Grahro/Fitz – After the Massacre

Written by Grahro/Fitz after the massacre at Feralas and Thousand Needles.

Fitz looked over the slaughter that lay before him and was stunned. Such anger and hate, who would do such a thing? And why now of all times? He had just caught a break, someone knew where his father was, who he was, and Fitz intended to find him. All he knew was that he was Grimtotem and hiding somewhere in either Feralas or Thousand Needles.He began the search in Feralas and was met with dissapointment. All that was left were the dead and dying. Amongst the corpses he found a young bull that was still clinging on. Using his druidic powers of healing he gave the youth just enough energy to speak.

“I’m looking for an old bull…one with many scars. I was told he might be here. I don’t recall his full name, but I know he had a family once then abandoned them. He had a young son named Keppet he left in Thunderbluff. Do you know the bull of which I speak?”

The youth laughed then clenched his teeth in pain as blood drizzled from his mouth. “You’re wasting your time. He’s not here. And lucky him or he’d be dead too. The man you’re looking for, his name is Ansilio the Grim. But you’re too late. The one that did this is on his way to him now. In a few hours time all of us will be gone. This is the end of the Grimtotem. I heard him say it to his goons. That tauren warrior, his pet elf and warlock, and the blind hunter. They are on the way to Thousand Needles.”

Angred by this news of an attack on all the Grimtotem, his last link to his true past, Fitz quickly called upon the powers of the crow to carry him to Freewind as fast as he could fly. As he did so the dying tauren spoke again, as if mocking him, “You’ll never make it in time. What, doyou think yourself some kind of hero? Even if Ansilio is still alive, what makes you think he’ll want to talk to you? He left you and your family long ago. He wants nothing to do with you.”

Shocked, Fitz stopped in his tracks. “Yes, that’s right. I know who you are. You look like him you know. Only fatter. Ansilio would be dissappointed to have such a slob for a son. It’s no wonder he left you. You never deserved him. But go. Go to Thousand Needles. I hope you get there in time to die along with the rest of Grimtotem. Isn’t that what you want? A family? Somewhere to belong?”

He laughed again then began coughing. In a sudden rage that came over him Fitz thrust his staff into the youths chest, ending his useless life. He had to get to Thousand Needles before the others…before his friends. Although the others were a mystery to him still, he knew of only one blind troll and that was Kintari. But what could drive them to this? He had to find out.

Landing softly on the furthest point of Darkcloud Pinnacle, Fitz surveyed the massacre before him. He was too late yet again. But not all was lost. On the ground before him were some scattered stones…gems really. He scooped up the gems and decided to ask the one person he knew was an expert in such things, Stomphoof. If he could discover the owner of the gems, he would find out about this fight and the slaughter that took place.Shoving the gems in his Demon Hide Pouch, Fitz took to the air again in search of his somewhat childish friend. Yes, Stomphoof would help, he HAD to.


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