Charlatina – Through Her Eyes (Attack on Grimtotem Post)

Written by Charlatina of Kirin Tor – The Battle of Grimtotem Post through her eyes.

She had been running through the barrens towards the Sun Rock Retreat when she had decided to stop and take a break from her journey. Starting a small campfire, the huntress Charlatina and her pet Mastiff Galileo sat down to rest and have a small meal.

They had set up camp on the tops of a small ridge of mountains. Beneath them was a sparse village of Tauren. Grimtotems they were called, though the elf knew neither the difference. They seemed peaceful enough since they didn’t seem to mind the Sin’dorei huntress being nearby, she had even removed her weapons to prove her peaceful intents.

Galileo had just started in on his lion’s meat when his ears pricked up at a sound. “What is it?” Charlatina whispered as she noticed her canine’s interest. She listened closely and heard screaming along with the sounds of shouts coming from the Tauren camp below.

Deciding she’d better investigate, the young woman had the Wolf stay behind much to his whining and slid down a small slope to a line of trees. She peered between the branches and saw the tent had been knocked over, burning in places and bodies were strewn about the camp. She heard a loud roar and saw a huge Tauren bull running through the camp and slaughtering the residents.

She came out from behind the trees, a look of shock and sadness on her face. The first corpse she came upon was a female’s the young she bore still grasped in her arms. Most of the camp was female, the only males were still young bulls who really were no match to such a brutal opponent.

Walking further forward the scene got more and more gruesome. She felt her stomach lurch as the smell of death already started to settle in. She closed her eyes for a brief moment, a brief sound coming from her throat. She knew she had to do something to stop this.

“What are you doing here?!” She heard and snapped her eyes open. It was the Tauren who was murdering all these people. Charlatina’s mouth grew dry, she was afraid to be next. The only thing she could do was ask why and hopefully buy some time for the Grimtotem.

She looked around to the carnage around them and then back to the Tauren bull. “These are innocents! Woman and children! How can you just slay them in dishonor such as this?!”

Stomphoof grunted. “The Grimtotem are far from innocent.” Her mouth dropped open. He just didn’t seem to understand what was wrong with his actions. She began to wonder if the Tauren could be afflicted with Blood Lust such as the Orc’s were.

“These are woman and children! You monster!” She screamed at him as more ran into the camp and he turned and slain them as well. She ran up to one tent and stood in the doorway, preventing the man from entering.

“GET OUT OF MY WAY ELF!” He roared at her. She stood there, arms crossed, physically afraid but unwavering. The man turned and ran from the tent up a hill and continued his killing spree. “I have to get help…but who to call?” She thought to herself and then remembered the Coaltion. She was still a new face in their midst but hopefully someone there would listen.

“There is a mad man here slaughtering everyone!” She whispered into her hearthstone.

“Where?” She heard a woman’s voice ask.

“At Grimtotem Post.” She replied. “Hurry there aren’t many of the Grimtotem left!”

She then ran back down to the middle of the camp to try and stop the madman once again. Hoping help would arrive. She stood there looking at the Tauren in disgust as he stopped in front of her, blood covering his boots and his weapon. “You are a monster and you need to be stopped!” She spat at him.

“I only do what I must.” He replied as he scratched his back.

The pair bantered back and forth for a few moments when another Tauren man appeared, this one in the garments of the Druids. “Belore a Druid, he will talk sense into this one! They are bound to nature” She thought to herself.

“Stomphoof!” The new Tauren said as he looked around shocked. “Who did this?”

“He did! I told you this was the monster that was behind it all!” Charlatina chimed in as Stomphoof interrupted her.

“I did…” He answered. “I have my reasons…”

“Stomphoof…I am trying to find my father!” Grahro replied.

“You two know each other?” Charlatina questioned but it seemed to have been so quiet no one answered.

“Well then Grahro, I suggest you ask before I lose my patience and kill more.”

The huntress watched as the druid then ran over to the tent of people she had managed to protect and question them. She stood in her place, wariliy watching the warrior, unsure what he would do next.

“I won’t hurt you, you know that right?” Stomphoof said to her.

“After your actions, you expect me to trust you?!” She said incrediously.

The tauren hung his head. “I am doing only what I must, to get Magatha to tell me what I need to know.

“Then ask this Magatha yourself! Don’t take it out on these innoccents who are doing nothing but what they are told and just existing.” She shot back at him.

“I would but she is under Carine’s protection.” He replied as the Druid man returned to the conversation.

“They have taken my father to Black Rock Depths…” He offered to the conversation. The warrior nodded. “Why are you doing this Stomphoof?”

The madman then went into a story about how these people were raised to be evil and how they had brainwashed him and forced him to kill his mother and now they had disposed of his sister as well.

The druid nodded. “I will help you Stomphoof in any way I can. These Grimtotem are evil, and need to be destroyed.”

“I am only killing what I have to, to get what I want Grahro.” Stomphoof replied.

The Blood Elf huntress just shook her head and stared at the two men. She resigned to the fact that she was gonna fail in protecting these innoccent Tauren.

“Elf…You really want proof these people aren’t innoccent?” Stomphoof turned and said to Charlatina. She nodded. “Come with me then.” He said as he already walked away.

“You see little Elf…The Grimtotem have a history of kidnappings…” He said as they ran to another camp just down the road. They stopped in front of another tent and he motioned the huntress inside. There was a Tauren female there being held captive. They released her and assisted her out of the encampment.

After they had left the Flathoof woman safely on the road. Stomphoof then turned to her and said. “You see elf, not everything is as black & white as you wish it to be…”

The druid sighed. “I thought we had converted them from these ways…”

Charlatina thought about what the two tauren had said to her and shown her. Just then a bolt of lighting came down from the sky and struck the ground nearby them as the druid screamed out “RABBIT!”

The elf looked around and saw the twitching, charred remains of a poor bunny rabbit. “WHY DID YOU DO THAT TO THE BUNNY?!” She screamed at him.

Grahro had a wild look in his eyes. “Rabbits are evil. EVIL! They outnumber us and soon shall TAKE OVER THE WORLD!”

Stomphoof put his hand on his forehead and sighed, and Charlatina eyed Grahro suspiciously. “Think about it.” He added. “How many rabbits do you see? There are more rabbits than people.”

Charlatina thought a moment. “Well I don’t know about your kind but we only have one offspring at a time generally, whereas rabbits have several. That could explain it.”

The Tauren looked at her blankly and then towards each other. Stomphoof scratched his back again. “Well I better go back and see what kind of reaction I garner from this…” The adventurers parted ways, the Huntress had things to think about and questions that needed answered.


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