Rage Part 3

Magatha was seething. “What have you done?!”
“Only what I had to do, as I told you before.” Stomphoof stood in the doorway to her tent, smirking and leaning against the side of the doorway.
“You murderer! How could you do this?!”
“Oh don’t act so suprised. You Grimtotem made me this way. What was it you wanted when you trained me? Oh yes…a Souless Killing Machine! Thats what you all said. Well, you have one. And I am prepared to destroy the last bastion of the Grimtotem, in Stonetalon: Grimtotem Post. That is, if you do not tell me what I WANT!” Stomphoof shouted the last bit, hoping to force Magatha over the edge.
She stood, held her head up high, and stared into the eyes of Stomphoof. “You would not dare touch that village! Our young, woman, and children are sent there!”
Stomphoof cracked his knuckles. “I will do what I must till you tell me where you sent my sister, and who killed her.”
“Never. I will never tell a filthy traitor like you!”
Stomphoof turned and began to walk out. “Then you better say goodbye to Grimtotem Post.”
As Stomphoof left, Magatha fell to the ground, and began to cry.


Stomphoof landed in Sun Rock Retreat, and called Meanhoof, who had taken his own way there. When Meanhoof came up, Stomphoof realized that he was carrying a dead harpy. “You went through the Charred Vale didn’t you.” Meanhoof nodded, and then gulped the harpy down in one quick motion. Stomphoof shook his head and mounted the big raptor, and began to ride off into the mountains. After a few moments, they found the village. Grimtotem Post. Stomphoof stared at it for a long time, lost in thought.

What am I doing…? Here I am, destroying the lives of these people, for what? My sister. My dear sister. She deserved better then this…travesty. Hrmph. I can’t let myself feel sorry yet. There will be time for apologizing and mourning later! I must be strong, a heart of cold steel. I must do this if I am to find out what I need to know. Magatha will talk…eventually.

Stomphoof shook himself out of his reverie, and dismounted. “Ok Meanhoof wait here.” Meanhoof simply snapped at his armor, but did not bite. The raptor had learned that biting Stomphoof was like biting a steel plate. Stomphoof then strode out into the camp. “GRIMTOTEM! I COME FOR YOU! PREPARE YOURSELVES!” The camp immediatly came to life, defenders popping up and grabbing weapons. These Grimtotem however were young, a good number of them women or children. I will do what must be done…. Stomphoof steeled himself, and charged in.

Nearby however, behind a few tree’s a set of eyes watched the carnage begin.


Stomphoof quickly ran into the camp, slicing the first two warriors in his path. He ran over to the nearby cookfire and tore into the group there. The screams of the Grimtotem began to fill the air as Stomphoof let his rage come out. He was furious. These people, these monsters, took from him two very precious things. His family and his childhood. He was vengence unleashed. He began to laugh, almost insanely as he ripped them apart. A head flew off in front of him, and he caught it, and flung it hard at the back of a child, knocking it unconcious. He stepped on the child and ran forward, ripping and tearing and destroying.

A few moments later he heard a voice, very untauren like, squeeking almost in terror. He stopped, and turned, and found himself facing a small blood elf. “What are you doing here?!”
The elf’s face was pale. She glanced around at the bodies around the two of them, and spoke. “These are innocents! Woman and children!”
Stomphoof grunted. “The Grimtotem are far from innocent.”
“These are woman and children! You monster!”
“GET OUT OF MY WAY ELF!” Stomphoof shouted and then ran up a hill, and began to kill again. More Grimtotem were eviscerated, thier bodies falling quickly to the might of Stomphoof. The elf however stood in the center of the camp, speaking into something.


