Rage Part 2

The windrider landed in the tower of Thunderbluff. Stomphoof quickly dismounted and did not walk down the tower. He dove out the window straight onto the bluff that held Cairne’s home. He began to walk, quickly, towards the large hut, and Cairne could be seen speaking to a young tauren. Cairne glanced up and saw the figure of Stomphoof walking towards him and sighed. “Run along now, young one. I have some business to attend to.” The other tauren nodded and ran off, right past Stomphoof.

“Ah Stomphoof its been a while! How have you…”
“They killed her Cairne! They sent her to her death!” Stomphoof was livid, his eyes full of rage. Cairne knew this feeling, and tried his best to calm the raging bull.
“I have heard, we have your sisters belongings. They were sent to us for some reason. I am guessing they felt I could talk some sense into you.”
“Sense? This is senseless! My sister died for nothing! THEY WILL PAY!” Stomphoof screamed. Cairne sighed, and gave a box to the tauren. “Here. Now, you know the rules Stomphoof. You will not harm anyone here in the bluffs! Is this understood? You may be a great warrior, but I will stop you if I must.”
Stomphoof eyed the graying Cairne, noting the large muscled frame. He nodded, then sighed. “Well then, what must I do? I want to find my sisters killer, and only the Grimtotem are going to know that.”
Cairned nodded. “I will not stop you if you wish to do things outside these bluffs. This is a personal matter for you… But do not harm anyone here within the city, is that clear?” Stomphoof nodded, and then a smile came upon his face. He knew who to ask. Waving goodbye to the Chieftan of the Tauren, Stomphoof strode towards the bridge that lead to the Elder Rise.

As he crossed the bridge, a plan began to form in his mind. He knew he could not strike at anyone in the bluffs, Cairne had made sure of that. But he had an idea. After a few moments he reached the tent he was looking for.

The tent of Magatha Grimtotem, the Crone, and the leader of the Grimtotem tribe.

The Crone’s guards, Gorm and Cor stood in front of the closed flap of the tent as Stomphoof walked up.

“Halt!” said Gorm. “You are not allowed to pass tauren.” Cor nodded, hefting his large axe.
“Move. Unless you wish to be moved.” Stomphoof said, cracking his knuckles ominously.

Cor moved to grab Stomphoof when a voice, old and weathered, came from the tent. “Let him pass. He has business with me.”
“As you wish Crone.” Cor and Gorm moved out of the way, and let Stomphoof enter the tent.

However, unbeknownst to Stomphoof, a bird sat watching….and listening.


Magatha stood in the tent, her back towards Stomphoof. “So, you have come again, traitor.”
“Hrmph, you can call me what you like witch, but I am no traitor of the Horde.”
She spun around, and shouted “You are a traitor to the Grimtotem!”
Stomphoof smirked. “If you would like to think that. I may be Grimtotem by blood but I am not Grimtotem by nature witch. Now, who killed my sister.”
“You know I will not tell you that, fool, even if you were still a Grimtotem.”
“You better Magatha, or I will be forced to take action.”
The Crone laughed at this. “You? Take action against me?! Cairne would never allow it! Begone traitor. You stink up my hut with your filth.” She turned away again, staring at the fire. Rage filled Stomphoof. In one quick motion he crossed the tent, spun Magatha around and grabbed her by the throat. She gagged, and he lifted her up.
“Now listen to me wench! You sent my sister to her death! You know who killed her! You may not be willing to talk yet… But maybe you will after I get done.”
Magatha chocked out “What do you intend ack to do?!”
“You think of the Grimtotem as your children do you not Magatha?” She nodded. “Well then, since I cannot kill or harm you…I SHALL KILL THEM! ALL OF THEM!” Magatha’s eyes widened with disbelief. “You wouldn’t ack dare! You don’t have the will! You are weak!”
Stomphoof dropped the Crone to the ground, and she sat gasping for air. “I can do it.. You underestimate me. The Grimtotem trained me, so you should know what I am truly capable of witch.” And with that, he strode out of the tent and past the guards.

The bird flew down and suddenly changed into a Tauren in front of the raging Stomphoof. That tauren was Malcho, friend of Stomphoof.

