Grahro/Fitz – Views on the Events at Grimtotem Post

Written by Grahro/Fitz of KT – His views of the events at Grimtotem Post

“Someone come help! There’s a big tauren here killing everything!”
Fitz heard the call as clearly as if the speaker were right next to him.
“where are you?” he asked the voice.
“In Grimtotem post, please help!”

Hmmm…Grimtotem Post. Isn’t that where the young warrior told me my father might be? I better get there as soon as I can.

As the large druid landed near Grimtotem post, he could hear arguing. Calling on the speed of Alfonzo his mighty kodo, he quickly ran towards the shouting only to find his friend Stomphoof arguing with a young bloodelf. Looking around he found the same scene he was met with in Feralas and Thousand Needles just nights before: carnage and slaughter.

“Stompy, who did this?”
“I did.”
“Well, I must find my father. He may be around here. I have questions for him. He may be the only one left that can fully unlock my past.”
“Then you better hurry and hope he’s still alive.”

Finding one young Grimtotem still alive, Fitz ran up to him and grabbed him by the neck. “I have questions and you better hope you have the answers! I’ve been looking for my father, a tauren by the name of Ansilio the Grim. He looks just like me…only a bit thinner and older. Where is he?”

The warrior laughed, “You mean Hurley? Heh, he’s not the father you once knew. Time has changed him, made him….mad. He no longer calls himself Ansilio. He is now called Hurley Blackbreath. We’ve sent him to the Blackrock Mountains to protect ourselves from his lunacy. You’ll never find him, you know. And even if you do, he’ll never accept you. Why do you think he abandoned you? Yeah that’s right. He told us all about you and your little family. You weren’t good enough for him. You were a disgrace. You were…”

Fitz cut him off mid sentance with a powerful blast of Moonfire. “No, it can’t be! The fools! I’ll find him and he’ll answer all the questions I have because if he doesn’t he’ll die.
Stompy, I know where my father is, he’s in Black Rock Depths.”

“Well, I don’t have time to go there now, Fitz, but I can help later. Now I must visit Magatha.”

“Very well. You know, I understand your hatred of these sorry excuses for tauren. Stompy, you have my aid if ever you need it. I’ll help you in any way possible. These fiends must be eliminated before they tear apart any more families.”

Just then Fitz saw something that struck terror in his heart. There before his eyes stood the most horrifying, evil creature in all the world….a rabbit. Oh, they may look cute and cuddly, but underneath was a heart of stone and a plan that would eliminate all life as we know it. “RABBIT!” he yelled as he melted it with a short blast of arcane energy.

Shocked, Stomphoof and the young elf watched him. “Why’d you do that?” they asked.
“Don’t you see, they are evil, pure EVIL. And they MUST BE STOPPED! Rabbits want only to take over the world and they are well on the way to doing so. How many more of them are there than us? Don’t you see? We must do something about them.”

Growing weary of the chatter, Fitz decided it was nigh time to leave. “Look, Stompy, I gotta take off. But whenever you need me again, just ask. In the mean time, I have more rabbits to hunt down. Farewell my friend.”


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