The Twitter World Building Experiment – Aethir, the Floating World

Last Updated: 10/14/16

I decided I am gonna give this whole “twitter world building” idea a shot. Lots of folks have been doing it. This page will be updated with the results of each poll, and some notes as I create a world. Basically I will run a poll or phase, log the date, and then write the results and what I come up with. Then, I will run a new poll and repeat the process till I have enough info to fully realize a world in general and an area for adventuring.

Phase 1 10/12/16: What kind of World is this? POLL HERE

Phase 1 Results:


So the winner was CLEARLY Sky Islands. With 103 votes cast, 57% went for this. Thats over half! I wanted to take a minute to talk about why those 3 options were chosen, and what I had envisioned in my mind for each.

Far Post Apoc, was something similar to the game Pugmire, the book Prince of Thorns, or maybe the movie Battlefield Earth (only less aliens!) in scope. Some event would have brought the world to ruin, and in its place fantasy races reemerged and magic was reborn. So the world would be a mix of scavenged tech and magic.

Magically Technological have been more along the lines of Eberron, where Magic has become so commonplace that its now a form of tech, with magical communication crystals, teleportation systems, elevators, ect. Advanced enough Tech becomes Magic and vice versa as they say.

And Sky Islands, well I have always been fascinated with this concept. Ever since playing the game Septerra Core, which uses the same basic principles / concept. Another game that does this is Skies of Arkadia.  Also a book, Dragon Wing (from the Death Gate Cycle), uses a similar concept where the world is stacked floating islands.  All these things inspired this idea.

Now, since I know its going to be a world made up of Sky Islands I have two very important things to determine. The first, and something I want to get out of the way…is the name. Which brings us to Phase 2!

Phase 2 10/13/16: What is the name of this world? POLL HERE

Phase 2 Results:


Well another SKYSLIDE (see wut I did thar) victory for a choice, this time in the form of the name. 66 Votes this time & 45% voted for the winner…


Really, the names didn’t mean much to me. I just thought they sounded cool. Granted, the literal first name I came up with was in fact Aethir, and the last was Skavir. I kinda figured Aethir would win honestly, simply because it sounds like AIR.  I was RIGHT Haha!

Now we must answer the next question. ON TO PHASE 3…how did the world end up this way?! Why the floating hunks of land that are somehow livable!

Phase 3 10/14/16: Why/How is Aethir made of Sky Islands? POLL HERE

Phase 3 Results:


Man this was a lot more close, but also a lot less votes.  Only 25 people voted, but 32% went with a Magical Incident.  The next poll will come after this weekend, while I think up what possible things might have caused such a thing.  Stay tuned!