the sky.  [i]How long must I keep this charade up…  Everyone thinks I am simply a silly child…  I guess its the way of things.  I have no idea how they would react if they knew of my temper…[/i]  He shrugged, and shifted into the form of his spirit wolf.

He ran, through the Cleft of Shadow and the Drag, into the main area of Orgimmar.  Stopping to scratch at an annoying flea, he ran up to the mailbox to check his mail.  He shifted out and found he had recieved a letter, and the contents of the letter stunned him.

He read it, several times over.  His sister.  The only real family he had.  The last remaining link to his past…dead.  [i]No…not Clawhoof.  She took care of me…she cared for me…Its THIER FAULT.  THE GRIMTOTEM![/i]  Suddenly, without warning, he screamed to the heavens.  “GRIMTOTEM!”, scaring several of the people around the mailbox.  One, a young troll, walked up and said “Grimtotem mon?”  Stomphoof spun to look at the troll, a madness in the Tauren’s eyes.  “They killed her…THEY KILLED HER!”  Stomphoof ran to the flightmaster.  “GET ME TO THUNDERBLUFF NOW!”  The flightmaster, used to the Tauren being a good natured and calm sort, was scared out of his wits by the appearence of Stomphoof.  He quickly got a windrider and Stomphoof was off to Thunderbluff.

The winderider glanced over to the nearby representative for the Warsong Outriders, who also was spooked.  “I think something happened to him…and I don’t think this is going to end well.”


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