Malcho – After the Fight

Written by Malcho of Kirin Tor in response to the Fight in Part 2

The foot of the Pinnacle rose up quickly, too quickly for his mind to shift from the shock of the events that traspired to his own welfare.

The ground thud beneath him, the air knocked out of him, the bones breaking, organs being intruded by his mobile ribcage fragments.

Malcho tried to breathe but expanding his lungs only caused a stray rib to travel in and out of the puncture. Blood seeped from his nostrils. He focused, focused with all his might on his good hand and brought it to his chest. The spot shimmered a faint green and his face contorted as he did this into a sort of scowl.

Depressions in his crumpled frame began to gain volume again with a subdued cracking noise. He was breathing normally again, as normal as an exhausted person could, and lifeblood resumed its flow through his veins.
Unfortunately he wasted the last of his mana in this feat, and still laid broken and unmoving for the most part. Helplessly immobilized.
His hearthstone was destroyed by the fall.

The sound of heckling could be heard around the bend…..

Malcho waited…

for the inevitable…


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