“Stop Stomphoof. Do you understand what you are doing?”
“Out of my way Malcho. I have something I need to take care of.”
“Killing them will not solve anything.”
“They must pay. They must all pay.”
“And what will that make you? A murderer? You will be no better then they are.”
Sighing, Stomphoof stared into Malcho. “They ruined my childhood, the training they forced upon me made me kill my own mother. They brainwashed my sister and sent her to her death! I will be the judge of my own actions, not you Druid!”
“Do not force my hand Stomphoof. Balance must be kept.”
Stomphoof simply grunted and pushed his way past the Druid, and walked through the bluffs to the tower. He realized that he had left his communicator on when he began to hear the voice of Kintari, Deri, and Alaehern asking what was going on. Stomphoof quickly explained the basics: That the Grimtotem had sent his sister to her death, and that he was going to make them pay, and that his first stop was Feralas. The three of the, Kintari Deri and Alaehern, offered to help. Stomphoof accepted it, and told them to meet him in Feralas, in Camp Mojache.

__________________________________________As Stomphoof landed he found Deri and Alaehern already waiting. Alaehern had offered his help because the Grimtotem had been recently siding with the Scourge and the Burning Legion, and Deri had offered to help for his own reasons.

“I can summon Kintari.” Deri said. Stomphoof nodded, and Deri quickly brought the blind troll hunter through the Twisting Neather.
“Who we be killin Stompah?” Kintari sniffed a bit, and then grinned. “It be elves?”
“No Kintari, today we hunt Grimtotem. Meanhoof! To me!” A huge raptor came running out of the stables and Stomphoof mounted it. “Lets go.”
As they left, Kintari could be heard muttering. “Don’t know how to be cookin dem tauren mon…”

__________________________________________As they reached the camp, Stomphoof dismounted and tied Meanhoof up to a tree. Deri sent his steed back to the Twisting Nether, and Kintari and Alaehern tied thier mounts to the same tree. Stomphoof pointed at the guard, and spoke. “Leave none alive. They all must die. The village will burn! This is where they took my childhood from me…and it needs to be purged!” Stomphoof then simply charged up to the guard and cut him cleanly in two.

The battle was brutal, swift, and without mercy. Stomphoof raged through the camp, Kintari on one side, Deri and Alaehern on the other. Kintari and Stomphoof did the most damaged, ripping the Grimtotem apart and blasting them to bits. In mere moments, the camp was littered with the bodies of the black furred Grimtotem. Kintari seemed honestly shocked. He had never heard of Stomphoof being that savage. “Here me Grimtotem! You took my childhood! You took my sister! I NOW COME TO TAKE YOUR LIVES!” Stomphoof screamed to the heavens, scaring several birds out of the tree’s.

“We go to Thousand Needles now. To the Dark Cloud Pinnacle. Deri…burn the village. Alaehern, make sure there are no survivors then join us in Thousand Needles” The young warlock and blood knight nodded and Deri began to rain fire upon the Grimtotem Camp, as Stomphoof and Kintari quickly rode to Camp Mojache and grabbed a windrider to Freewind.

Alaehern stayed behind, to make sure no one survived. But Alaehern quickly noticed something. They were being followed.

__________________________________________Stomphoof heard his goblin made communicator come to life. “Stomphoof” It was Alaehern. “We are being followed. A tauren, not a Grimtotem. He seems to be hurt in some way, and is one his way to Camp Mojache.” Stomphoof nodded, and spoke into the device. “Follow him.”

Stomphoof landed moments after Kintari, and found his mount waiting for him at the bottom of the elevator. Meanhoof seemed happy, pleased that his master was finally doing something interesting. “You are one violent Raptor aren’t you Meanhoof.” The only answer Stomphoof got was a nip on the shoulder. Stomphoof mounted, and found Kintari waiting at the bottom of the ramp leading to the pinnicle. “So mon, what be da plan?”
“Kill them all, same as before. We look for Arnak here. He is one of Magatha’s favorites. He must die…horribly. And he is my kill.” Kintari nodded, and the two of them simply began to run up the ramp, killing the guards as they went. Stomphoof at one point began to throw the guards off the pinnicle, watching them fall to thier deaths. Kintari could hear the screams, and was slightly shaken by the brutality that Stomphoof was showing.

Within a few moments they came to the center camp of the pinnicle, and Stomphoof grinned. “You take the right, and I take the left Kintari. Lets see who finishs first!” The blind troll grinned wolfishly, and the two began to rampage through the camp. Stomphoof used his spear to slice most of the Grimtotem into pieces, while Kintari and his snake blasted and blew them apart. It took no more then a minute before the two met up again on the other side of the camp. “It be a tie mon.” Kintari said with a grin. “Aye, that it is.” As they ran back across the bridge towards one of the guard posts, Stomphoof pointed. “Over there, near where the Quilboars are, lives Arnak. He does…something with those Quilboar, but I will be damned if I know what.” Kintari nodded. As they crossed the bridge they ran into Alaehern, who was panting. “He comes, the tauren is coming. I stuck tracking gem to him…” Stomphoof nodded, and motioned for the 2 of them to follow him.