After a few minutes, Stomphoof went back to the center of the camp, where the elf stood staring in horror at what was around her. “You are….a monster…” She said.
“I do what must be done.”
“What? Killing women and children? They are a threat to no one.”
“The Grimtotem are a threat to everyone.”
“These?” She motioned at the bodies of the fallen females and children. “These are innocents.”
“The Grimtotem are far from innocent!”
Then, after a few more moments of arguing, Stomphoof noticed a cheetah running into the camp. It quickly became the form of Grahro, the druid. Stomphoof sighed. “And what are you doing here Grahro?”
Grahro looked at the carnage. “Who did this Stompie?”
“I did. I have my reasons.”
Grahro stared, and the elf pipped up. “This is the one I was talking about! He is a monster! Look what he did!”
“Stomphoof…I am trying to find my father!” Grahro spit on the ground at this.
“Well then Grahro, I suggest you ask before I lose my patience and kill more.”
Grahro nodded, and quickly ran over to a nearby Grimtotem who had been hiding and began to interrogate it. Stomphoof simply stood passivly, and watched the elf. She seemed honestly afraid of him, and he sighed.
“I wont hurt you, you know.”
“What makes you think I would believe you! You killed all these people!”
Stomphoof sighed. “I am doing what I need to do, to force Magatha to tell me what I need to know!”
“Well what dont you go beat up this Magatha!”
Stomphoof laughed. “If I could I would! She however is under Cairne’s protection!”
They argued for a bit more and then Grahro came back over, a downcast expression on his face. “My father is in Black Rock Depths! They have taken him there somehow!” Stomphoof nodded, and then glanced around at the now empty camp. The elf stared at him, and Grahro spoke up. “Why are you doing this Stompie?”
Stomphoof quickly explained the situation, how his sister had been killed on a mission for the Grimtotem, and how Magatha refused to tell him who she was sent to. Grahro nodded. “I will help you Stomphoof in any way I can. These Grimtotem are evil, and need to be destroyed.”
“I am only killing what I have to, to get what I want Grahro.” The elf still stared at him, then he remembered something.

“Here. Come with me elf. I want to show you something. You think that these people are innocent, yes?”
The elf nodded, and Stomphoof began to run down out of the camp, and around. Grahro followed after. “You see little elf, these Grimtotem here have a habit of kidnapping people”
“Yes. The leader here likes to keep them as…ahem….slaves of a sort.”
The elf’s eyes widened a bit, and Grahro sighed. “I thought we had beaten that out of this group.”
Stomphoof shook his head. They quickly found themselves outside of Grundig Darkcloud’s tent, and Stomphoof motioned them inside. And inside, was a young tauren female. She glanced up and smiled. “Are you here to save me?”
Grahro and the elf nodded, and Stomphoof smiled. “Yes, yes we are.” He motioned for her to follow, and they escorted her out of the tent and the camp itself.


The three adventurers, Stomphoof Grahro and the elf stood and waved to the tauren as she left. “So you see elf, not everything is black and white. You thoguht those Grimtotem were innocent. They are not. None are truly innocent.”
She nodded, and Stomphoof grinned. “What is your name?”
Grahro grinned, then quickly noticed something. “RABBIT!” Before anyone could react, the druid summoned a bolt of Moonfire and cooked a nearby bunny. Charlatina was shocked, and Stomphoof sighed.
“Still fearing the rabbits eh?”
Grahro had a wild look in his eyes. “Rabbits are evil. EVIL! They outnumber us and soon shall TAKE OVER THE WORLD!”
Stomphoof put his hand on his forehead and sighed, and Charlatina eyed Grahro suspicously.
“Look, I need to get going. Time to see if Magatha’s tounge has loosened any.” The other two nodded, and Stomphoof went to where he had tied up Meanhoof. He found his raptor had somehow managed to catch and kill three squirrels. “Meanhoof, you are one onry beast.” The raptor seemed to smile, and Stomphoof untied him, mounted, and rode off to Sun Rock Retreat.”


Stomphoof found Magatha in tears. “Well Magatha, I warned you. This could have been avoided had you told me what I asked.”
She looked up, saw Stomphoof, and charged him. “YOU MANIAC!”
Stomphoof simply caught her and lifted her up, her blows ineffective on his armor. “Well well, look who is upset. Now you know how I feel witch!”
“Fine, you want to know where your sister went? You want to know who killed her?!”
“Thats what I have wanted all along!”
Magatha smiled. “We do not know exactly, but we sent her to Deatholme, in the Ghostlands! As an envoy.” Magatha smiled grimly, her face stained with tears.
Stomphoof cocked an eyebrow. “Deatholme is a scourge place…You are working with the scourge?!”
“I never said that! Nor could you ever prove it! HA No one can! The only one who could prove it is dead!”
Stomphoof snarled and threw Magatha into the pole at the center of her tent. “Then, I guess the Scrouge will be getting a visit from me. I will not stop till my sisters killer is brought to justice. Goodbye Magatha. This is last you will ever see me.”
As Stomphoof left, Magatha called out “I hope you are happy! You have nearly destroyed the Grimtotem race single handedly.”
Stomphoof called back “I am happy! No more lives will ever be destroyed by you! Goodbye Magatha! And always remember that it was your stubborness that caused the death of your people!”

And with that Stomphoof walked to the Windrider, and ordered a flight to Orgrimmar. His destination? Deatholme.


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