Kintari – Thoughts after the Battle

Written By Kintari of KT in Response to the Battle

The tauren baby mooed a cry as the greenish pridewing landed softly at the orphanige. Kintari let out a shush at the fussy baby.

“Quiet down now little one. I need some time tah tink. Ah’ll be wit chu in a moment.”

Kintari paced slowly around the strange device which the Tauren children were kept in. He paced, thinking about the nights events, thinking about this new change in his old friend’s demeanor.

“Nottin’ good gonna come o’ dis. Still… Ah’m dah last person tah tell someone not tah look fer revenge. In’t dat right Solazin?”

Tha shadows nearby shifted slightly, but the windserpent didn’t appear. Only his hissing laughter could be heard.

“Ahh whadda you know…”

One of the Tauren calves looked at him, and let out a mooing cry.


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