The crossed the bridge and found themselves in a small niche in the side of the mountain. “Arnak” Stomphoof said and pointed. “He is mine.” Kintari and Alaehern nodded, and Stomphoof strode into the open. “ARNAK! I come for your head!”
“Ah Stomphoof! Its been a while! Still fighting for the enemy eh?”
Stomphoof said nothing but simply charged. Arnak was no match for him. He had grown fat and lazy, doing nothing but standing on the bluffs in Thousand Needles, while Stomphoof had honed his skills in the fires and battles of Outland. Arnak was quickly dispatched, and so were his guards, in moments. Then, a bird landed and became a tauren. Alaehern pointed at him “Thats him Stomphoof.”

Stomphoof turned, and sighed. “Malcho.”

__________________________________________”What do you want Malcho.” Stomphoof said.
“This has gotten out of hand. This must stop.”
“It will not stop till I have what I need!”
“This is madness Stomphoof, and you are upsetting the balance!”
“Cairne does not approve of this!” Malcho said, pulling his staff from the sling on his back.
“This is a personal matter, and Cairne is staying out of this.”
Alaehern spoke up at this point. “You do realize that these tauren consort with the Scourge and the Burning Legion, do you not?” Malcho looked at him, and snarled “Be quiet elf!”
“He is with me Malcho, so leave him be!”
Kintari sighed. “I shud have brought me dem snacks.” Kintari sat down, and listened.
“You are not Grimtotem Malcho, why do you care?”
“You are not Grimtotem either Stomphoof, you cannot judge these people!”
“I AM THESE PEOPLE! I AM GRIMTOTEM BY BLOOD AND I WILL JUDGE THEM AS I SEE FIT! Stay out of this Malcho, this is Grimtotem Business!”
“I will stop you if I have to Stomphoof.” Malcho said, holding his staff at the ready.
“I can’t beat you Malcho, I know this. You have had more training them me. I will not fight you.” Then Malcho did something. He slapped Stomphoof across the face, so hard that it snapped his head to the side. Stomphoof turned back to face Malcho, his eyes burning. “Of course, there is a first time for everything!”

Stomphoof quickly drew and slammed his spear into Malcho’s staff, hard. It pushed Malcho back, towards the edge of the cliff. The two of them matched blows, Malcho firing bolts of Moonfire into Stomphoof, setting his fur ablaze. But with every blow Stomphoof threw, Malcho got closer and closer to the edge of the cliff. Finally, Stomphoof slammed his spear hard into the haft of Malcho’s staff, and Malcho lost his footing. He screamed and fell. “That is who I am Malcho!” Stomphoof turned away from the cliff, and sighed. Kintari turned his head from side to side. “Wut? Wut happened?”

“Oh nothing Kintari. Just knocked Malcho off the cliff.”
“Eh, he be a drood mon. Don’t dey fly?”
Glancing back towards the cliff, Stomphoof shrugged. “I don’t really care. Dead or not, doesnt matter to me. He got in my way.”

Alaehern shrugged. “Looked like self defense to me. You didn’t want to fight him, and he struck first.” Kintari sniffed the air, and then moved towards Arnak’s tent. He ripped it open and the three found a young tauren calf, crying. “Wut da…wut we gonna do bout her Stompah?”

Stomphoof looked her, and felt some of his rage boil away. She is innocent. Another victim of the Grimtotem. He knelt down next to her. “Its ok, its gonna be ok sweety.” She looked up at him, saw his black fur, and sniffed. “Arnak sent you didnt he! You are going to …hurt me too.”
“No. No! I would never hurt you. Look, you can see that we killed Arnak.” Stomphoof moved and pointed to the corpse of Arnak, and the girl smiled.
“My name is Lakota…can you help me?”
Stomphoof nodded, and helped her to her feet. “She comes with us.”
Kintari and Alaehern nodded, and they escorted Lakota out, destroying any Grimtotem that got in the way. Once they were out of the Pinnicle, she thanked each of them, hugged Stomphoof and ran off. Stomphoof blushed, and then coughed. “Well, I am tired. A night full of slaughter can take it out of a bull.” Kintari grinned. “Well den, iffen ya need mroe help, just ask!” Alaehern nodded.

“I hope this was enough to get what I need from Magatha… If not, I will be forced to do more damage.” Stomphoof called Meanhoof, and rode off into the night. Kintari just glanced over at Alaehern, and grinned. “You not bad…fer an elfie.” Alaehern grinned, and the two of them followed behind Stomphoof.


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