Stomphoof meets Junior the Kodo

It was a quiet day in the lands of Arathi.  The raptors and the vultures went about their business, scouring the ground for scraps and fighting over fresh meat.  The ogres had set up shop and were busy digging out their home, surrounded by barricades.  All in all, a normal quiet day.  Then, from beyond a hill, an ogre magi heard something.  One of his heads turned, and then his eyes widened.  For over the hill, swords held high and eyes gleaming, a huge grin set in his muzzle, came a tauren.  This tauren was shouting while charging, yelling “For the shinies!”.  The poor ogre was caught off guard, and was stunned as the crazed tauren chopped him into little ogre bits.

“Ooook I got all the mean old ogres for the silly orc…  Now to go back to that Hammerfall place!”  The tauren in question was the mighty Stomphoof, now called by most as Stomphoof the Shiny.  He cleaned his blades off and made sure they shined good, and trotted his way back to Hammerfall, killing every single creature that got in his way, all the while a huge smile on his face.  Several nearby orcs and trolls who were also working the Highlands stared at the big silly tauren, and his strange smile.  Stomphoof waved to each one in turn, and commented on how shiny they were.  After a few minutes of running Stomphoof was finally in sight of Hammerfall, and he giggled, and ran right in, waving at the guards at the gate.

Once inside, he ran up to inform the nice orc that the mean old ogres had been taken care of.

“Excellent Stomphoof!  Now, we have something…important for you to do.”

“Ummm ok!  Does it involve shinies?”

“Stolen shinies, Stomphoof.”  The orc said gravely.  Stomphoof gasped!  Stolen shinies were the worst!  And anyone who stole them was really bad.  Stomphoof had a grim look on his face and spoke.

“Who, where, and what?”

The orc grinned.  “They are humans in the place called Stromgarde.  You will need help my friend.  They are many, and they are strong.”  Stomphoof nodded, and got the details from the orc.  A few others in Hammerfall also mentioned they had errands in Stromgarde as well, and Stompie took down those details as well.

People who stole shinies should be punished.  It was the second rule of the shinies.  Just as important as the shinies should be shared rule, which was the First Rule of the Shinies.

Knowing that the nice orc was probably right, Stomphoof decided to call upon the Coalition for help.  And the person who answered was none other then Sesobael, the Proctor of the Poor Sages.  Stomphoof knew he was a very important person, but being Stomphoof, simply treated him like everyone else.  They met up, and after a few hours reemerged with the shinies that they needed.  Oreet the mighty Fisher Troll showed up and asked if he could have some help getting something, and they once again entered and exited, retrieving the documents that Oreet himself needed.

Stomphoof thanked them for their help, and ran back to Hammerfall, to turn in the now retrieved shinies.  After turning them in, he turned in for the day, being bushed for the battles within the depths of Stromgarde.

When he awoke the next morning he was greeted with a letter on the nightstand.  He checked and found the return address to be Kar Stormsinger, from Bloodhoof!  Stomphoof knew that this was the man who trained those he felt were good enough to ride the mighty kodo’s that many tauren strived to be worthy of.  And he had written Stomphoof a letter, that contained the following.


I am Kar Stormsinger, Master of the Kodo Stables of Bloodhoof, and Master Trainer of Kodo Riding.  I have been hearing tales of your deeds, most recently of Stromgarde.  Yes I am sure you are surprised at the fact that I heard about it so quickly, but after your attempts on the Scarlet Monestary, and other such events, I felt the need to have the town Shamans and Druids keep an eye on you.  When I heard that with the help of your friends you were able to conquer it, I knew it was time.

I ask you to join me in Bloodhoof for training.  It is time you joined the elite of the warriors of Thunder Bluff.  It is time you learned how to ride the mighty Kodo.

Kar Stormsinger

Stomphoof stood for a moment, not knowing how to react.  He had always wanted a kodo, ever since he was a small tauren.  To actually be thought to be worthy enough of one… was amazing.  He tilted his head back and shouted, so loudly that it awoke most of the people in Hammerfall, the following.


Without waiting for even one more minute, Stomphoof yanked out his hearthstone, which was set to the mighty city of Orgimmar, and began to teleport there.  Once there, he ran out quickly to the flight master, giggling and laughing the entire way.  He paid for a trip to Thunder Bluff, and within the hour was, not walking, not running, but jumping off the flight tower.

He impacted the ground at the bottom so hard he left a small crater.  He stood up, without a word, and ran to the elevators.  Several tauren who had been milling about at the bottom of the flight tower stared at the two craters left by the big taurens feet.  “What in the world?!  How could he survive that fall!”  The stood staring at the back of Stompie as he got on the elevator, giggling and bouncing about like a hyperactive child.

A few moments later and Stomphoof was running across the plains of Mulgore.  His hooves pounded the ground, leaving small hoof prints behind him in the ground as he ran.  Within the span of ten minutes Stomphoof found himself crossing the bridge into Bloodhoof.  He ran to where he saw the kodo’s for sale and skidded to a halt.  Kar was talking to the man who handled selling the Kodo’s and then turned and smiled.

“Ah, Stomphoof the Shiny!  I recognize you from the scrying pools.  Are you ready?”

“Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!”  Stomphoof spouted without taking a breath.  His hands were clasped in front of him and a look of pure happiness was on his face.  “I can’t wait!  Kodo!!!!”  Kar let out a booming laugh, and turned.  “Follow me.”  He began walking off towards a corral, and Stomphoof followed.  Once there, Kar sat down.  “Now we shall begin teaching you how to ride one of the mighty Kodo!”  Stomphoof nodded eagerly and the training began.

Now, it would be foolish to write down how long the training took.  But there were several instances where Kar just had to laugh.  The first was when Stomphoof actually saw the kodo for the first time.  Instead of trying to mount it, Stompie simply hugged it.  “I love Kodos!”  He kept repeating.  Kar had to pry Stomphoof off of it and explain again why they were there.

The second incident was once Stomphoof had actually mounted one.  He got a huge grin on his face and before Kar could even say a word, Stomphoof kicked into the sides of the kodo and shouted “Go!”  The kodo took off, breaking down one of the walls of the corral and tearing through Bloodhoof.  Stomphoof simply held on and squealed in delight as they ran through the spirit tent, where the druids and shamans sat.  They scattered as the kodo, with the large tauren on its back, charged through one tent wall, trampled several paintings and ran right through the other wall.  Kar was running behind them trying to catch up.  It took about an hour before the Kodo tired out and trundled its way back to the corral.  Kar was panting and sweating, and Stompie got a huge telling off.

After that the training went fairly smoothly.  A few hiccups here and there, like when Stomphoof started to get the kodo to jump and wouldn’t stop.  Kar was exhausted afterwards.

“Stomphoof, you had to be the hardest person I have ever taught!  What is wrong with you?!”

“Ummm I dunno!”

Kar sighed, and gave Stompie a small piece of paper.  “This is your kodo riding licence.  You can buy a kodo now.”  Kar then held out his hand, and grinned.  “That will be 20 gold for the lesson Stompie.”  Stompie just smiled and dumped the 20 gold into Kar’s hand and said “Shinies should be shared!”

A few moments later, and 80 more gold, and Stomphoof was riding out on his brand new brown Kodo, and as they rode out into the sunset, Stomphoof leaned down and hugged the kodo, and said…

“I think I will call you Junior!”

The kodo simply turned its face around and licked Stomphoof, and they rode off.


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